Retired Gen. Hossam Sweilem writes: Brotherhood waiting for the zero hour to ignite a second revolution and the destruction of the army Guidance Office and behind the leak of the report of “The Guardian” to tarnish the image of the armed forces

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Retired Gen. Hossam Sweilem writes:

Brotherhood waiting for the zero hour to ignite a second revolution and the destruction of the army

Guidance Office and behind the leak of the report of “The Guardian” to tarnish the image of the armed forces

Brotherhood waiting for the zero hour to ignite a second revolution and the destruction of the army
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 18:41

We pointed out in a previous article that the premature leak of part of the report of the fact-finding committee for Martyrs and Victims of revolution regard to false charges and lies directed the armed forces and their leaders hold them responsible for it,

But it means the existence of a deliberate plan to tarnish the image of the armed forces internally and externally, and to answer the question echoed by many regarding the source of the leak of this part of the report is located in the 20 pages of the more than 850 pages is the size of the report, with the situation in mind that the report of the three copies only one in the presidency, and the second in the Public Prosecution, and the third in the Commission of Inquiry, and was told then that this committee did not retain for itself a copy of it, although I am very confident that the Guidance Office Brotherhood has a copy of the report, and to answer the question of the source of the leak, should be determined from beneficiary of that? They are without a doubt in my opinion the Brotherhood for many reasons to pay it, after it became the armed forces constitute a hurdle in front of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood to save their plans to enable all state institutions and joints.

Brotherhood of the objectives of the leaking of the report
Highlights at the domestic level to drive a wedge between the army and the people, especially factions January 25 revolution and the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and caused them to engage in a confrontation with the armed forces and downloaded the responsibility of their children’s blood, is one of the most prominent objectives of the leaking of the report and to distract people from what is beginning to emerge from the crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood since 85 years when creating their group in 1928 and even today, and the responsibility for the burning of 99 Police Department and the Directorate of Security and the fall of 91 dead and 170 injured policemen, and the destruction of 4,000 vehicles, along with the responsibility of militias, the Muslim Brotherhood for the bloody events that took place in Mohamed Mahmoud Street and Abbasid and Balloon Theatre and lockup and Giza , Alexandria and Suez, as well as crimes in recent federal and Mokattam and Port Said, and the escalation of the case of hate folk against the Brotherhood, as never before, which has been shown from losing elections in several professional associations, and student unions, and the erosion of confidence in the president and his government, which fell to only 20% , so she wanted the Brotherhood to shift the momentum of hatred popular directed against the armed forces, which failed in it miserably, where I discovered the masses of people, the fact that this goal Brotherhood dirty, and sided with Bhacodha to the armed forces asking them to quickly intervene to save Egypt from the clutches of the Muslim Brotherhood and schemes to enable them, and even increased greet the people of Egypt for its armed forces, has emerged as the clear in recent times.
