Transatlantic Must-Reads 2014 Archive

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Transatlantic Must-Reads 2014 Archive

July 25

Ukraine – Pentagon Says Russia Firing Artillery Directly Into Ukraine from Within Its Borders, Doug Schoen, Forbes

Ukraine – Ukraine Faces New Risk of Instability as it Seeks a CLeaner Parliament, Irena Chalupa and James Rupert, Atlantic Council

Ukraine – The Resignation of the Ukrainian Government Was a Welcome Step, Anders Aslund, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Middle East – Crunch time for Gaza truce talks as death toll passes 800, Nidal al-Mughrabi and Dan Williams, Reuters

MH17 – Armed Australian polic to deploy to MH17 crash site, RT

Africa – One Hundred Days of Servitude, Gordon Brown, Project Syndicate–rights-that-has-emerged-since-the-abductions-in-nigeria-in-april

Asia – Power and Order in Asia, Michael J. Green and Nicholas Szechenyi, CSIS


July 24

Ukraine – U.S. should lead tough response to Putin on Ukraine, Andras Simonyi, SFGate

Africa – Algeria airliner missing on Sahara route from Burkina Faso, BBC News

Middle East – Five reasons this Israel-Hamas war is different, Oren Dorell, USA Today

Middle East – Town Hall: Middle East Update, Council on Foreign Relations

Europe – Do Interests Trump Values in Europe?, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

MH17 – Tales from Two Cities: Moscow and Washington on Flight MH17, Keir Giles, Chatham House

Eurozone – The Eurozone Economy Had a Much Better July Than Expected, Sumanta Dey, Reuters—pmi-2014-24

EU – The EU and Global (Dis)Order, Richard Youngs, Carnegie Europe


July 23

Britain – Brexit Stage Right, Tim Oliver, Foreign Policy

Europe – Europe’s Options, Michael J. Boskin, Project Syndicate–with-the-most-likely-also-the-least-helpful?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Project+Syndicate%27s+Economics+Update&utm_campaign=20140719_m121400343_Project+Syndicate%27s+Economics+Update%3A+%28post_title%29&utm_term=Europe_E2_80_99s+Options

Transatlantic – The Transatlantic Growth Gap, Daniel Gros, Project Syndicate

Ukraine – 2 Fighter Jets Shot Down, Ukraine Says, as Clashes Intensify, David M. Herszenhorn and Andrew Higgins, International New York Times

Israel – Kerry in Israel to push for Gaza cease-fire, Anne Gearan, Sudarsan Raghavan and Ruth Eglash, The Washington Post

Middle East – Beyond Sectarianism: The New Middle East Cold War, F. Gregory Gause, III, Brookings

TTIP – Labor Rights and Labor Standards in Transatlantic Trade and Investment Negotiations: An American Perspective, Lance Compa, CTR and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


July 22

Germany/South Korea – Germany and South Korea readjust their relationships with Russia and China, Yuriko Koike, The Washington Post

BRICS – Hurling BRICS at the World Bank and the $, Benn Steil and Dinah Walker, Council on Foreign Relations

NATO – Semantics Matter, NATO, Cyberspace and Future Threats, Christine Hegenbart, NATO Defense College

Middle East – The New Thirty years War, Richard N. Haass, Project Syndicate–haass-argues-that-the-middle-east-is-less-a-problem-to-be-solved-than-a-condition-to-be-managed

Iran – A Justified Extension for Iran Nuclear Talks, But Hard Choices Ahead, Robert Einhorn, Brookings

ISIS – ISIS and the Dangers of Black Market Oil, Valerie Marcel, Chatham House

Ukraine – Train carrying remains of MH17 victims arrives in Kharkiv; black box handed over, Carol Morello, Anthony Faiola and Michael Birnbaum, The Washington Post


July 21

Russia – The West and Russia: Naivete Without Borders, Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post

Ukraine – The Ukraine Crisis, Henrik Breitenbauch et. al, Centre for Military Studies, University of Copenhagen

Russia – Guest Post: Putin’s No-win situation in Ukraine, Taras Kuzio, Financial Times

Ukraine – Strike Him with an Axe, Alexander Motyl, Foreign Policy

Ukraine – MH17 Crash: A Turning Point in the Ukraine Crisis?, Alex Ward, Atlantic Council

Israel – LIVE UPDATES: Netanyahu says Gaza op will expand until goals achieved, Haaretz

Iran – Iran complying with nuclear deal: UN watchdog, The Daily Star, Lebanon

Europe – Europe’s Self-Imposed Blindness Toward Russia, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

NATO – NATO: Charting the Way Forward, Xenia Wickett and Kathleen McInnis, Chatham House


July 18

Ukraine – Rebel in eastern Ukraine pledge access to plan crash site, but Kiev cites restrictions, Michael Birnbaum and Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post

Ukraine–War Comes to Ukraine: The Consequences of the Crash in Donetsk, Alexander J. Motyl, Foreign Affairs

Ukraine — U.S. responded to MH17 before airliner was shot down, Asland Anders, Wall Street Journal

NATO – US, NATO Charge Russian Weapons Flooding Eastern Ukraine, Jeff Seldin, Voice of America

