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Relationship Jamal Khalifa, Osama bin Laden


Yousry Fouda: On the night of a dark rainy in the jungles of Africa in a way Gelfa strange figure fell a Saudi citizen, hours after his arrival, the face of it the process of stealing a primitive but a matter of fact in the eyes of many, beyond what you see with the naked eye, the blood is still hot, and his death may have cast us light heavy on hidden war we are talking about a descendant of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him that the safest hands around one million is also the way smelting Osama bin Laden.

The killing of Abu Bara

Yousry Fouda: name is not Al-Qaeda had invented yet, but the explosion of the World Trade Center in New York in 1993 had inaugurated a new culture catch the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman at his home, according to security sources said an American was found on the card tariff of Saudi citizen Mohammed Jamal Khalifa.

Jack Kllonan- FBI previously: the British and also the achievement of his intensely practical challenge resulted in a quarter of a million and a document on al-Qaeda operations on the financial side and on the side of the propaganda and then jumped Khalifa name again and again until we concluded that the Treasurer of bin Laden.

Yousry Fouda: But Jamal Khalifa, who joined the Btalaúa mujahideen in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1985, quickly fell out with his brother in law of Osama bin Laden when he disagreed with this, Sheikh Abdullah Azzam.

[Archive of personal Abdullah Anas]

Abdullah Azzam: We are fat and our work in Afghanistan, the Arab Bureau of services because we served both labored in the way of Allah.

Yousry Fouda: While Azzam has left the stage in favor of supporting the Afghans in their struggle against atheists legally and logistically saw bin Laden to be alone with the Arab Mujahideen camp on the edge of the seam with Soviet soldiers called camp Almosdh.

Abdullah Ons- Director, Office of Services in Peshawar earlier: I mean, really gave good results and gave after the reputation of the Arabs was a quantum leap even at the level inside Afghanistan or outside Afghanistan at the level but also the opposite side as well as the left disastrous effects.

Yousry Fouda: How?

Abdullah Anas: These are among the needs who disagreed with the beauty of God’s mercy upon Osama who is with you that I am not a professional craftsman and not a son of a military army.

Hathifa Abdullah Azzam: Parent’s mercy be upon he liked Love severe both knew Jamal Khalifa was loves Jamal Khalifa and visits of times a parent really hired beauty successor by virtue of its proximity and adhesion of Sheikh Osama bin Laden and his love for the father to convince Sheikh Osama bin Laden to unify the Arabs once other front and back fact Arabs one front and to try to bridge the gap in viewpoints between the parent and between Sheikh Osama bin Laden.

Jamal Khalifa, speaking to the American journalist Peter Bergen: I sat down with Osama, Osama, and I told him no one accepts this, why are you here? Not knowing that it is dangerous? Afghans behind you and you’re here in the foreground, he said we have come to be in the foreground, intensified my anger and I told him that I hear either leave or will not see you again, he said, do what you want.

Yousry Fouda: The two men did not meet then only sparingly in the context of family duties when bin Laden returned after the victory of the mujahideen in the heart and in the heart of senior American journalists who met Jamal Khalifa believe him and love him.

Peter Bergan- American journalist met Jamal Khalifa / September 2005: Personally rested for his company has been generous and honest bin Laden left Saudi Arabia in 1991.1992 There is no evidence that Jamal Khalifa had seen anywhere else I do not think that Jamal Khalifa was visited in Sudan and there is no evidence that he was visited in Afghanistan or Pakistan in the nineties and take this matter on its face.

[A scene from the theatrical presentation of my trip to New York Qaeda Lawrence Wright]

Lawrence Wright: When bin Laden returned rich and famous and a believer that the Arab mujahideen Bostorth Otknoa atheist Soviet Union became a problem as it goes, and the leader of a small and ambitious and has a small army under his command did not know one like him before in Saudi Arabia.

Jamal Khalifa, Osama lived here with his wives in this building ..