At the external level, has revealed a military source «that leaks Guardian repeated at this time, is a deliberate plan to tarnish the image of the armed forces abroad, and what this means from the possibility of being charged with war crimes to them, according to the Geneva Convention, claiming a violation of human rights, and accountable leaders the armed forces and its intelligence service in front of the International Criminal Court, and the demand to stop military aid to the American army (1.3 billion dollars), and stop the cooperation between the institutions of foreign military and the Egyptian military in many areas, including security, information and joint exercises, visits and training missions and technological research and development .. to other areas of cooperation and military engagement with other armies, and the isolation of the Egyptian military for all that, and what leads to the weakening and breaking neutralize, and thus adversely affect the most prominent elements of Egyptian national security, has explained a military source «that points west with the help of internal elements in the campaign systematically to destroy the entity the military establishment, and that persons belonging to human rights organizations rely on external finance are seeking to internationalize some issues against the armed forces in order to distort the image externally, and seeks those jurists belonging to the fact-finding committee to raise the issue against the armed forces by Amnesty International to stop military aid to Egypt ». The source pointed out that there are international organizations have already begun to ask foreign countries to stop arming the armed forces, including the organization «Human Rights Watch» which criticized the armed forces in an attempt to prevent the United States from continuing to arm the army, is also seeking to prosecute the leaders of the armed forces with the help of human rights organizations Inside Egypt financed from abroad for the demolition of the military establishment. The same military source, that the timing of these leaks comes to fear some of the descent of the armed forces to the street again, and the management of the affairs of the country, after the support he received from the Egyptians, and also explained that this campaign is also aimed at distorting the image of military intelligence, to tarnish the image of the team «Sisi» himself who was a director throughout the transitional period, and in order to prevent the army from landing in case of deterioration of the situation internally, and warned the same source the military that are trying to treachery military establishment and the masterminding plots against it and its leaders, these leaks, aims to prevent support of the people, and said: « We will not allow this, and will not be silent about what is often promoted against the military establishment and its leaders, and our anger no one can stand in front of him, we will not allow the demolition of the military establishment, and these plots will not succeed at whatever cost ». He pointed out that the Egyptian army is the Arab army, the only one who is still strong and coherent (after the disintegration of the armies of Iraq and Syria and Libya and Yemen … and others), so seeking to dismantle it and replace it by armed militia who have affiliations special serving faction specific (of course it is intended Brotherhood), and said: « We will not allow it at all .. and will not tolerate a lot, and our patience will not last long, and we will continue with the people and our faith does not allow that fear or are terrorize, we defense firm, and will continue to defend the homeland and the soil, and this tendentious campaigns ongoing these days will not succeed and are able to respond to them ».
The newspaper revealed «home» in 19/04/2013 Chancellor Hossam Gheriani president of the National Council for Human Rights (which is one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was head of the committee preparing the constitution, and cook them in a single night, and rewarded President «Marina» appointment as president of the council) is The nomination of a number of the members of the fact-finding committee, and chose from them affiliations of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to blur the crimes Brotherhood during the revolution, and after stepping down former president, also included the Committee of belonging to the human rights organizations funded secretly foreign countries, and these organizations have hostile attitudes of the armed forces.
As the failure of the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and disappointed in exciting the people against the armed forces at home, also failed their goal and disappointed in exciting foreign countries against the armed forces overseas, and was the most prominent evidence that the statements of the US Secretary of State John Kerry in recent (04/19/2013) which he asserted that the Egyptian army played a decisive role in order to avoid the outbreak of civil war during the revolution that toppled former Egyptian, said during a hearing of Congress, which was titled «protect American interests abroad: foreign affairs budget for 2014»: I can honestly say, that the army in Egypt acted is responsible to a large extent in this tragedy, and without the army I think we have seen a civil war in Egypt and much of the blood ». He said that Egyptian soldiers make up the best investment achieved by America in the region, and alive restraint embrace him, which the Egyptian army during demonstrations in February 2011 in Tahrir Square in Cairo. It is not too «Kerry» to express once again in front of the Senate Committee on American concern about Washington about the trend, which is used by Egypt, led by President of the Islamic Mohamed Morsi, who was elected in 2012, pointing to link any economic aid other to achieve economic reform, and communicate with the opposition included more of them to power , pointed out that Egypt is at the moment in a difficult situation and a very complicated very because the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the judgment raises many questions about the readiness and willingness of people to work with them not only entered Egypt, but also outside, also called «Kerry» Brotherhood to show the opponents and others outside Egypt they are willing to protect the rights and provide security and reunification.
He added that the administration speaks with the Brotherhood on the need for broad-based government to run the country. The newspaper «Washington Post» 04/19/2013 at about a significant decline in the support of the American administration to the regime of President berth, while the relationship is still the American administration a powerful Egyptian army, which has distanced itself from this relationship Brotherhood ruling system as a whole.