Ukraine and Gaza – The Tragedies of Ukraine and Gaza, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Israel – Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip, Haaretz

Israel – Israel warns it may further expand Gaza operation, Michael Pearson, Jethro Mullen and Ben Wedeman, CNN

U.S. – Terrorism Insurance Legislation Passed by U.S. Senate, Cheyenne Hopkins and Kathleen Hunter, Bloomberg

Germany – Americans Spy Chief Leaves, Melissa Eddy, International New York Times


July 17

Russia – Russia Is Firing Missiles at Ukraine, Michael Weiss and James Miller, Foreign Policy

Russia – Russian Sanctions: The United States Takes the Lead, Robert Kahn, Council on Foreign Relations–link24-20140717&sp_mid=46483124&sp_rid=bHdnYTkxQHlhaG9vLmNvbQS2

Europe – Europe’s Weakness Over Russia, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

TTIP – State of Play of TTIP negotiations ahead of the 6th round of the negotiations, Directorate-General for Trade, European Commission

Middle East – Here’s What the U.S. Has to Do to Deal With the Mad Middle East, Leslie H. Gelb, Council on Foreign Relations

Hamas – Hamas official says no new truce deal, efforts ongoing, AFP, Ma’an News Agency

Germany – Not time for cynics: the German-American intelligence dispute, Volker Stanzel, European Council on Foreign Relations

Germany – Germany and China have an emerging ‘special relationship’ which has the potential to go far beyond trade, Emanuele Schibotto, The London School of Economics and Political Science


July 16

U.S. – The US needs a Discussion on when, not whether, to use Force, Robert Kagan, The Washington Post

Security – On War and Peace in Cyberspace, Lothar Determann and Karl T. Guttenberg, Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly

BRICS – BRICS and Mortals, Robert Kahn, Council on Foreign Relations

Israel – The Bizarre Moral Criticism Against Israel, Eric H. Yoffie, TIME

Middle East – The Sunni-Shia Divide, Council on Foreign Relations!/

Ukraine – EU and Ukraine: Bumpy Road Ahead

July 15

U.S. – Needed: A new team of rivals, Fred Hiatt, The Washington Post
Middle East – Israel accepts truce plan; Hamas balks, Wiliam Booth and Griff Witte, The Washington Post

Iran – Powerful Lawmakers Issue New Iran Demands, John Hudson, Foreign Policy

UK – Britain’s Summer of Discontent, Bernard Gwertzman, Council on Foreign Relations

Iraq – The Kurdish Move Toward Independence, Wladimir Van Wilgenburg, Atlantic Council

Germany – Expulsion of CIA Head A Sign of Tougher German Response to Spying, Spiegel Online


July 14

Middle East – Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Council on Foreign Relations

Iraq – U.S. Sees Risks in Assisting a Compromised Iraqi Force, Eric Schmitt and Michael R. Gordon, NY Times

Ukraine – Ukraine Forces End Rebel Airport Blockage, Richard Balmforth and Anton Zverev, Reuters

Energy – Putin Signs Nuclear Energy Deal with Argentina, Alexei Anishchuk and Richard Lough, Reuters

Europe – How Have Levels of Intolerance Changed in western Europe, Jennifer Rubin et al., RAND

Global – The State of the State, John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, Foreign Affairs

Germany – U.S. ‘willing to talk’ to Germany in latest spy dispute, Valentina Pop, EU Observer

Russia – Russia Approves New U.S. Envoy, Donald N. Jenson, Institute of Modern Russia


July 11

U.S. – The Power to Coerce, David Gompert and Hans Binnendijk, US News

Russia – Russia and Developments in Ukraine, Victoria Nunland, U.S. State Department

Europe – Germany Says Expulsion of U.S. Spy was Inevitable, Annika Breidthardt, Reuters

Middle East – Do Not Belittle the Islamic State, Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

Israel – Gaza Death Toll Hits 100 as Israel Continues Assault, Ma’an News Agency

U.K. – Labor Market Slack in the United Kingdom, David N. F. Bell and David G. Blanchflower, The Peterson Institute for International Economics


July 10

Energy – European Energy Reliance on Russia, U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Andras Simonyi

EU – Leaked Paper: EU Wants ‘guaranteed’ access to US oil and gas, Benjamin Fox, EU Observer

EU – How the EU Sleepwalked Into a Conflict With Russia, Ulrich Speck, Carnegie Europe

Middle East – Rethinking Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points, David Ignatius, The Washington Post

Iraq – Kurdish Ministers Boycotting Baghdad After Maliki Lashes Out at Erbil, Rudaw

U.S. – U.S. Spied on 5 American Muslims, Charlie Savage and Matt Apuzzo, International NY Times

Ukraine – The Last Stand of the People’s Republic, David Patrikarakos, Foreign Policy


July 9

Germany – Berlin Must Take Brussels Detour to Curb U.S. Spying, Deutsche Welle

Germany – Wake Up Germany and Smell the Cyber-Coffee, Malte Lehming, The Local

Germany – Do Germans Think the Americans are the Only Ones Listening? (INTERVIEW), Pat Reber, Europe Online Magazine

