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September 15, 2013 in Science


1. After extensive study of the WTC dust and red-gray particles found within it, accredited forensic scientist Dr. James Millette has conclusively demonstrated that the particles are NOT thermite in any shape, form, or function. http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=231314

“The red/gray chips found in the WTC dust at four sites in New York City are consistent with a carbon steel coated with an epoxy resin that contains primarily iron oxide and kaolin clay pigments.”

“There is no evidence of individual elemental aluminum particles of any size in the red/gray chips, therefore the red layer of the red/gray chips is not thermite or nano-thermite.”

The red layer is an epoxy resin containing primarily iron oxide and kaolin clay pigments. Paint, in other words. The gray layer is the carbon steel.

Millette confirmed the earlier re-investigation of Frederick Henry-Couannier, who was given WTC dust samples by none other than Richard Gage himself.

Dr. Millette is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and works with internationally known microscopy experts. An ad hoc international team of these experts, as well as architects, engineers, and other specialists, contributed their expertise to this study.

This study debunks the thermite claim and the Niels Harrit paper.

The Niels Harrit paper wasn’t properly peer reviewed by anyone before publication. Bentham Open Source Journals do not provide peer review, it sells article spots in bulk. How would a respectable journal know in advance that the next article your lab writes is going to be worthy of publication? It’s not a legitimate practice. Secondly, Bentham Journals was caught accepting an article for publication that had been written by a computer, filled with grammatical sentences with gobblegook nonsense but nicely labeled figures with captions. Anyone actually reading the article would have caught this mess, proving that nobody at Bentham ensures that articles are even read before publication. This is not peer review. When this scandal erupted, the Jones crew knew they were in a pickle, so they devised a strategy for overcoming this obvious weakness in the article by CONSTANTLY referring to the article as “peer reviewed”. This was a worthy psy-op. They tricked most of their followers into accepting as stone cold fact that the Harrit paper had been peer reviewed by repeating a lie.

2. On May 1, 2011, chemical engineer Mark Hightower published, “The Nanothermite Challenge”

The challenge comes to this:

“Find and document peer-reviewed scientific research [publications] that demonstrate that a gas-generating nano-thermite (GGNT) based upon iron (III) oxide (Fe2O3) and aluminum (Al), where the gas-generating chemical added to the nano-thermite is not itself a high explosive, can be made to be a high explosive with at least a detonation velocity of 2000 m/s. The author of this paper will donate [to AE911Truth] $100 for every 1000 m/s of detonation velocity that can be documented, the donation not to exceed $1,000.”

The deadline date of June 20, 2011 passed with not even one entry to this contest. ‎Not even one entry for the Nanothermite Challenge was received. This is significant, because nano-thermite is commonly believed to be a high explosive within the 9/11 truth community.

3. Thermite is incapable of the effects seen on 9/11 and the detonation velocity is vastly insufficient. The highest detonation velocity for an iron oxide/aluminum nano-thermite (the form claimed to have been used in the WTC Twin Towers destruction) documented in the technical literature is 895 m/s, much too low to achieve significant fragmentation of steel and concrete, and nowhere near the detonation velocity of conventional high explosives, such as 8750 m/s for RDX and 6900 m/s for TNT and even that would not be enough to account for the explosive effects observed at the World Trade Center.

The explosive effects observed at the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 were not only powerful, but devastating – turning concrete and other materials to dust, as well as separating and propelling steel members and other materials in all directions.

While thermite is an incendiary (burning agent) and nano-thermite can be formulated to be a faster-reacting incendiary or even a low explosive like black powder, it cannot be formulated to be a high explosive. Formulated as a low explosive, nano-thermite cannot produce the shock wave of at least 3200 m/s to fragment concrete or at least 6100 m/s to blast through steel. As a fast incendiary, nano-thermite could have been used to sever and/or weaken the Twin Towers’ steel columns, but this low-velocity melting process is a totally different mechanism for the cutting of steel, and it alone could not have accounted for the explosive effects observed. Therefore thermite can be eliminated as the primary method of controlled demolition.

4. The main ingredients of thermite are rust and powdered aluminium. The buildings were steel structures with aluminium cladding. The majority of the buildings were turned to dust/powder. So, it would be expected to have large quantities of powdered aluminium and powdered iron-rust in the dust. Something would be more seriously wrong if these ingredients were not found in the dust.

5. 9/11 blogger Kevin Ryan admits that they do not know what role nano-thermite played in 9/11 or how it brought down the towers. Kevin states that “Although we know that nano-thermite has been found in the WTC dust, we do not know what purpose it served in the deceptive demolition of the WTC buildings. It could be that the nano-thermite was used simply to drive fires in the impact zones and elevator areas – fires which would otherwise have gone out too early or not been present at all – and thereby create the deception that jet fuel-induced fires could wreak the havoc seen.” Kevin assumes it was nano-thermite that was found in the dust. In reality it was the towers that were turned into the ingredients that make up thermite. The alleged iron rich spheres were likely the result of molecular dissociation caused by directed energy evidenced by Dr. Judy Wood’s research. The exact same iron spheres have been documented at crop circles. http://www.bltresearch.com/magnetic.php Kevin Ryan fails to explain how nano-thermite could bring down the towers and omits the fact that the towers didn’t collapse but rather turned to dust mid-air. Simply thermite doesn’t fit the bill.