Lawrence Wright: the sound of melting Jamal Khalifa, Osama bin Laden ..

Jamal Khalifa: a modest building as you can see ..

Lawrence Wright – American journalist met Jamal Khalifa February 2003: when he married the beauty of his first wife did not have a home divided the Osama house into two halves and gave half of it to the beauty then gave Osama to the beauty of his sister’s favorite Sheikha bride again that wonderful person and I missed was his broad smile and lightness under childish asked Prince Turki al-Faisal, who was the head of Saudi intelligence, said about the beauty of something they did not take it.

Yousry Fouda: The reality of the matter is that the moderation was Jamal Khalifa close to official circles Saudi Arabia as the struggle in the first period was through, chaired by Branch Muslim World League in Peshawar, funded mainly comes from Riyadh when he came out his brother from the fingertips of the Saudi state wrote publicly Istjdi became his position now Osama bin Laden clearer and sharper than ever before.

Jamal Khalifa, speaking to the American journalist Peter Bergen: if I had a way to stop it would have done any way that destroys everything destroys the image of Islam and destroy himself and destroys people with all people in every place as if the germ was planted in his mind that he led the patient.

Yousry Fouda: joking if those who accuse the man affiliation of the base is that the story of the real were not started after he was in 1987 may carry his bags in search of jihad of a different kind in the country of a different kind after a few years, bus drama and his death at the hands of twenty-five men and women primitive or theft mastermind of the assassination.

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Jamal Khalifa fight in charitable activities

Yousry Fouda: Jamal Khalifa when he arrived at the airport in San Francisco the first December 1994 were charitable activities in the Philippines has reached its peak, including the company named Banfulnsa had a branch in this sector of the world boss Mohammed Loay Bayazid or Syrian Abu Reda, who is accused of being establish a written record of al-Qaeda and that he sought to buy uranium for bin Laden in the meantime, the FBI has summoned a double agent to testify in the case of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

John Berger – investigator American journalist Ali Mohammed of the Organization of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and was also an informant for the Americans has been summoned from Nairobi to testify in the case of the blind sheikh came to Santa Clara in the ninth of December was on the phone with the FBI agent who found the card Khalifa in an apartment, Sheikh Abdul Rahman if he knows well Khalifa This was the ninth of December in the sixteenth of December arresting Khalifa.

Yousry Fouda: from his hotel this in San Francisco went Jamal Khalifa on the sixteenth of December, 1994, on his way to the town of Morgan Hill was not alone was accompanied by Abu Reda Syrian, were linked by a strong friendship and they were together when they were arrested at that time was Lawrence Wright, doubts about the charity, which was part of the Abu Rida Perhaps the beauty of it was that he was a victim in his company.

Jack Kllonan: There have been questions about who is with whom he lived, especially in view of the activities in Detroit and the different groups that were handled by the assumption was that because of his financial background he was collecting donations in America in favor of the issue which is what he was doing.

Jamal Khalifa – speaking to the American journalist Peter Bergen: I was really surprised I asked them why Tqdon Ali said visa was canceled, they took my belongings from my pockets and my luggage and then they took me to the immigration department to complete the formalities and then they took me along with others to the Santa Rita jail.

Yousry Fouda: oddly quickly released Bayezid while he was someone who was with him a valid visa in a valid passport to this prison will take shortly after the combination of the State Department and the federal prosecutor’s office in order to Aahnoh to a particular country before that shortly bomb exploded in a cinema for pornographic movies in Jordan were not Al Jazeera has launched yet, but our colleague, Yasser Abu Hilala continued the case for the newspaper way.

Yasser Abu Hilalh- Jazeera’s bureau chief in Amman: There is to put yourself in the place investigator there is someone important like Jamal Khalifa and distract the empire of charity work, which may enter upon the work of jihad or violent or terrorist you name it that this person is important to investigate him on the one hand and important pressed on the one hand means I do not want to compromise this person support groups practiced violence must deliver a message from his two I want to get this person on the information that interested me as an interrogator enter the name.