EU – Show More Courage Europe, John Kornblum, FAZ

U.S. – Why We Need to Spy on the Germans, James Kirchick, The Daily Beast

NATO – Watch Out for Little Green Men, Steven Pifer, Brookings

NATO – The NATO We Need, Xenia Dormandy and Kathleen McInnis, Chatham House

Israel – Siege Mentality, Gregg Carlstrom, Foreign Policy


July 8

Germany – Ties Strained, Germans Press U.S. to Answer Spy Allegation, Alison Smale, NY Times

Israel – Israel Steps Up Offensive Against Hamas in Gaza, Isabel Kershner, International New York Times

Ukraine – Ukraine Says Rebels Must Disarm Before Talks, Peter Leonard, Associated Press

Ukraine – How to Amend the Ukrainian Constitution, Anders Aslund, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Afghanistan – We Do Not Want to Create Crisis in Afghanistan: Abdullah, TOLO News

Energy – The 2014 Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Implications for Energy Markets and Scholarship, Andreas Goldthau and Tim Boersma, Brookings

EU Foreign Policy – EU Foreign Policy in the Arab World, Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe


July 7

Europe – Europe Whole and Free: Ukraine Should Impel a Return to First Principles, Robert E. Hunter, The European Institute

Transatlantic Security – Transatlantic Security from the Sahel to the Horn of Africa, Riccardo Alcaro and Nicoletta Pirozzi, Istituto Affari Internazionali

NATO – NATO Enlargement and Russia, NATO Review

U.S. – America the Hesitant, Andrew Michta, The American Interest


July 2

Russia – The West can’t afford to make empty threats on Russia sanctions. Editorial Board, The Washington Post

ISIS – ISIS’ Western Ambitions, Robin Simcox, Foreign Affairs

Israel – Possible Revenge Killing Adds to Tension in Israel, Isabel Kershner and Jodi Rudoren, International New York Times

Ukraine – Call it Terrorism: The Unacknowledged Tactic of the Russian-Led Insurgency in Ukraine’s East, John E. Herbst, Atlantic Council

US Supreme Court – What Does the Hobby Lobby Ruling Mean for Religious Freedom?, Jonathan Rauch, Brookings

EU – Assessing the EU Council Record, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Peterson Institute for International Economics


July 1

Ukraine – 20 questions for Poroshenko, parliament and government, Taras Kuzio, Kyiv Post

Iraq – Iraq Must Not Come Apart, Leslie H. Gelb, The New York TImes

Bretton Woods – Bretton Woods Lessons, Robert McMahon, Council on Foreign Relations

LGBT – LGBT Military Personnel Inclusion, Joshua Polchar and Tim Sweijs, The Hague Center for Strategic Studies (DOWNLOADABLE)

Germany – The Opening Shots in a German Security Debate?, Gale A. Mattox, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies

NATO – If NATO Delays Path to Georgia’s Membership, What is the Alternative?, Tedo Japaridze, Atlantic Council

NATO – Long March to Brussels, Edward P. Joseph and Janusz Bugajski, Foreign Affairs

Middle East – Organizing the Middle East, Chris Patten, Project Syndicate


June 30

NATO – Extend NATO’s umbrella to Montenegro and Macedonia, Michael Haltzel, The Washington Post
US Military – Why America’s Military Dominance is Fading, Mackenzie Eaglen, The National Interest’s-military-dominance-fading-10772

Iran – Iran Nuclear Deal in Sight?, Suzanne Maloney, Council of Foreign Relations

Turkey – Can Turkey Become a Trusted Strategic EU Ally?, Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

UN – UN Peacekeepers: not Perfect but just good enough, Richard Gowan, Chatham House

Middle East – Losing Syria and iraq to Jihadists, Faysal Itani, Atlantic Council

Russia – Georgia’s Vulnerability to Russian Pressure Points, Sergi Kapanadze, European Council on Foreign Relations

Ukraine – Ukraine-EU Economic Accord a Turning Point, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PODCAST)


June 27

100th Anniversary World War I – A Century Ago in Sarajevo, a Plot, a Farce, and a Fateful Shot

Ukraine – Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement with European Union, Andrew Higgins and David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times

EU – Jean-Claude Juncker Elected President of the European Commission

EU — EU signs trade pact with Ukraine, threatens sanctions on Russia, Robin Emmott and Justyna Pawlak, Reuters

EU — Guide to the EU deals with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, Laurence Peter, BBC

EU — Study: EU countries ‘not interested’ in the Commission’s economic recommendations, Euractiv

Russia — Russia pressures Moldova and Ukraine ahead of signing of E.U. Association Agreement, Michael Birnbaum, Washington Post

Russia – Russia Goes East, Donald N. Jenson, Institute of Modern Russia

TTIP – Free-Trade Pitfalls, Hans-Werner Sinn, Project Syndicate

Iraq – Obama’s Dangerous New Terror War, Sarah Chayes, Frederic Wehrey, Carnegie Endowment