The significance of the timing of the infusion
Many questioned the rationale behind the leak of this report at this particular time, and in the back in a clear and evident to all that the Muslim Brotherhood in a race against time in order to complete its acquisition of the rest of the state institutions, and the dominance of the Brotherhood them, after that tightened its control over state institutions, the government and parliament The media and the police, leaving choice but justice institutions who engaged in a long struggle and bitter with the Brotherhood in order to secure its independence, and the Foundation of General Intelligence, which had been part of the massacre on 04.19.2013 excluding 15 of the most qualified men responsible for the activity of religious subversion, and the institution of Al-Azhar, who want to control it set the Brotherhood Mufti Abdul Rahman Abdalber elders them, and finally the military establishment, which was leaking Guardian report features a Brotherhood plan to demolish this institution, which prompted many in Egypt to wonder: Where this takes us to manipulate the military establishment?
Associated with the timing of the leak of this report visit popular armed forces, and claim broad sectors of the people and the political elite to take over the army took over the country after the hit by the deterioration of the near-collapse, and save Egypt from falling into the clutches of a civil war and sectarian began to haunt overlooking the Egyptians from time to time, not to mention the solution the country from ruin and poverty, chaos and the lack of a security and political and economic crises succession. The claims reflected the people’s army intervened quickly Agencies recorded by millions of Egyptians to delegate the team’s first «Sisi» to take over power, and stop the dominance of the Muslim Brotherhood on the state institutions and the vital joints. This is in addition to the discovery of the people for the numerous crimes Brotherhood in his right, past and present, especially the killings and torture of protesters opposed to the domination of the Brotherhood in federal and mosques Mokattam, editing and Port Said.
It also comes timing of the leak of the report with the army refused tutelage Brotherhood him with regard to what is happening in the Sinai, and the insistence of the army to continue to demolish smuggling tunnels and hit spots terrorist and prevent the ownership of land to non-Egyptians, and stop the naturalization of Palestinians Egyptian nationality on is the desire of the President and the Office of guidance, so it did not not strange flare in recent times in the Sinai, and the resumption of terrorists attacking police patrols and Kmaúnha, and provoke Israel bombed the area of ​​Eilat rocket, which is a reflection of the threats of Hamas, which launched Khaled Meshaal finally from Doha to cut the throats of challenging Hamas and stand in their way, and after he issued a Hamas ring on behalf of (Gaza – Sinai) to its citizens, which is tantamount to a declaration of a unilateral annexation of Sinai to the Gaza Strip! Not to mention the rejection of the first team «Sisi» interview, Khaled Meshaal, in spite of the urgency of the presidency at that, and until you deliver Hamas committed a crime of Rafah last Ramadan, which claimed the lives of 16 martyrs from the armed forces and the police.
At the domestic level, comes leaking of the report in the timing rejected the Brotherhood’s political role for the army to achieve a political settlement with the opposition forces and the management of a dialogue with it, and a failed attempt dismissal of the team «Sisi» which took place last month, which is referred to by the team «Shafiq» Speaking The last of the United Arab Emirates, did not announce the cause of that, I believe that American pressure severe exerted on the president to prevent him from making such a decision, and the fear of the American administration to lead such a decision to a revolution or a coup within the military doubles the size of the chaos taking place in Egypt, and so After that proved to officials in Washington, and it turns out to them the size of intense hatred cherish Egyptians Brotherhood, contrary to what was indicated by the reports of the CIA, and was the cause of the bet the Obama administration on a horse Brotherhood loser, and retreat from it eventually, which is reflected in the lack of consent to Visit «Marina» to Washington at the moment, despite the urgency of the group and lobby supports it in America, and because the Egyptian army in the perception of America is the Arab army, the only remaining strong and intact in the region after the disintegration and collapse of the armies of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, and harmful to the survival of the Egyptian army intact in order to guarantee the stability of the region and even Do not hurt American interests in the case of increasing chaos rampant now in the region, so the decline Brotherhood quickly for the decision to dismiss «Sisi», especially after the statement Henry Kissinger last March at the annual conference of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, who predicted that the reach of the conflict the current political in Egypt to face the inevitable, and the settling of accounts between the army and the Muslim Brotherhood, and proved to the American intelligence about the secret cooperation between the Brotherhood and the regime of the mullahs in Iran, especially at the Intelligence and Security, the latest visit of confidentiality made by the Deputy Minister of Intelligence Iran to Egypt in January and offset by Essam Haddad Assistant to the President for Foreign Affairs, and was the main theme is to utilize the expertise of Iranian intelligence in the establishment of a special independent of the Brotherhood intelligence of the Egyptian state, which does not trust the Muslim Brotherhood, which was uncovered by the newspaper «The Times» in a timely manner.
