Russia agree on a secret war that America Schnha on Saudi Arabia

Published September 8, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Russia agree on a secret war that America Schnha on Saudi Arabia



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President Medvedev and Prime Minister Bottini and secretly agreed that the war against America Stjudha Saudi Arabia, which many believe will be announced later this summer.

According to a report Vysotsky, told Medvedev and Putin after the link between Saudi Arabia and the bombings that took place in the twentieth of June of the plane carrying 5 senior Russian nuclear experts and carried out by Chechen rebels by explosives provided to them by Saudi intelligence.

And that the report describes that the Arab Spring (revolutions that swept the Arab States) was a prelude to an invasion and an American tool to destabilize the entire region (Middle East and North Africa) in order to secure resources in the vast oil and natural gas for themselves.

[Hostility existing between Saudi Arabia and the United States is due to many factors, including the rejection of America’s proposal for the formation of the power of a comprehensive Arab, along with the United States and NATO, to destroy Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the work of both the Bush and Obama to protect Iran from attack Israeli forces or Saudi Arabia and overthrow regimes opposition to Iran in several countries, including the Taliban in Afghanistan and bright in Pakistan and Saddam in Iraq and al-Hariri in Lebanon and Mubarak in Egypt, and was the last hurdle is the fear that Libya already possesses nuclear capabilities may Tbaght American troops and NATO forces in the event of an attack on Muslims kiss Vtm planning to overthrow Gaddafi and spark turmoil in that region so as not to be surprised by any forces assault or threat to Europe in the event of possession of Gaddafi’s nuclear weapons].

The sequel (Translation)

Russian atomic experts were killed in the attack included the leading designers and Sergei Recep Gennady Binyuk, Nikolai Tronov and top nuclear technological expert Andre Trobenov Russia, all of whom work at the Bushehr nuclear plant Aaranbad the contract to build the plant passed from the company “Siemens German” into the hands of Russian.

Even with the tragic loss of these top nuclear experts, however, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday that “the Bushehr nuclear power plant” will begin operations in early August / August, and the Saudis fear to a large extent due to Iran being able to build atomic bombs once the completion of this project.

As we reported on several occasions, including our May 28 / May “Obama vows war on Saudi Arabia, the orders of thousands of American troops to the region,” and our report in the June 23 “a nuclear attack on the proximity and Larned Nbacr war US-Saudi,” Shiite support President Barack Obama has continued the policy of the United States began under former President George W. Bush calls for the reorganization of the strategic interests of the Middle East, “the Saudi regime” brutal toward the “Persian Iran.” [Note: The two reports should be read in our future here is linked to the vital context for this report.]

This has led, for the reasons we turned long-term policy to support Arab regimes Muslim brutality what many are calling the “Arab Spring”, but can be more accurately described the efforts of the American-led destabilization and destruction of all the Middle East and “North African” countries in order to secure its oil resources and natural gas enormous for themselves.

Spring Arab (literally Arab revolutions or the Arab revolutions) is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests may take place in the Arab world since 18 December / December 2010, and prior to this period, Sudan was the only Arab country to have successfully overthrow the regimes of dictatorship, in 1964, and again in 1985.

So far, there have been revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; civil war in Libya; uprisings civilian in Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen; protests major in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman, as well as on the border with Israel. And minor protests in Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Western Sahara.

Hostility existing between Saudi Arabia and the United States is due to several factors, including America rejected their proposal for the formation of the power of the Arab comprehensive, along with the United States and NATO, to destroy Hezbollah in Lebanon, and both the Bush and Obama to protect Iran from attack Israeli forces or Saudi Arabia.

Transfer us from alliances with regimes Sunni Muslim that Iran Persian Shiite depends on many factors, one of the most important about him recently, “Syed Mohammad Sadeq Kharrazi,” Aaranassador former ambassador to France and the United Nations, and the World Health Organization, in part, said:

“Revolution in Iran as the leading example of our mistakes in the Middle East and I think that the absence of a good understanding about the different social classes in Iran because the United States lose a valuable opportunity such as Iran. Used this point in their models, and also got on the intellectuals to study the different models. Resulted in their fruit in the years the past and they realize now about what is good or what is bad in the area. invite Mr. Obama on Israel to retreat behind the 1967 borders as a direct result of these studies and American strategies. they come to the conclusion that this strategy will be in the interest of the United States. “

It is important to note about the coming war between the United States and Saudi Arabia are growing links between the Saudi regime and Israel, both knew that the Americans win their respective countries will be resolved, and what we can read, in part ,:

“Relations Hitharoa to Tel Aviv in recent years has become increasingly pronounced and widespread. There is this alliance secret Israeli-Saudi Arabia in the context of a broader Gulf-Israeli alliance. Consists alliance with Israel through the strategic cooperation between the ruling families in Saudi Arabia and the Trucial Arab in the Persian Gulf.

The Israel together, and the ruling families of the Gulf frontline for Washington and NATO against Iran and its regional allies. Coalition also works on behalf of Washington to destabilize the region. The roots of chaos in Southwest Asia and North Africa, this is a Gulf-Israeli alliance.

In line with the United States and the European Union, a coalition formed by Israel and the rulers of the Gulf, which has worked to create ethnic divisions between Arabs and Iranians, religious divisions between Muslims and Christians, and sectarian divisions between Sunni and Shia. It is “the policy of the Division” or “sedition” which also worked to keep the Gulf ruling families in power and Israel in its place. Israel and the Gulf ruling families that do not survive without regional strife.

Alahmdtharoa and Tel Aviv are the authors split Fatah and Hamas aversion from the Gaza Strip from the West Bank. They have worked together in the 2006 war against Lebanon in order to crush Hezbollah and its political allies. Saudi Arabia and Israel have also cooperated in spreading sectarianism and sectarian violence in Lebanon, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf, and Iran and now Egypt.

Equally important to note systems Arabia spends billions of dollars for no undue influence of America led the Arab uprisings, particularly in Egypt, where last week they refused to accept funds from the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank to keep its economy from collapse, but was filled who cabinets , instead, cash Saudi oil.

“End game” of Americans and their allies Bank are directing their countries had recently about the Rev. American “elite” Lindsey Williams, who conducted the “Alex Jones Show” can be found at this link It is important to be able to listen to yourself as located “World War III” just around the corner.

Most surprising of all these events in American peoples continuing ignorance of them, but, perhaps, progress to some extent explain this just a free state is given now as a police state that the editorial writers at the New York Times this past week called for their own “new normal.”

© 29 June 2011 Union EU and the United States All rights reserved. Permission is granted to use this report in its entirety, provided it is linked back to the original source in WhatDoesItMean.Com.

[Note Edition: Services of Western governments and intelligence actively campaign against the information contained in these reports so as not to lead to terrorize the citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, sisters Val Sorcha position strongly opposed in the belief that every human beings right to know the truth. Given our conflicts missions with those governments, no responses to the agents and disinformation campaign against us protracted / misdirection aimed at the credibility of which are addressed in the report, “” which is Sorcha Fall “?”].


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