Workforce Development — “Made in Germany” – Produced in America? How Dual Vocational Training Programs Can Help Close the Skills Gap in the United States, Justin JW Powell and Johann Fortwengel, AICGS


June 26

EU– In Flanders Fields, Europeans Still Learning How To Get Along, Marilyn Geewax, NPR

Homeland Security – The 2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Drone Policy – Recommendations and Report of The Task Force on US Drone Policy, Gen. John P. Abizaid and Rosa Brooks, Stimson
Transatlantic relations — How to take the pain out of transatlantic relations, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe
TTIP — Cities and the Wealth of Nations. How can Helsinki, London, Paris and Stockholm Prosper from TTIP? Fredrik Erixon and Martina Francesca Ferracane, ECIPE
Syria – Syria Bombed ISIS Fighters in Iraq, Maliki Confirms, Mirren Gidda, TIME

Finland – Euroscepticism vs. Political Pragmatism: The Finns Party tones down its criticism of the EU, Tuomas Iso-Markku, The Centre for European Policy Studies (PDF)


June 25

Privacy — Attorney General Holder Pledges Support for Legislation to Provide E.U. Citizens with Judicial Redress in Cases of Wrongful Disclosure of Their Personal Data Transferred to the U.S. for Law Enforcement Purposes, U.S. Department of Justice

Syria -Syria’s Declared Nerve Agent is Gone, So Why is Nobody Celebrating? Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Iraq – More than ISIS, Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency, Hassan Hassan, Carnegie Endowment

Russia – What Vladimir Putin doesn’t want you to know about Russia, Sally Painter, Truman National Security Project

Germany – Merkel’s Leadership in the Ukraine Crisis, Elizabeth Pond, AICGS

Fragile States – Fragile States Index, Foreign Policy Iraq – More than ISIS, Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency, Hassan Hassan, Carnegie Endowment,


June 24

Nordic-Now’s the Historic Moment for the Nordics, Andras Simonyi, The Huffington Post
NATO – Think Again: NATO, Justin Logan, Foreign Policy

EU – Europe’s Half a Banking Union, Adam S. Posen and Nicolas Veron, Peterson Institute

EU – A Model for Implementing Sustainable and Qualitative Growth in the EU, Sebastiano Sebato, David Natali and Cecile Barbier, Martens Centre
Energy – EU Plays Hardball with Russia on Gas Issue, John Lough, Moscow Times
Russia – Russia’s Putin renounces right to send troops to Ukraine: Kremlin, Kevin Liffey, Reuters
Europe – Europe After the U.S. Pivot, Luis Simon and Daniel Fiott, Orbis
TTIP – Three Reasons TTIP Needs Transparency, Michele Fletcher, Global Financial Integrity
U.S. Economy – FDI in U.S. Metro Areas: The Geography of Jobs in Foreign-Owned Establishments, Devashree Saha, Kenan Fikri and Nick Marchio, Brookings
U.S. Foreign Policy – Breaking Down Obama’s Grand Strategy, Hal Brands, National Interest

June 23

Ukraine – After Ukraine: Developing Central European Defense Capabilities, Tomasz Szatkowski, Center for European Policy Analysis

Energy – Russia’s Quiet War against European Fracking, Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy

Iraq – Kerry in Baghdad to Urge Iraqis to Form New, Inclusive Government, Michael R. Gordon, NY Times

Iraq – Tehran Doubles Down, Mohsen Milani, Foreign Affairs

Poland – Tapes Said to Reveal Polish Minister Disparaging US Ties, Rick Lyman, NY Times

Ireland – EU Urges Ireland to Keep Budget Tight, Eamon Quinn, WSJ


June 20

Ukraine — Ten Global Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis, Anthony Dworkin, European Council on Foreign Relations

Ukraine — Ratchet Up, Ratchet Down, The Economist

U.S. Foreign Policy — The Diplomacy of Force, Roger Cohen, New York Times

U.S. Foreign Policy — Obama Isn’t the Only One With a Passive-Aggressive Foreign Policy, Ian Bremmer, Reuters

Trade — Demystifying Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), Fredrik Erixon, Roderick Abbott and Martina Francesca, ECIPE

Cyber Diplomacy — The Rise of Cyber Diplomacy: The EU, Its Strategic Partners and Cyber Security, Thomas Renard, FRIDE

Europe — Juncker EU Victory Likely to Alienate UK Further, Stephen Fidler, Wall Street Journal


June 19

Russia — How Putin Stole Our Smart Power, Andras Simonyi and Judit Trunkos, Center for Transatlantic Relations
Iraq — Here’s What the U.S. Can Do About Iraq, Max Boot, Los Angeles Times
U.S. Foreign Policy — America’s World-Weariness Dilemma, Riccardo Alcaro, The National Interest
NATO — Whither NATO?, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
NSA — New NSA Revelations: Inside Snowden’s Germany File, Spiegel
Privacy — Privacy Since Snowden, Mark Stephens, Project Syndicate
Energy — Europe’s Energy Dilemma, Tim Boersma, Brookings

June 18

TTIP Geopolitics — The Strategic Logic of Trade, Remarks by Amb. Michael Froman at the Council of Foreign Relations, June 16

