Of all the wrong numbers Department of Justice aide Brian Fallon could have made, few could be worse than the man investigating the scandal he was trying to bury. According to a letter House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa sent to Attorney General Eric Holder, that is precisely what happened last Friday.

Issa Letter to Eric Holder About Brian Fallon



Breitbart reported that Fallon apparently called Issa’s office mistakenly and began asking for assistance in releasing potentially damaging documents from his investigation into the IRS early in an effort to beat investigators to the punch in shaping the public’s reaction. Absurdly, the very individual such a scheme was designed to stymie was the man Fallon called with the request.

Issa suggested that Fallon likely intended to call the office of Rep. Elijah Cummings, who serves as the oversight committee’s ranking Democrat. His reference to “the majority” (i.e., the Republican Party) as the target of the plot suggests he believed he was talking to someone in the other party.

Instead, he soon realized his mistake and put Issa’s staffers – who at this point were listening to the strange call via speakerphone – on hold for about three minutes.

Upon returning to the line, the letter indicates Fallon was “audibly shaken” and attempted to reverse course.

“He immediately stated that there was a ‘change in plans,’” the letter stated, and that the Justice Department was no longer advocating the early release of investigative documents.

While the aide, who is never mentioned by name in Issa’s letter but admitted to making the call, tried to portray his intention as an effort to improve the relationship with the committee, Issa wrote that such backpedaling “is inconsistent with statements and requests he made before he placed the call on hold.”