EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Lawmaker: DOJ’s IRS Investigation ‘A Complete Joke’

Published September 24, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Lawmaker: DOJ’s IRS Investigation ‘A Complete Joke’

ZJordanOhio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is very different than his Ohio colleague, Speaker of the House John Boehner. While Speaker Boehner is often content to shrug-off the corrupt dealings of the Obama Administration, Congressman Jordan continues to demand answers for the American people on the innumerable abuses perpetrated by the Obama Administration against the American people.
Recently, Congressman Jordan discussed with TPNN’s Tim Constantine the IRS scandal and claimed, “The criminal investigation at the Department of Justice is a complete joke.”
Jordan noted pointed to the fact that the president has already declared that there is not “a smidgen of corruption” to be found in the IRS’ handling of Tea Party groups and that the lead attorney is a major Obama donor.
“And yet, they tell us, ‘no, it’s an unbiased, impartial investigation and we’re getting to the facts and the truth. It took them months and months just to interview some of the victims.”
Jordan stated that they will be interviewing, again, IRS commissioner John Koskinen as every time they question the IRS chief, they learn of more half-truths and lies being told to cover-up the IRS’ culpability in targeting Tea Party groups.

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Congressman Jim Jordan on IRS. “The criminal…
Congressman Jim Jordan talks with Tim about the importance of getting to the truth of the IRS targeting scandal


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