Ukraine — Poroshenko Prepares a Unilateral Cease-Fire in Eastern Ukraine, David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times

Ukraine — What Options Do Putin and Ukraine Have Left?, Linda Kinstler, New Republic

Russia — Did the Kremlin Hit “Pause” for the G7 Summit?, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Russia — European Countries Are Selling Arms to Russia While Condemning It Over Ukraine, Michael Birnbaum, Washington Post

U.S. Foreign Policy — The Moral Argument for American Restraint – in Iraq and Beyond, Noah Berlatsky, The Atlantic

Democracy — Nations in Transit 2014: Eurasia’s Rupture with Democracy, Freedom House

June 17

Iran — U.S. Is Exploring Talks With Iran on Crisis in Iraq, Michael R. Gordon and David E. Sanger, New York Times

Iraq — Obama’s Impossible Choices on Iraq, Bill Schneider, Reuters

Ukraine — Russia Cuts Gas to Ukraine, Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy

Ukraine — Ukraine Gas Negotiations: From ‘Win-Win’ to ‘Lose-Lose’?, Georg Zachmann, Bruegel

TTIP Geopolitics — The Impact of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on the Visegrad Group, Tamás Novák, CTR Working Paper

Middle East — NATO After Ukraine: The Alliance Should Stay Vigilant in the Middle East, Jakob Aaroe Jorgensen, DIIS

Middle East — It’s Time for Brussels to Rethink Its Post-Arab Spring Strategy, Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry, Europe’s World

Germany — Germany’s Budding Defense Debate, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

U.S. Nuclear Weapons — Bombs Away. The Case for Phasing Out U.S. Tactical Nukes in Europe,
Barry Blechman and Russell Rumbaugh, Foreign Affairs

Governance — The State of the State. The Global Contest for the Future of Government, John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, Foreign Affairs


June 16

Syria/Iraq — Wider War, Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker

Iraq/Iran — U.S. considers air strikes, action with Iran to halt Iraq rebels, Ziad al-Sanjary and Susan Heavey, Reuters;_ylt=AwrBEiIcCp9TbyMABbfQtDMD

Ukraine — Don’t Delude Yourself: The Ukraine Crisis Is Far From Over, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

TTIP Geopolitics — The Impact of TTIP on Brazil, Vera Thorstensen and Lucas Ferraz, CTR Working Paper

TTIP Geopolitics — TTIP and Sub-Saharan Africa: A Proposal to Harmonize EU and U.S. Preferences, Eveline Herfkens, CTR Working Paper

TTIP — Financial Services Off the Table at Next Round of TTIP Talks, EurActiv
U.S. Politics — How U.S. Politics Undermines U.S. Security, Clive Crook, Bloomberg

European Economy — How to Keep A Competitive Edge in the Talent Game: Lessons for the EU from China and the U.S., Christal Morehouse and Matthias Busse, CEPS
U.S. Economy — The 2014 State New Economy Index, Robert D. Atkinson and Adams Nager, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Energy — Barriers to U.S. Clean Energy Innovation, Testimony by Matthew Stepp before the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee
NATO/African Union — Resetting AU-NATO relations, Mehari Taddele Maru, NATO Defense College

June 13

Syria/Iraq — The Meaning of Mosul, Henri Barkey, The American Interest

Iran — Regional Implications of a Nuclear Deal with Iran, Dennis Ross, Testimony before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Republican Party — The Primaries Project: Will Cantor’s Loss Be a Turning Point for the Tea Party? Jill Lawrence, Brookings
Canada/TTIP — CETA and TTIP: Implications and Lessons Learned, Colin Robertson, CTR Working Paper

TTIP Geopolitics — TTIP and Turkey: The Geopolitical Dimension, Kemal Kirisci, CTR Working Paper

Russia — A New Western Strategy Toward Russia, Franklin D. Kramer and Hans Binnendijk, The Hill

Russia — Moscow’s Dilemma: Finlandization of Ukraine or Occupation?, Pavel Felgenhauer, Jamestown Foundation[tt_news]=42488&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=9fcea29047b81ba598421d7eedabac3c#.U5rXybH77cs

Baltic states — The Security Policy of the Baltic States vis-à-vis Russia, Kinga Dudzinska, PISM

Hungary — Hungary’s insidious media clampdown, Lydia Gall, EU Observer
Governance — Networks and Hierarchies, Niall Ferguson, The American Interest

June 12

TTIP Geopolitics — TTIP: Don’t Lose Momentum!, Thomas Straubhaar, CTR Working Paper

TTIP Geopolitics — TTIP’s Implications for the Global Economic Integration of Central and Eastern Europe, Tamás Novák, CTR Working Paper

Ukraine — Ukraine, NATO Enlargement, and the Geithner Doctrine, Clifford G. Gaddy and Barry W. Ickes, Brookings

Ukraine — Rust Belt Rising: The Economics Behind Eastern Ukraine’s Upheaval, Yuri M. Zhukov, Foreign Affairs

U.S. Foreign Policy — Iraq War III Has Now Begun: Can Washington Afford to Sit on the Sidelines?, Michael Knights, Foreign Policy

