(You can see the dozen thought-provoking words in the clear, fully revealed picture below.)

With media and governments around the world paying so much attention to the rise and the threat of ISIS, al Qaeda and its offshoots are trying to thrust themselves back into the spotlight. As USA Today reports:


The Obama administration has claimed credit for weakening “core al-Qaeda” but acknowledges that offshoots and affiliated groups remain a threat.

“What we continue to face are elements that are either sympathetic to al-Qaeda or associate themselves with the ideology of al-Qaeda in other remote areas of the world that do pose a threat to the United States and our interests and our allies,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said earlier this summer.

Al Qaeda, intelligence experts acknowledge, has certainly not gone away. And the picture below, from a post at The Minority Report, is a stark reminder.

So when you see this kind of statement that someone wrote across the back window of their vehicle, you can’t help but wonder about the policy priorities of the Obama administration…especially in light of the continuing concern about domestic spying by Obama-controlled departments and agencies — DHS, NSA, FBI, IRS — that often seem more interested in keeping closer watch on everyday citizens than on potential terrorists.

Truck window

H/T: The Minority Report

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