It also coincides leaking Guardian report with events and other statements by the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood constitutes a provocation for the armed forces and their leaders, including what was said Saad Katatni head of Freedom and Justice Party in tweets his «Twitter» on March 18 last year on the progress of his bill to create a Revolutionary Guards Egyptian parallel to the role police to pre-empt what he called the revolution counter, and also a draft law presented by Abbas Abdulaziz MP Brotherhood’s Shura Council on March 15 last year to create the Revolutionary Guards, and the abolition of the Republican Guard, not to mention the poem spelling dirty, which delivered a member of the Guidance Bureau and named Mohiuddin Zaat against the armed forces in celebration of the Muslim Brotherhood in the conference hall Nasr City in early March, and has sparked outrage and dismay and disgust of all the Egyptians, and this in addition to what was announced by President «Marina» in Khartoum to reconsider the problem of Egyptian-Sudanese border (Halayib and Shalateen) to return to the situation before 1995, when it sent Egypt and units of the army to the region to maintain the Egyptian identity, after he tried to regime-Bashir that simplifies control them, even though they are located within the latitude of 22, which draws a border between the two countries, while raising more and more to provoke the military establishment is what he said Essam el-Erian leader Majority Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council that «those who oppose the president’s remarks on Halayib and Shalateen should remember that the Constitution (Article 45) gave the president the right to demarcate the borders of the state» as if the borders of Egypt stable for hundreds of years will bring back the Brotherhood demarcated anew to conform to the interests of its allies in Sudan and Gaza Gaza.

Why the Guardian specifically?
Because Guardian newspaper European high repute was not a coincidence that publishes this newspaper by the British leak of its fact-finding report during a foreign tour for a delegation from the Egyptian presidency, did not announce anything about the nature of his mission, and while the search for the source of the leak to this newspaper, acknowledged that Source rebels are Egypt, and more while making sure officials referred the Guardian to the elements at the center of American-Islamic Relations (Muslim Brotherhood), which is followed by 16 sub-organization within the United States, infiltrated Jewish organizations there.
It was not the first campaign for the Guardian, which sparked controversy great about directions, and the contribution of a regimes hostile to Egypt, where, it has already published a false report in the February 4, 2011 alleging that the wealth of former President amounting to 72 billion dollars, and then returned to its managing editor after the revolution to announce apology for this false information, which was one of the reasons for the congestion of community in this period, also packed the Guardian over the past two years, a series of reports aimed at pitting community groups in Egypt, and skepticism in the positions of the former military junta, and pledges to hand over power to an elected president on June 30, 2012, As proved the failure of their expectations, and the military council hand over power actually the president-elect on June 30, and disappointed in the excitement of the Egyptian people against the military confused the Guardian, and then came the opportunity leaking the report to attack by the Egyptian military again, and antagonize the forces home and abroad.

What does it mean berth by announcing second revolution?
During the president’s visit «Marina» Sudan recently, and his meeting with the Egyptian community there, talked about the possibility of resorting to the Egyptians to make a revolution again .. and I’ve raised this statement to surprise many inside and outside Egypt, which had never heard of one in the whole world for a head of state led the revolution, Because revolutions waged by the peoples against their ruling regimes, the kings and presidents understand actually in power, and therefore they have the potential and the capacity and the legal and constitutional powers and material, which allows them to what they want to enact laws and implement them without the need to declare a revolution!