U.S. Foreign Policy — Obama the Pragmatist, Joseph S. Nye, Project Syndicate–nye-defends-obama-s-approach-to-foreign-policy-against-critics-calling-for-a-more-muscular-approach

Turkey — Split Three Ways on Ukraine: Turkey in a Changing Regional Order, Pinar Elman, PISM

June 11

TTIP Geopolitics — The Strategic Significance of TTIP, Charles Ries, CTR Working Paper

TTIP Geopolitics — The Geopolitical Implications of TTIP, Robert D. Hormats, CTR Working Paper

EU — Horse-trading Is Not the Way to Select Europe’s Next Leader, Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post

Syria — The Syrian Conundrum: The Growing Threat of Returning Jihadi Fighters, Wolfgang Petritsch and Christopher Sage, Huffington Post

Europe — Rethinking the Eastern Neighborhood: The Ukraine Crisis Present a Chance for the EU, Stefan Meister, IP Journal

Defense — After Ukraine: Developing Central European Defense Capabilities, Tomasz Szatkowski, CEPA

Energy — Bolstering European Energy Security, Jesper Packert Pedersen, GMF

June 10

INF — Don’t Scrap the INF Treaty, Steven Pifer, National Interest

TTIP Geopolitics — Parsing TTIP’s Geopolitical Implications, Charles A. Kupchan, CTR Working Paper

TTIP Geopolitics — TTIP, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia, Edward Lucas, CTR Working Paper

Trade — Has America’s Trade Agenda Run out of Gas? Robert A. Pollard, CSIS

NATO — NATO and Ukraine: The Need for Real World Strategies and for European Partners Rather than Parasites, Anthony H. Cordesman, CSIS
NATO — Collective Defence and Common Security: Twin Pillars of the Atlantic Alliance, Robin Niblett, Chatham House
U.S. Foreign Policy — America’s Late Imperial Dilemma, Ian Buruma, Project Syndicate
U.S. Foreign Policy — Strategy and Statecraft: An Agenda for the United States in an Era of Compounding Complexity, Jacob Stokes and Julie Smith, CNAS

Europe — Europe’s Delivery Gap, Günter Verheugen, Project Syndicate–hearts-and-minds

June 9

Russia — Russia vs. the West: End of Round One, Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Moscow Center

Ukraine — Don’t Forget Crimea, Steven Pifer, John Herbst and William Taylor, New York Times

U.S. Foreign Policy — America’s Grand Strategy Disaster, William C. Martel, The National Interest

U.S. — 25 Maps And Charts That Explain America Today, Niraj Chokshi and David Beard, Washington Post

Germany — The Berlin Republic: An Independent Germany Faces the 21st Century, Jonathan Laurence, Brookings

UK and EU — The economic consequences of leaving the EU, Centre for European Reform

EU — The Perils of Merkelvellianism, The Economist

Europe — Europe in a Multipolar World, Volker Perthes, Project Syndicate–with-the-test-coming-in-ukraine

June 6

Russia — Putin’s D-Day Diss: How Russia’s Leader Is Rewriting WWII History to Justify His Aggression, Peter Eltsov and Klaus Larres, Politico

Ukraine — Russia’s Goal in the Ukraine Remains the Same: Keep NATO Out, Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Moscow Center

Ukraine — Poroshenko’s Presidency: Eastern Concerns, West-Bound Aspirations, Ievgen Vorobiov, PISM

U.S. Foreign Policy — Groping for a Reset, Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

U.S. Foreign Policy — The Perils of Leaning Forward, Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post

United States — The second-largest religion in each state, Reid Wilson, Washington Post

NATO — NATO Baltic Air Policing – Revenge of the Cold War Relic, Justin Bronk, RUSI

NATO –  Henrik Breitenbauch,  After ISAF: Implications for the Shift from Operations to Readiness

NATO – Hans Binnendijk, The American Pivot and NATO Engagement in the Indo-Pacific Basin

Transatlantic Relations — Weakness or Strength: The European Reassurance Initiative, Edward Lucas, CEPA

Europe — Mind the Gap: How to Close the EU’s Democratic Deficit, Gareth Harding, Foreign Affairs

June 5 

G-7 — The Brussels G7 Summit Declaration

G-7 — G7 Leaders’ Communiqué on Foreign Policy

G7 — Learning to Compartmentalize: How to Prevent Big Power Frictions from Becoming Major Global Headaches, Stewart M. Patrick, Council on Foreign Relations

France — France Moves to Defy Allies on Sale of Warship to Russia, Stacy Meichtry, Wall Street Journal•

Ukraine — The West Shows No Willingness to Defend Freedom against Russia, Washington Post

NATO — NATO’s Land Forces: Losing Ground, Guillaume Lasconjarias, AEI

U.S. Foreign Policy — The American Way of Partnership, Daniel S. Hamilton, FRIDE/Egmont

U.S. Foreign Policy — Can Obama Rescue the Transatlantic Relationship?, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

U.S. Foreign Policy — Obama’s ”Don’t Do Stupid Shit” Foreign Policy, David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy

