This Famous Actor Just Acknowledged That Obama Is a “Black Muslim” on Live TV [WATCH]

Published October 23, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

This Famous Actor Just Acknowledged That Obama Is a “Black Muslim” on Live TV [WATCH]

Liberal actor and activist Alec Baldwin and comedian Russell Brand recently sat down on the RT’s Keiser Report, where they discussed, among other things, American politics. As expected, there was plenty of conservative and Fox News bashing, especially of Sean Hannity, whom Baldwin has a deep hatred for, but there was one exchange that stood out from the rest. (H/T Western Journalism)

Baldwin attempted to psychoanalyze conservatives, giving his reasons for their feeling disillusioned with America at the moment. “America is a country run by white Christian men. It has been for 75 or 100 years,” Baldwin quipped. To which Brand responded, “The president is a black Muslim.” Baldwin did not disagree, continuing his point, “That’s now – that’s now.  And he’s only president because he ran against a woman for the nomination.”

Baldwin claims that despite the fact America elected and reelected its first black president, the nation still is as racist and prejudice as ever.

He believes that only because America is more sexist than racist did Obama get the nomination over Hilary in 2008. He claims this is the result of men having been suspicious of women for far longer than blacks. This is an egregious claim, but standard fare from liberals who love to employ mental gymnastics to push the lie that America is a racist and sexist nation.

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Brand and Baldwin tend to fancy themselves intellectuals, both often speaking on political issues, pretending their IQs are above room temperature. Both are liberal darlings, as they are regularly trotted out to excoriate those who do not buy into to the liberal worldview. (Baldwin’s occasional anti-homosexual tirades, however, have been something a problem to the left in the past.)  However, most of the time they only end up displaying their incredible ignorance when asked about politics.

Liberals’ refusal to admit that we no longer live in the 1850s is astonishing. They stifle debate by labeling contrary views as racist and sexist, doing their best to deflect criticism of the president or any other ideological ally. Their disdain for America is obvious, as is their victim complex. They only have bad things to say about the nation, focusing solely on past shortcomings, which poses the question: Why are they still here?

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