sraeli attack on Qatar .. and Missouri reveal the face of America

Published September 8, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

sraeli attack on Qatar .. and Missouri reveal the face of America

Published on الأربعاء, 20 أغسطس 2014 3:30 PM
American protests in the state of Missouri (photo:)

American protests in the state of Missouri

Wrote – just allow:

Cared opinion writers in newspapers Qatar issued from Doha on Wednesday, reactions to the protests of the state, “Missouri” of America, and others have pointed to the responsibility of America for the increased risk of the organization “Islamic state”, also warned the Book of risk and the arrival of anti-aircraft missiles in the hands of the Islamists of Syria, as continued to talk about Israel’s attack on Qatar while others denounced the intention of the Syrian opposition asked for help from the international community at the behest of America.

Saw RIM Harami be different in handling “racial” American protests city of Ferguson, Missouri, United States after the killing of young colored by the police, is that the world was able to watch this time and even recorded reaction upon it in her essay “America .. the world Aracpkm” in the Peninsula, where indicated intervention organization Amnesty and send their representatives to monitor the situation, and visiting priests from Tibet to the city of Ferguson in order to pray for peace, also pointed to the interactions of the world’s youth on social networks, which condemned America and the comments of several countries “Egypt, China, Iran, and Russia “In the official and popular, and which was considered by the writer paradox ridiculous because these countries do not abide by human rights standards.

Abdulla Khalifa Shayji, that Washington’s calculations wrong and Ankvaaha and reluctance contributed to the increase in the proportion of extremism in the region, paving the way for the emergence of Daash, explaining that this is what you’re saying Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidate expected and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Obama’s past and that in his article, “Washington’s calculations erroneous produced Daash and sisters” in Al-Watan newspaper, adding that the file of the Islamic State of America, which fought against them in Iraq, not in Syria added to My Iraq, Syria, and the American-Iranian rapprochement as a point of contention between Washington and its allies in the region.

At home also said Mazen Hammad to an authoritative report published body of research dealing with the issue of arms across the world, confirmed that the armed groups in Syria has hundreds of missiles capable of targeting civilian aircraft in his article “SAMs spread to Syria,” and added that the report published after a few hours version of the Federal Aviation Agency and the American instructions to all airlines operating, to avoid flying over Syria.

Hammad confirmed that the seriousness of the Islamists in the possession of these missiles to Syria, is the possibility of smuggled across the border into Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel, in preparation for possible use in terrorist operations entitled to blow up airliners.

He Abdullah Al Emadi to a research paper put forward a research center Israel’s national security, calls “the forces of moderation” in the region to carry out propaganda campaigns against Qatar, in order to force it to change its foreign policy present in his article “discredit Qatar” in the Journal of the East, and added that it comes within the a series of offensive actions carried out by Israel against his country.

وزير خارجية اسرائيل في زيارة لقطر

Israeli Foreign Minister on a visit to Qatar

And saw the pillar that the face of this attack is to be based on a strategic planning long-term, is the formation of work teams a variety of media, legal, and international public relations and others, are seeing a clear and seek to achieve specific goals, and added with the use of local efforts as well as Arab and international friendly.

قطرية ترحب بوزير خارجية إسرائيل

Qatar welcomes the Foreign Minister of Israel

In Al-Arab newspaper denounced Awad Al-Sulaiman’s intention to Syrian opposition appeal to the international community to contribute to the elimination of state regulation of Islamic and hit positions in Syria, in his article “When ordered by Washington and performs the coalition”, and added that the appeal would give the coalition the Syrian opposition and leaders of the Free Army, “Saturday,” coming from the city Istanbul, Turkey, and at the request of the administration, adding that the news published by Al-Jazeera.

هادي الجرة

Hadi jar


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