Is the Egyptian Abdul Bari is a murderer Foley? كان الأب البارى أحد مساعدي بن لادن خزانة العمل لنا الحكومة الذي قتل الصحافي الاميركي

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British raids to determine (jihadists) Daash

Is the Egyptian Abdul Bari is a murderer Foley?

Nasr al-Majali

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British police with preparations for an extensive campaign in order to gather information to determine the identity of the murderer American journalist James Foley, three names have emerged for the British, it may be one of them is involved in the murder.

Nasr al-Majali: confirm the reports, published by the British newspapers on Sunday, that the three are present currently in the capital of the “Caliphate State” city of Raqqa Syria, namely: Abdul Majid Abdul Bari (23 years), a rapper earlier from London, Abu Hussein, the British, a Internet pirate (Hacker) from Birmingham, and Abu Abdullah British, of Portsmouth, and may be one of them (the jihadist John) is a journalist who carried out the execution of Foley.

British police are preparing for raids homes of a number of Muslim citizens, in an effort to obtain information to help determine the identity of a British citizen, who beheaded American journalist James Foley in Iraq.

The newspaper (The Times) quoted security sources as saying that there are a number of British citizens who have relationships and contacts with Islamic groups fighting in Syria, and perhaps casting information useful in identifying the identity of the murderer Foley, who currently call it the name “John fighter.”

The paper adds that the security has finally recruited a lot of sources to gather information to determine the identity of “John Mujahid,” as the Muslim Council of Britain urged British Muslims on the progress they have any information in this regard to the police.

Modern technology
For its part, spoke of newspaper (The Guardian) about the British government’s attempts to uncover the identity of one of its citizens, who beheaded American journalist, and through the use of technology was used to determine the identity of the masked men in Northern Ireland. The paper adds that the technique, which is called “flip chart cartographic”, has been used in Northern Ireland in the past to identify some of the suspects of masked gunmen, also used in the identification of six hooded carried the body of the former commander of the IRA Tony Katena in the past week.

The Guardian confirms the success of this technique is the evidence used to convict John Patrick Mcdaad last year on charges of preparing for the secret meetings of the Irish Republican Army. And the movement of the newspaper for one Irish security officials confirmed that they were able to prove to the court that the defendant posed in front of her is the same person who appeared in convincing videos.

In addition, it is identified with the names of the three Britons belonging to the organization (Daash), the sources of the British domestic intelligence (MI5) expressed the belief that they are approaching from disclosing the identity of the executioner who killed American journalist, which bears the name of (John). And concentrated attention in this area on one of those three, which Abdul Majid Abdul Bari, the former rapper, who had appeared in earlier times on video, he holds the head of one of the victims who have been killed in Syria.

It is noteworthy that the French prisoner, who was being held in Syria, he said that “John” was part of a group of British jihadists, who call themselves “The Beatles.” According to press reports published by the newspaper (The Sun), these jihadists have similar sounds, and even the use of language similar to that used in the video.

The Bari, the son of an Egyptian radical Muslim preacher, was extradited from Britain to the United States earlier, he left London to join the Jihad in Syria, leaving behind his home in London’s Mayfair upscale. It is one of six children of Adel Abdul Bari, who was handed over by Britain to the United States in 2012 after a legal battle lasted eight years, and was funded by the public sector before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Investigators believe that Bari father was one of the closest aides to bin Laden in childhood and runs the London cell of the terror network.

Bari leader
Experts say voices spoke to the newspaper (The Sun) that Bari might be the leader of the trio of jihadist British, where the other two-named themselves “black”, and one of them is Abu Hussein British from Birmingham, is believed to be named “Junaid Hussein,” and was involved in the 2012 theft of personal information from Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The other is believed to be Abu Abdullah, the British, which is often used (Twitter) to spread the pro-jihad propaganda on the Internet, as is believed to be behind the accounts and social media, which is trying to recruit teens to join the fighting in the Middle East.

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