But because the Muslim Brotherhood, which is represented by the President at the Palace of the Federal discovered too late that the Egyptian people become rejecting and hating her, has returned to trading revolution that knee in the absence of the people on the fourth day of the breaks, and ride today Mujtha again in the face of what it claims «counter-revolution» . In fact, it is a popular revolution against the Brotherhood and its attempts to exclusively by virtue of Egypt and painted sympathetically Brotherhood, after he dropped the group itself masks lying, cheating and deception, deception and fraud that was concealed ugly face, and revealed the truth about her identity authoritarian, which take from religion and a way of trading in order to control rule the country, and the exclusion of others.
The questions that impose themselves in the face of the president’s call «Marina» for a second revolution are many, most notably: first (1) against those who would launch «Marina» and his group of this revolution? Is it against the people or the opposition political forces of the Muslim Brotherhood and state institutions, which did not succeed the group’s Okhountha number on the head of the judiciary and the armed forces, then the media of newspapers and satellite channels opposes the policy of the Muslim Brotherhood and practices that caused the creation of a split within the Egyptian society political and sectarian did not pledge to Egypt throughout its long history.
The second question (2) by the launch Brotherhood revolution Second, if most of the Egyptian people against it, which has been shown and make sure that in recent times, especially in the professional syndicates and unions university students, where the defeated group where a crushing defeat for the first time in its history? There is no doubt that the president’s statement «Marina» Declaration second revolution did not come from a vacuum, but I’ve prepared her office to guide the group in Mokattam for a long time after it became clear to him that the project «empowerment», which prepared him Shater since 2002 to be the group of exert control over Egypt, or as he put it in a document in 2005 «reopening of Egypt’s New» like Amr ibn al-Aas second, who will return to the Egyptians (infidels) Islam again, shown to officials of the group that empowerment project that faces many setbacks, after exposure Spirit authoritarian Brotherhood in it, and rejected and fought by all the forces of the Egyptian people, which requires from the viewpoint of the group imposed imposed on the Egyptians and by force, and that force of the militias, the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been training since before the revolution under the earth, and now being trained in the camps, many scattered on the land of Egypt by عناصر من كتائب عز الدين القسام الجناح العسكرى لحركة حماس، وهو ما اعترفت به حماس فى وثيقة صدرت عن مكتبها منذ شهرين، واعترفت فيها بسقوط قتلى ومصابين ومعتقلين من حماس أثناء المظاهرات التى شاركوا فيها داخل مصر.. وقد سبق للمرشد السابق مهدى عاكف أن صرح أثناء حرب غزة عام 2009 بأنه على استعداد لإرسال 10000 مقاتل لدعم حماس، ولم يسأل أحد فى مصر نفسه أو المرشد: أين هؤلاء الـ10000 مقاتل، وأين تم تنظيمهم وتدريبهم وتسليحهم وكيف؟The goals behind it, so we walked out President Marina finally in Khartoum to answer us all these questions as a means and a tool group to launch a second revolution against the Egyptian people hating and rejecting the Brotherhood, not only so, but came up we also Hazem Abu Ismail announced his readiness to take down 10,000 fighters of the group (assertive) to face the army if hired by the people to confront the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood, not to mention the previously mentioned statements Saad Katatni and Vice my brothers in the Shura Council on the establishment of the Revolutionary Guards Brotherhood and rationing put it, and what is being trained for these militias under the supervision of Hamas in special centers and malls Youth and the UNESCO Centre for Adult Education in Srs Allian, In South Matrouh and the Western Sahara, while reinforcing and spoke with him there is nothing wrong .. It is available in abundance in stores weapons Brotherhood, not to mention the good organization of command and control, communications and transport individuals to places that will take place where battles with opponents, We have seen more than once convoys of buses which transported to the Brotherhood squares of Cairo to review the strength when necessary, while allied with the Muslim Brotherhood in the second revolution schemes understanding parties and groups such as the Salafis .. «Islamic group» and «assertive» and «jihadists» .. The allies abroad who will participate in the second revolution understand Hamas and organizations incitements in the Sinai (the environs of Jerusalem – the Mujahideen Shura Council), and perhaps also the elements of the Sudanese army to seize Halayib and Shalateen, and the group Brothers to Libya to foment chaos against army positions in the western region in Matrouh and Salloum, and seems to be building This alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist was the first task for Shater during recent times, which is reflected in his appeal to the parties Islamism to unite their efforts with the Muslim Brotherhood in the face of what he called «Shater» counter-revolution, and the political cover of the revolution’s second Sishnha Brotherhood and their allies is represented in political parties cartoon loyal to them, and which plays the role of «Sinead» party center, and party civilization, and PAM, and front conscience, and construction and development, and a coalition of youth revolution … and others who make sure that they make up the second wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, came their positions fully compatible with the position of the Muslim Brotherhood.