Samih Alhasina- lawyer Jamal Khalifa in Jordan: assigned to the accused Mohammed Jamal Khalifa charge subscription conspiracy with intent to commit terrorist acts contrary to the provisions of Articles 147 148 and 76 of the Penal Code No. 16 of 1960, where he was on trial in this case, the number of Jordanians and others, including one of the persons Omanis and was fugitive from justice, and I knew this case the cause of Afghan Jordanians.

Yousry Fouda: Based on the testimony of one of the defendants wounded no more the rule of the military court judge this on Jamal Khalifa sentenced in absentia to death is in fact also explains the judge merely an invitation to attend.

Keep Amin- military court in Jordan earlier: sentences in absentia are provisions is a window in the sense that if he was sentenced to death, this provision does not acquire the degree of judicial Merely that the arrested person or delivers the same so they can be re-tried again and is weighing the evidence and the court, including her of authority in the weight of evidence can incriminate or exonerate.

Yousry Fouda: stayed Abu Bara in prison Santa Rita California does not know his fate says international laws in this case that it has the right to return either to Saudi Arabia, his home or to the Philippines where it came from but the Americans insisted on exports to Jordan for this claim and the secretary of state at the time Warren Christopher that the presence of Mohammed Jamal Khalifa in the United States is incompatible with the foreign interests while Deputy Prosecutor concluded that his deportation to any country in turn is incompatible with American interests only be the name of the country of Jordan.

Marc van der Howt- lawyer Jamal Khalifa in San Francisco: It was this combination of data combination is disgusting that the government will use in the absence of an agreement to deport immigration laws to deport someone to a country is required where no visitors from before I was interested about it because I believe it was a combination of unjust laws.

Yousry Fouda: heart of the matter in the end what he was doing Abu Bara in the Philippines in this district of Metro Manila foundations Khalifa when he arrived the first time in this building offices for the IIRO one of the arms of the Muslim World League, wherever it hit his hands, he will succeed, what is more poverty in Philippines marks visible, especially in areas inhabited by the Muslim majority sees some Muslims here that the Philippine government dispersed in the transaction.

Abdul Asattar- imam of a mosque in Manila: help Christians more than the Muslims because of their government as well as Christian as they are Christians .. Sawa Sawa.

Ting Mkraaa- security official in the largest mosque in Manila: Even minaret is about to crash as they are rusty, which is dangerous in terms of the probability of collapse at any moment, we raised it to the government you promised that it will build a new minaret but did not do so after two years.

Yousry Fouda: if Abu Bara, including the day of this type of activity is not delayed by the Party as it seems you do not like this while watching Muslims in the Philippines on political life in Manila, where the majority Christian doing a little more in the south of the country where the majority Muslim Muslims in the region of Mindanao from time to seek salvation.

Omar Hkirat- work with Jamal Khalifa in the Philippines: God, there I mean I was surprised that in about approximately 10% of the population of the Philippines Muslims means nearly six million people means that the Muslims who live in areas of Mindanao and were meant subjected unfortunately injustice and oppression was meant today was Attempts to establish a self-rule or autonomy stability between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the government was Filebenah mean the talks have reached the final stages of the mean.

Yousry Fouda: March Abu Bara activities in the legal frameworks recognized by government officials.

Zakaria Kandwa – formerly the governor of Mindanao: what we have seen and what we know the man was not involved in any terrorist activities were focused on the activities of his education and charitable things we tried to help him Voukana broad support but it did not work.

Omar Shkirat: especially after the emergence of the movement can mean the Abu Sayyaf and their appearance .. and exit from the Moro Liberation Movement seems this chord things began moving eyes mean or mean began in problematic at work ..

Yousry Fouda: There are some restrictions became ..

Omar Shkirat: become some restrictions ..

