According to new reports, Secretary of State John Kerry has participated in putting together an international aid package for Hamas. The $5 billion in aid comes from taxpayer dollars, and will supposedly go towards the reconstruction of Gaze.

“Out of this conference must come not just money but a renewed commitment from everybody to work for peace that meets the aspirations of all, for Israelis, for Palestinians, for all people of this region,” Kerry said at a meeting in Cairo. “And I promise you full commitment of President Obama, myself, and the United States to try to do that. Make no mistake: What was compelling about a two-state solution a year ago is even more compelling today.”

Although Kerry is attempting to tie his actions about with a bow, giving money to Hamas is essentially akin to aiding and abetting terrorists. The group has used previous aid from our country to purchase weapons, and construct the tunnels used to attack Israel.

What do you think? Should John Kerry be arrested for using your tax dollars on a package for known terrorists?