So, you’ve dropped into a Houston, TX deli for a little lunch; and you spot a guy in front of you wearing full Islamic attire with what appears to be the ISIS emblem on the front and back. You subtly take a few pictures. Then you post them on facebook, only to have them removed for supposedly depicting “graphic violence.”

Your facebook page, “Tactical Advantage,” is then flagged because the cover photo of you and your family violates the social media site’s “nudity” policy…even though no one in the picture is anywhere close to naked.



That’s reportedly what happened to an observant facebook user named “Mike,” who has since republished the photos of the apparent ISIS follower/supporter he spotted in Houston. You can see the main one here:


According to, Mike has also turned over his pictures to the FBI.

While President Obama denies ISIS is any threat to America, ISIS has repeatedly encouraged followers to cross over the Southern border to infiltrate U.S. cities.

Reports of ISIS in Ciudad Juarez on the Mexico-U.S. border have recently surfaced, which puts the insurgents only 8 miles from El Paso, Texas. This revelation proves even more threatening with photos of supporters in Ferguson, Chicago, and now Houston. recently posted a piece about the presence of ISIS supporters and recruiters in America, some of whom have reportedly entered the country by sneaking across the porous southern border.

Islamic State (ISIS) cells are already in the United States, and some of them have entered by crossing the Mexican border says former CIA agent Bob Baer.

Baer told CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on Tuesday that people working in intelligence-gathering have told him they don’t know what ISIS members’ plans are, but “it’s a definite concern.

“People who do this for a living are very alarmed,” Baer said.

Other ISIS members are American citizens who have been to Syria and have returned, he said. While intelligence agencies are aware of some of the people they suspect of being ISIS members and are working to gather evidence to apprehend them, they fear there are more that they don’t know about.


Image Credits: facebook/tactical advantage