“” When Mount Pinatubo erupted Khalifa has spent millions of Philippine currency to help those affected, through the Philippine government When Mount Pinatubo erupted Khalifa has spent millions of Philippine currency to help those affected, through the Philippine government “” Eid Kabalu Eid Kabalu

Holiday Cabalo- Moro Islamic Liberation Front: To our knowledge, even with regard to Christian congregations for example, when the volcano Mount Pinatubo his successor to spend millions of currency Philippines to help those affected, through the Philippine government have benefited from his help, many no one can deny it because it is open to everyone all donated by the book open in front of everyone.

Yousry Fouda: though his help poor Muslims have drawn attention to the transition from Jamal Khalifa Foundation hired her through this building to invite non-Muslims to the door of God abused him just to draw attention to what looks like a war hidden from the inside and from the outside.

Abdullah Anas: Among the things I mentioned to him I told him good, my beauty, if, if I asked you regret leaving your jihad in Afghanistan and you are engaged in the courtyard of the Philippines Vvajina number I can not imagine I believe beauty never 100%, he said enough for me paid when God I acknowledge my hands on million ..

Yousry Fouda: Aslam million people on his hand ..

Abdullah Anas: Aslam on his hand a million people in the Philippines, but not this bad conditions to set off a second time to continue my project.

Yousry Fouda: while he was cutting his way every morning through this corridor adjacent to the building intelligence Philippine Ttrsdh This was backed Bastakbarat Foreign Office is located immediately in front of his company Bnfulans been accused of funding terrorism still guard the building is in place .. is not changed, despite the closure of the office while he was Iktadenei to the office, where his former boss’s personal injury scare as that which took me to the intelligence officer in the Philippine .. Do you know I loved him as a person?

Senior Associate: Yes, I love it .. Yes ..

Exposure Jamal Khalifa arrested

Yousry Fouda: to bad luck or perhaps proved something mysterious God knows investigators found the Americans in possession of a long list of belongings that a copy of which sources say American they contained a telephone number of messages flash under the name of Wali Khan, also known as Osama Ozmuray one of the men of bin Laden’s tough.

John Berger: Send this figure to the Philippine authorities and then used the rhythm Wali Khan when they raided a cell Manila on the seventh of January after a fire in the apartment were arrested Abdul Hakim Murad, while escaped Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was not Wali Khan in the apartment two days later lured police Wali Khan through false message they sent to him using the same number, which they found in the baggage Khalifa.

Yousry Fouda: eight days before the arrest Khalifa was Ramzi Yousef had rented an apartment in this building in Manila during the planning of what was known process Bojinka goal to blow a dozen American planes over the Pacific Ocean when he stormed Investigators Filipino place and found evidence of countless of them, as they say record phone calls made ​​from a telephone at the apartment to the phone’s personal Jamal Khalifa asked for a copy of the record of the alleged source of intelligence Philippine but apologized that there was a real fire behind this smoke, which intensified about the man why if Americans insist at the same time on the same day and they were coordinating all closely with Manila to abandon him to another country which is in their hands.

Marc van der Hout: Why want to remain in prison for I told him that it could range from two years to three or four, he said to heck I’ll try it received in Jordan, but he was tense allegations of confessions obtained under torture there.

Jamal Khalifa, speaking to the American journalist Peter Bergen: King Hussein came to America at the time and offered to forgive me but I refused I told him I do not need a pardon from you I did not do anything against you or your country or the right of the right of your people.

Yasser Abu Hilala: Beauty was his family’s means are the supervision of the city and there is a close relationship was linking the supervision of King Hussein, King Hussein was also mean even during the Gulf War, he was saying, for example, do not tell King say Sharif recounted the media was this issue means are taken seriously and the message sent by the Jamal Khalifa, King Hussein at the time was referring mainly to this effect.

Jamal Khalifa: All I want you to promise the military court to apply the laws as they are secondly I do not want to touch upon the humiliation in Sjohnk Third, I want to promise that I will not go to the prisons of intelligence in Jordan give me his address.