U.S. – Eastern Europe — Obama’s Nothing Burger for Poland and Friends, Gary Schmitt, AEI

Eurasia — Russia Opens a Eurasian Pandora’s Box, Denis Corboy, William Courtney, and Kenneth Yalowitz, The National Interest

Nationalism — The Great Backlash, Nouriel Roubini, Project Syndicate

Right Wing Politics in Europe — Europe’s Deep Right-Wing Logic, Robert Kaplan, Stratfor

June 4

Ukraine — Ukraine Can Take Inspiration from Poland’s Post-Soviet Transformation, Lee Feinstein, GMF

Ukraine — ‘A European War’: The Fight for Ukraine’s East Gets Bloodier, Florian Gathmann and Christian Neef, Spiegel

NATO — Partnership Plus: On the Future of the NATO-Ukraine Relationship, Markus Kaim, SWP

Democratization — Non-Western Roots of International Democracy Support, Thomas Carothers, Richard Youngs et al., Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Climate Policy — Obama’s Green Gamble, The Economist

Climate Policy — The Economic Consequences of Delay in U.S. Climate Policy, Warwick J. McKibbin, Adele Morris and Peter J. Wilcoxen, Brookings

U.S. Foreign Policy — The “Obama Doctrine” and the Pivot, Ralph A. Cossa, CSIS


Energy — What Europe Gets Wrong About Energy Security, Gal Luft and Anne Korin, The American Interest


June 3

Ukraine — Ukraine’s Festering Divions, Samuel Charap, New York Times

Russia — Engaging Russia: A Return to Containment?, The Trilateral Commission, 2013/2014 Task Force Report

Defense — Obama Calls for $1 Billion Europe Security Fund, Carol E. Lee and Julian E. Barnes, Wall Street Journal

Trade — Locked In or Left Out? Transatlantic Trade Beyond Brussels and Washington, Sinan Ülgen, Carnegie Europe

Trade — Negotiating Trade in Services: Lessons From Autonomous Liberalisation, Erik van der Marel, ECIPE

Europe — Europe 2020: Country-specific recommendations for European growth, European Commission

Europe — Decision Time: Britain Must Choose Now If It Will Stay in Europe, Spiegel


Turkey — Turkey’s Political Islam and the West, Galip Dalay, GMF


June 2

US-Europe — With Ukraine Still Unsettled, Obama Sets Off to Soothe European Friends, Peter Baker and Rick Lyman, New York Times

Ukraine — The Sanctions Crossroads, Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Moscow Center

Russia — The Opinion-Makers: How Russia Is Winning the Propaganda War, Spiegel

Russia — In Ukraine War, Kremlin Leaves no Fingerprints, Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times

China — Ukraine, Russia, and the China Option, Andrew Small, GMF

U.S. Foreign Policy — What Did Obama Really Say at West Point?, Robert E. Hunter, LobeLog

U.S. Foreign Policy — The Obama Doctrine, Janine Davidson, Council on Foreign Relations

Europe — The New European Commissioner: Which President, and what Priorities?, Charles Grant, CER
European Productivity — Raising European Productivity Growth Through ICT, Ben Miller and Robert D. Atkinson, ITIF


May 30

Ukraine — Quo Vadis, Postelection Ukraine?, Gwendolyn Sasse, Carnegie Europe

Eurasia — Putin’s Dangerous Eurasian Idea, Ingo Mannteufel, Deutsche Welle

Eurasia — Obama Needs a Eurasia Strategy, Andrew C. Kuchins, CSIS

Europe — The European elections in Central and Eastern EU states illustrate that the rise of Euroscepticism was far from uniform across Europe, Tim Haughton and Tereza Novotna, LSE Blog

U.S. Foreign Policy — Obama’s Leadership is Right for Today, Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post

Trade — Fate of Obama’s ‘Fast Track’ Authority Rests with the Oregon Democrat, Shawn Donnan, Richard McGregor and James Politi, Financial Times

Energy — New Energy, New Geopolitics, Sarah O. Ladislaw and Maren Leed, CSIS

Iran — Russia Plans to Build Up to Eight New Nuclear Reactors in Iran, Reuters

Algeria — The Risks of Playing for Time in Algeria, Isabelle Werenfels, SWP

Syria — Foreign Jihadis Fighting in Syria Pose Risk in West, Kimiko De Freytas-Tamura, The New York Times

NATO — End of ISAF, End of NATO? John R. Deni, War on the Rocks


May 29

Ukraine — Four Crises, One Country, Nicu Popescu,

Ukraine — Dissolve the Ukrainian Parliament!, Anders Aslund, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Europe — Speech by President Herman Van Rompuy upon receiving the International Charlemagne Prize

U.S. Foreign Policy — Remarks by the President at the United States Military Academy Commencement Ceremony, May 28, 2014, The White House

U.S. Foreign Policy — GOP Amnesia: What a Real Conservative Foreign Policy Looks Like, Richard L. Russell, The National Interest

U.S Foreign Policy — Obama’s Foreign Policy Repeats Some Avoidable Mistakes, David Ignatius, Washington Post

Transatlantic Economy — New Study Maps Dominant EU-Bay Area Economic, Investment Ties, Bay Area Council