either The third question (3) is second on the goals of the revolution? These objectives are previously referred to on the implementation plan (empowerment), which placed Shater, and that the elimination of all opposition forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the imposition of exceptional measures check enable Brotherhood of all state institutions, and what happened last Friday (19/4) of the crowds Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi before the Supreme Court in Cairo and elsewhere in the rest of the provinces under the pretext of cleansing the judiciary, but (rehearsal) what will happen when the announcement Brotherhood for the second revolution, and will be the pretext that the release of some of the provisions of the patent for the heads of the former regime, so the response Brotherhood occupy Judges Club and destroyed or burned, and the arrest of elders judges honest and on top adviser «ulna» and his colleagues, and change the Minister of Justice, and will be extended after that second revolution to attack the headquarters of newspapers and satellite channels and the opposition parties and vandalized or burned, killing and arrest all dissidents and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood in various fields and occupation and sit-ins in all areas of the provinces indefinitely and in check second revolution objectives.
and justify Brotherhood everything Sertkph members and their constituents before the world public opinion is expected to rise up in anger against the Brotherhood, as a popular revolution difficult to control on the tracks.
, and here the question arises IV (4) on the position of the police and military of crimes second revolution?
As for the position Police has emerged as a clear -bad Okhountha in one of two possibilities, according to the experiences of recent field, either chosing to Revolution Muslim Brotherhood and defend its members against the rest of the masses of the people opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has already happened in Mokattam, and F purge the judiciary recently, or take a semi-neutral that separating the Muslim Brotherhood and the masses reject him, as happened in the attitude of the police at the siege of the city media latter, where she participated police group «resolute» in the siege from the inside, but it did not prevent the attacks on the media and their cars and their equipment, and did not provide them with protection, and this is expected from Police in the second revolution when attacking the headquarters of the judiciary and the media … etc., while the position of the Brotherhood of the army, it will depend on the stance taken by the leaders of the army if it considers the necessity of military intervention to stop the liquefaction of the blood of the Egyptians in the streets, and to prevent the occurrence of the country in chaos exploited Adaúaat abroad on top of Israel’s reoccupation of Sinai. The scenario set by the Brotherhood to confront the army in case of intervention will depend on the ally of the group in the Middle (Hamas) in the ignition Army terrorist operations in the Sinai, and an ally of the group in the south (the Sudanese army) for the occupancy of the military to occupy the Sudanese army Halayib and Shalateen, and perhaps also occupancy army in the west operations in Salloum and Matrouh by brothers Libya and al-Qaeda, as well as the order in which they are being now by the Muslim Brotherhood to bring about an internal split in the army, and thereby distracting the military’s efforts on several fronts keep him out of what is being disturbed inside Cairo and other major cities in Egypt. Which has already been referred to the pole Brotherhood Mohamed Beltagy that if people used the army in the face of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Brotherhood Sistaanon armies of friendly countries, and also confirmed the pole is my brothers last Gamal Heshmat on Al-Jazeera Direct evening last Sunday, 4.14 in response to what was said by d. Gamal Zahran, who demanded a political call for the army to be a partner in power, Heshmat replied saying: If you assume that there will be pools of blood! Fi bloodbath those talking about this person? It is that which prepares her Brotherhood ago now when he declares anchorage second revolution, it is out of the question completely in their calculations, they and their allies and conducted several proofs of it, and is not excluded that exploits Brotherhood Andfaathm revolutionary this in the overthrow of the sheikh of Al-Azhar also appointed Mufti Abdul Rahman Abdalber place, and when the show military leaders rejected the practices of the Brotherhood and its allies against the people, when it will come, the right moment, which waits Marina and his group in the Declaration of the dismissal of the entire leadership of the army, and the return of its units to their barracks, and that the Revolutionary Guards, the Muslim Brotherhood is the one who will carry out its army and police, of course with the help of ally Hamas member, a scenario exactly done by Khomeini in Iran, and will seek Brotherhood in the revolution the second to be executed in Egypt.
