White House: the killing of journalist Foley is a terrorist attack on America

Published September 8, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

White House: the killing of journalist Foley is a terrorist attack on America

White House: the killing of journalist Foley is a terrorist attack on America



Counting the White House on Friday that the killing of American journalist James Foley on the part of the organization of the Islamic state was a “terrorist attack” on the United States, stressing that Washington was looking for different options to respond to this “barbaric crime”.

The assistant national security adviser Ben Rhodes “When you see people killed in this terrible shape, then it is a terrorist attack on our country.”

In response to a question about the possibility of an American air strikes in Syria, Rhodes did not rule out this possible with the assertion that “any specific military option” beyond the framework of the tasks currently carried out in northern Iraq has not been raised so far in front of President Barack Obama.

“We are doing what is necessary to protect Americans and delivering justice after the brutal murder of James Foley. Conducting intensive discussion of what is necessary to respond to this threat and will not restrict the limits of our work. “


An aide in the House of Aalchiokh American President Barack Obama may ask Congress in the next few weeks to approve the new funds to launch air strikes against targets belonging to the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq after militants beheaded an American journalist.

An aide to the senator of the Democratic Party on Friday that the Obama administration may explain in the period between the early and mid-September next details of the additional amount that you want for military operations but did not specify the size of the Assistant potential funding required.

The demand will come in time for which the prominent members of Congress, Obama to intensify military pressure against the fighters of the Islamic State. He called on Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain on Thursday to a significant increase in air strikes, including the bombing of sites in Syria.

Since the eighth of August, the United States launched more than ninety air raid on northern Iraq targeted sites to organize the Islamic state, especially around Mosul Dam strategic restore Kurdish and Iraqi forces Sunday.

In response to a question about how to manage the United States to the issue of the hostages, Rhodes said that Washington strongly rejects pay any ransom, saying that countries that resort to this method is wrong.

“We are convinced that governments do not pursue sound policy while supporting the payment of ransoms to terrorist organizations (…) that it encourages the kidnapping of foreigners.”

And chose the United States and Britain long ago not to pay any money for the release of hostages, noting that European countries have resorted to this method through intermediaries but denied that it formally.

Rhodes continued, “we do everything possible to try to re-Rhaúnna. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in saving Foley. But we will continue to try for all the hostages, not only in Syria but also in other places of the world. “


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