6. If the towers were brought down by a controlled demolition using explosives it would have looked and sounded like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U4erFzhC-U

It would have been loud and obvious if all those columns were cut at once. Yet there were no “bangs bangs” or bright flashes as would be expected if the towers were brought down by conventional demolition. Also thermite gives off an extremely intense bright white light and this would have been visible if hundreds of thermite charges were going off at once. The towers would have lit up like a Christmas tree. Instead the “collapse” looks like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78taEPSUsXU&t=19m40s a tower turning to dust mid-air not a tower collapsing due to cut columns. Cutting columns is one thing but the tower turning to dust is another. Does thermite do this? http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/395/image018m.jpg Thermite/thermate does not have the capability to turn steel and concrete into nano-size particles. This is not a conventional demolition using explosives.

7. The seismic data disproves conventional demolition. “The energy budget recorded in the seismic record on the day of 9/11 and the collapse of the WTC buildings did not reflect the mass of building materials involved in the collapse, nor the nearly freefall of the collapsing buildings. The seismic record demonstrates an event on the scale of a quarry blast. Where was the thud [that would have accompanied a WTC building collapse]?”

If a 500,000 ton pile of steel and concrete falls to the ground top down at near free fall speeds it would leave a significant seismic signature of at least 4 on the Richter scale yet the seismic signature was a mere 2.1 and building 7 was no louder than the background noise, in other words the seismic signature was nil. The majority of the towers turned to dust in the air before they even hit the ground. Thermite cannot do this. If thermite was used to simply cut columns and the towers fell to the ground the seismic signatures would have reflected that.

8. If thermite was used to simply cut the columns the rubble pile should have been 1/3 the height of the towers. The rubble pile should have around 15 stories high of floors stacked on top of each other if it was a conventional controlled demolition. Instead the debris pile from the 110 story towers was merely 1 story high. This photo was taken on mid-day on 9/11 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3751206292196 Where did 95% of the towers go? 95% of the towers turned to nano-sized dust before hitting the ground.

9. The air sampling data, taken by the University of California at Davis and the Lawrence Berkeley Labs, revealed very small particles in the aerosol plumes from the WTC debris field. These buildings were turned into micro-particles, much smaller than red blood cells.

Anyone who has worked around gravel quarries or cement plants knows that the dust from crushed rock is not a fine powder that is carried miles into the air. It is coarse and settles very quickly. It is impossible for me to envision some kind of explosive or mechanical process that would yield particles of this size. It is simply impossible for conventional explosives with thermite to yield particles of this size.

10. Steven E. Jones is a 9/11 cover-up agent. A shill. The deliberate nano-thermite disinformation originates with and is pushed by Steven “Las Alamos” Jones. Nano-thermite was pioneered at Las Alamos National Laboratory. Steven E. Jones is the man who covered up Cold Fusion in the late eighties and early nineties. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhdbU2sA8gE The perpetrators of 9/11 waited until the 9/11 truth movement started to grow and gain traction and then out of the nowhere Steven Jones appears out of the woodwork as a “9/11 truther” pushing the thermite lies.

Cold Fusion expert Dr. Eugene Mallove who exposed Steven Jones in his book ‘Fire from Ice’ was murdered just a year before Steven Jones came on the scene with his thermite lies. Dr. Eugene Mallove also worked with William Zebuhr in this area. Zebuhr’s nephew was Michael Zebuhr – Dr Judy Wood’s student who formed a 9/11 Truth student’s group at Clemson. Michael Zebuhr, conducted an experiment in 2006 in an effort to prove that Professor Jones is wrong about his theory that thermite was in the South Tower. Not long after that experiment, Zebuhr was murdered in a very mysterious manner.

Steven Jones after covering up cold fusion is now covering up the fact that similar technology was used on 9/11. The 9/11 cover-up is also a free energy cover-up. Steven Jones is a 9/11 cover-up operative period. He is a fraud. A traitor.

11. Dr. Wood exposes in her lawsuit the fact that NIST contracted with a major manufacturer of directed energy weapons for the 9/11 NIST Report.

The company in question, Applied Research Associates (ARA), is not only a manufacturer of directed energy weapons, but is also a founding sponsor of Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS). Dr. Wood and her attorney revealed that another company NIST contacted with for their Report, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), is also a manufacturer of directed energy weapons.

In addition, SAIC is a company involved in psychological operations as evidenced by its involvement in a Pentagon program to feed disinformation to the foreign press and its psy-ops activities in Iraq. The propositions that directed energy weapons were a causal factor in destruction of the WTC on 9/11 (see Dr. Judy Wood’s RFC filed on March 16, 20007) and that 9/11 was primarily a false-flag operation conducted as a “psyop” to foster war, whose results critically depended on selling the “hijacked jetliner” hoaxes, are supported by NIST’s use of investigators like SAIC and ARA. SAIC obviously has benefited tremendously from 9/11 and its executives pushed the WMD fraud about Iraq to promote the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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