question remains the fifth (5) and last: how will pave the Brotherhood of the revolution second?
fact that the president’s statement berth in Khartoum on the Declaration second revolution did not come from a vacuum, it is a late stage After laying the Guidance Office, led by Al-Shater plan this revolution and will be conducted, when and means and tools, and how will the boot, with no announcement Marina reported only the beginning of the boot, after having been tabbed Guidance Office so, the boot of this revolution has been to him already in the threats against to Bretton judiciary and army, and opposition political forces, as well as the media exhibitions, the harbingers of revolution, the Brotherhood’s second only appeared features clearly in Magdy Rady last Friday that crowd her Brotherhood crowds from all provinces in preparation for the overthrow of the judiciary and Tgerifa of judges, honorable, and pay thousands of Brotherhood of lawyers and law graduates To fill this void has been the Brotherhood to form the courts of the revolution, especially to try their political opponents and eliminate them, claiming that they are the enemies of the revolution, and so are the Brotherhood full control over the judiciary and that without control will not be able Brotherhood of the completion of the rest of their project in empowerment, so they can pass their projects suspicious, and will not can Brotherhood silence scandalous for their project frightening, and their crimes shameful past and present, without excluding judges honest.
has been involved with the Muslim Brotherhood in these millions allies Salafis and members of Hamas, and served as a rehearsal of what will happen in the future, and what were the events of Sinai recent to implicate the army where only also in the framework of the boot This second revolution, not to mention the attacks on the army and its leaders and leaking Guardian report and its implications, but also in the framework of the boot for this revolution Brotherhood second, and mixing leaves the game of political and military to implicate the army in the problems with Israel .. It may be the rule of the court for the release of former President pretext also launch a revolution Brotherhood Second, as you may be aware of their loss to the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming parliamentary elections as a justification for that, too.

The bottom line
1- I have already on the pages of the delegation warned that the first team Sisi of reassurance for the Muslim Brotherhood, and I told him that reads: Beware then warn then warn of this group, the people understand the treachery and betrayal and conspiracy, and I think that events proved him so. Today, I repeat the same warning call berth for a second revolution and Mrdodadtha malicious and destructive of the army and its leaders, it has proved for the Muslim Brotherhood that the army is the rock that shatter them their plans and fail their goals, so the plots Brotherhood against the military in the coming period will be numerous and severe malice and cunning and savvy, and will seek whatever their energy to penetrate the army and attract some of the leaders, which imposes on the security services in the armed forces full alertness to it and prevent implicate the army in targeted Brotherhood of his problems.
2 What is not understood by the Muslim Brotherhood, that God may blur the insight they do not realize They are quick-paced and Behrolh strange to complete a plan to enable them to institutions of the Egyptian state, they at the same time rushing towards the end is inevitable because they have their stupidity severe earn every day more enemies on the level of all the Egyptian people and all classes and walks of life, at the same time when the enemies strength and toughness, and we say Praise God for this stupid enjoyed by the Muslim Brotherhood, but what will call him President anchorage of a second revolution, they will be, God willing, a popular revolution overwhelming against him and his group and its allies, and will be their end with the final in this scenario disastrous’re planning to revolt second, true to the verse «and plots and plotted God. God and the good of malicious », while Egypt will remain always, thanks to God and the care and keeping of our Lord the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to her family, guarded and reserved from Kidd enemies for being« Kenana God »in the land of bad frail wanted God».

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