Iraq: Attack on America because of Daash .. repression and terror drive

Published September 8, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Iraq: Attack on America because of Daash .. repression and terror drive

Published on السبت, 30 أغسطس 2014 12:45 PM
Obama's statement about the recent Daash raises many simply censure (photo:)

Obama’s statement about the recent Daash raises many simply censure

Started – allow fair

Considered by some opinion writers in some newspapers of the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Saturday, that sexual repression is the main engine for the growth of extremist religious organizations, while denounced others the sale of the ministries that have marred the negotiations to form a government between the various political blocs, while launching some of them launched a sharp attack on America because of its frequency in the military decision about Daash and upload responsibility devastation that hit Iraq because of the occupation in 2003, while others across the plight of Christians who fled from Mosul and who do not hope for them to return to their homes.

And linking Essam Fahim Ameri between sexual repression among some young poor and the marginalized and between the growth of extremist religious organizations in his article “rooms sex Aldaashah” in the Journal of the Orient, where pointed to the opinions of some psychologists like Freud and William Reich about the relationship between conflicts racism, sex and display saw Moroccan thinker ” Said Nasheed “which attributed the growing phenomenon of terrorist organizations and operations of the bombing of the bodies to sexual repression and hope to get emotional and sexual gratification.

The writer asserted that Daash and the rest of extremist religious organizations went CARROT messages and suspense of the minds of young Muslims and prepare them beautiful women and others, and sometimes without charge in the world, and Hur eye in the Hereafter.

He added that the youth Daash usually between the ages of 16-30 years at the height of any physical desire, and Ameri added that the posts “mujahideen” in Daash on social networks revolve around sex and tales of women who were raped.

Also attacked Hatem Hassan America, in his article “America atone” in the Journal of the Orient as well, where he was she the only one responsible for the destruction and chaos of his country because of the occupation that started in 2003, which the writer believes that he continuously until now, was also considered that the call to fight Daash in Iraq at the moment What is the only part of the partition plan, which targeted from the beginning of the occupation.

He criticized Alaa Hassan phenomenon sale ministries, as pointed out news reported on sites local newspapers on the Internet about the negotiations for the purchase of office of the Ministry of Electricity between the political blocs in his article “Ministries Ashaar” in a newspaper term, and scoffed at the writer of this phenomenon, stressing that this does not happen in any country in the the world’s only country.

He denounced Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar Carp told Prime America Barack Obama, the latter in which he said that his administration does not have a strategy to combat Daash in his article “The absence of strategy” in the morning newspaper and was considered by this statement, evidence of the frequency of Obama, and the author saw it necessary to take US administration steps quickly and decisively to eliminate Daash.

هل يستطيع مسيحيو الموصل العودة مرة أخرى لبيوتهم ؟

Can the Christians of Mosul back again to their homes?

And saw Habib Mohammed Hadi al-Sadr that Christians live the plight of the existence of these days in the country, particularly those who have been displaced from Madna Mosul, in his article “The plight of the Christian presence of the Iraqi” in the morning also confirmed that the indicators do not promise to change their situation and their return to their homes, stressing the eligibility of the country as one of the key components historical in Iraq.

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