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PHOTOS: Gigantic Ice ‘Boulders’ Litter Cape Cod Shoreline

By Michael Kuhne, Staff Writer
March 12, 2015; 11:52 AM ET

In the area of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, located on Cape Cod, dozens of large, human-sized icebergs now litter the shores and coastal waters.

“It’s obvious that the ice ‘boulders’ have a more complex history than the typical ice found on calmer waters such as lakes and sluggish rivers,” Meteorologist Jim Andrews said.

“Most likely it is formed by the bashing together of pancake ice or ice floes,” Andrews said.

(Photographer Dapixara/Twitter user @dapixara)

“The ocean is a dynamic place, and with the extreme cold in New England, it’s not uncommon to get ice near the shore,” he said. “Wind and wave will also tend to pile up the ice against the shore.”

As this process occurs the ice tends to get thicker.

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(Photographer Dapixara/Twitter user @dapixara)

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