Yousry Fouda: After more than four months, America has exported Jamal Khalifa to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan suddenly said the only prosecution witness before the court that his testimony extracted under torture was sentenced to judge this military court acquitted.

Hafez Amin: I assure you that if it is proven that Jamal Khalifa March activity on the Jordanian arena Judging claimed Atoulh mesh started to shy away from one even stepped in America’s favor Mesh claimed respond because, as I told you what happened not the Americans nor the Jordanian authorities nor the Saudi authorities nor Philippine authorities nor anyone who intervened in the decision issued by the court.

Yousry Fouda: despite his acquittal this was in fact the beginning of the end for Jamal Khalifa set by the Philippines officially on the blacklist restricted his country’s friendly freedom of movement and while he opened a restaurant for fish in Jeddah became known in security circles American Balsmkh large escaped the sweetest coffee Arabs in the light of the moon when Pat repeated attempts to return to the Philippines headed for his failure to another sector of the world’s forgotten.

Hathifa Abdullah Azzam: Arubans yard and they found fertile missionary activity now in full swing within Africa and the fact that we are accountable to mean God Almighty that there are going to begin to try to work we work closer we get from these Africans and then to call on God Almighty.

Yousry Fouda: Abu Bara arrived in Madagascar the first time in 2000 inside them through the gem trade where he remained for twenty days and no more before returning, but he had discovered the advantages of trade arising loose breathtaking mind like others from different parts of his predecessors in search of wealth that This was the desire is to trade the same Africa mine open and that was Eptgaha Pope to call for the sake of Allah Africa also open mine.

Josev- Gemstone dealer: Yes they trade grow after the discovery Elacaka people experience gained from strangers who come to trade ideas but I myself do not go there for security reasons, we call it the far west.

Yousry Fouda: For security reasons concerning this and concerning the same subject we changed our plan a secret at the last minute we drove our car for the night from the capital, Antananarivo, in the direction of the south-west on a journey usually takes eighteen hours I had if enough time to Otgazb chatted with assistant Jamal Khalifa, who was leads us to where he was killed.

Abdul Qadir Crabi- assistant Jamal Khalifa: After the third hour, I mean it was the beauty of what we got was the first idea after seeing mine here and saw the poor people means Abdel-Qader told me means we allocate them to the pantry means we buy them rice and buy them some things that they might pasturing.

Yousry Fouda : only found this Abdelkader his benefactor local partner of Yemeni origin Crandall mine an area of twenty five square kilometers in the south-west.

Tawfiq Mohammed, partner Jamal Khalifa in the mine: is Mr. Jamal you do not like to come to Madagascar because I am afraid of kinship between him and bin Laden, I do not like to come to Madagascar but is my teacher and I could not stop him in any way.

Yousry Fouda : Matt leader killers most important witness in the case and his secret in his gut what is striking that he was handcuffed when hit from behind four times, not in feet, but in the back and draws attention from the basis that people are usually buried in the ground what they hope to extract someday Having treasury was empty and calamity in itself pain if not the best idea to throw in the swamp and more swamp in Madagascar is that it adds to the beauty of the bride and her name Jenny Via Ffersonnerana disappeared after he made ​​Bocolha so suddenly faded out of existence as police say.

“” Madagascar, a country does not have a transparent judicial system, it would be very difficult to know what happened and who was behind the killing of Abu Bara “” Peter Bergen

Peter Bergen: The problem is that we will never know the truth of Madagascar country does not have a transparent judicial system would be very difficult to know what happened and unfortunately it will be difficult for the family because they probably will never know what really happened and who was behind the killing.

Yousry Fouda : On the way back from the crime scene what remains more questions than answers and a bitter taste.

Lawrence Wright: I have been asked repeatedly to interfere with the FBI because he wants to clean up his name I have talked several times with them and I said, Look at this guy wants to talk to you the wants to clean his name Why do not you talk to him but they did not and as I understand they were prevented from doing so by the Central Intelligence Agency.