Human Rights — Human Rights and Sustainability in Free Trade Agreements, Evita Schmieg, SWP

Cyber Security — White House Staff, Obama’s Top Military Adviser Disagree on Cyber Strategy


May 28

Russia — Why Putin Fears Ukraine, Elizabeth Pond, IP Journal

Russia — Whatever Happened to the Russian Opposition?, Richard Sakwa, Chatham House

Ukraine — Building Awareness about the EU in Ukraine, Adriana Skorupska, PISM

National Security — Getting it right: US national security policy and al Qaeda since 2011, Mary Habeck, AEI

Afghanistan — Afghanistan Announcement is One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, Richard Fontaine, CNAS

Poland — Polish hard power: Investing in the military as Europe cuts back, Andrew E. Michta, AEI

Germany — Europe and the Western Alliance Come First for Germany, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

UK — Labor’s Digital Displacement, Michael Spence, Project Syndrome

Libya — Libya’s Transition: Towards Collapse, Wolfram Lacher, SWP

May 27

Ukraine — Poroshenko’s Task: Halt Rebellion and Bankruptcy, Then Fix the System, Irena Chalupa, Atlantic Council

Ukraine — The Constitutional Process in Ukraine: Issues in Play, Dominik Tolksdorf, U.S. Institute of Peace

Russia — U.S. Needs a Strong Moral Narrative to Combat Putin, Paula J. Dobriansky, Washington Post

Russia — Russia’s gas deal with China underlines the risks to Europe’s energy security, Sarah Lain, The Guardian

European Elections — A Victory for European Democracy, Nikolaus Blome, Spiegel

European Elections — France Shaken by National Front ‘Earthquake’, Stacy Meichtry, Wall Street Journal

Germany — Five Myths About German Leadership, John Kornblum, Carnegie Europe


May 22

Energy — China and Russia Reach 30-Year Gas Deal, Jane Perlez, New York Times

Russia — Best Frenemies: Vladimir Putin Pivots Eastward: Should America Be Worried?, The Economist

Ukraine — The Crisis in Ukraine: Europe’s Divisions, Andrew A. Michta, The American Interest

U.S. Foreign Policy — Putting Ukraine in Its Place, Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

Global Order — The Old Order Collapes, Finally, Robert Kaplan, Stratfor

EU — Europe’s Ugly Election, Fringe parties don’t have to be coherent to win protest votes in a stagnant economy, Wall Street Journal

Trade — The European Parliament’s New Role in Trade Policy: Turning Power into Impact, Lore Van den Putte, Ferdi De Ville and Jan Orbie, CEPS


May 21

Libya – It’s Not Benghazi, It’s Everything, John Hudson, Foreign Policy

Ukraine — A Finland Model for Ukraine?, David Ignatius, Washington Post

Ukraine — The Global Consequences of Ukraine, Mark Leonard, ECFR

Europe — Far Right Fever for a Europe Tied to Russia, Andrew Higgins, New York Times

Europe — Moldova, a European Neighborhood Tragedy in the Making, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

Europe — The Eastern Blockage, Charlemagne, The Economist

Germany — Germany Seen Becoming a Favorite Destination for Migrants, Harriet Torry, Wall Street Journal

Privacy — Missed Connections: Talking With Europe About Data, Privacy, and Surveillance, Cameron F. Kerry, Brookings


May 20

Ukraine — Stop Forcing Ukraine into a Narrative of Moscow versus Washington, Oliver Bullough, The Guardian

Ukraine — Ukraine’s Political Scene: Russian Intervention and the Upcoming Presidential Election, Ievgen Vorobiov, PISM

Ukraine — Ukraine and the Art of Crisis Management, Lawrence Freedman, IISS–global-politics-and-strategy-june-july-2014-3d8b/56-3-02-freedman-6162

Poland — Ukraine Crisis: Poland Stuck in the Middle, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

NATO — Unprotected in the East: NATO Appears Toothless in Ukraine Crisis, Spiegel

NATO — NATO Chief Describes “Outrageous” Russia as Threat to Europe, EU Observer

Russia — Ukraine Crisis Pushing Putin Toward China, Neil MacFarquhar and David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times

EU — Why Turkey and Ukraine need the EU, Amanda Paul and Demir Murat Seyrek, EurActiv

Bosnia – Bosnia’s Other Calamity, Edward P. Joseph and Srecko Latal, New York Times


May 19

Trade — America’s Mega-Regional Trade Diplomacy: Comparing TPP and TTIP, Daniel Hamilton, International Spectator

Trade — TTIP: A Transatlantic Bridge for Worldwide Gains, Lucian Cernat and Nuno Sousa, Ifo Institute

Ukraine — Front-Runner in Ukraine Election May Be Shifting Putin’s Stance, David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times

Ukraine — Loved and Hated: Can Tymoshenko Still Lead Ukraine?, Erich Follath and Matthias Schepp, Spiegel

NATO — Ukraine Crisis Will Be “Game Changer” for NATO, Andrius Sytas and Adrian Croft, Chicago Tribune,0,2360647,full.story

Russia — