Published September 24, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Obama blames America for non-existent global warming

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While speaking at the United Nations on Tuesday, President Obama blamed the United States for global warming, even though there has been no global warming for nearly 18 years. While the administration insists global warming is a real threat, one professor issued a paper saying there has been no global warming for 19 years.

“But there should be no question that the United States of America is stepping up to the plate,” Obama said. “We recognize our role in creating this problem; we embrace our responsibility to combat it. We will do our part, and we will help developing nations do theirs. But we can only succeed in combating climate change if we are joined in this effort by every nation –- developed and developing alike. Nobody gets a pass.”

Obama hyped action the United States has taken, touting moves taken against power companies in what has been described as a “war on coal.” According to the president, the United States has reduced its total “carbon pollution” by more than any other nation.

Nevertheless, he said the United States is one of the two largest emitters in the world and pledged to work with Communist China — the largest emitter of pollution on the planet — to do more. He told attendees that prior to making his speech, “I met with Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, and reiterated my belief” the two countries “have a special responsibility to lead,” eliciting applause.

While liberals fear non-existent global warming more than Islamic terrorism, and believe it will destroy all life on earth, as the president of Venezuela claimed, actual data tells a different story. According to Christopher Monckton, the “fastest measured centennial warming rate was in Central England from 1663-1762,” before the industrial revolution. It also took place before the United States came into existence. As Monckton noted, “it was not our fault.”

The solution touted by many global warming alarmists says more about their real agenda than anything else. According to a number of those who marched in the streets Sunday, capitalism is the real cause. The solution, to them, is socialist revolution, echoing comments made by U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres, who once said Communism is the best model for dealing with the issue since democracy allows for debate and a difference of opinion.


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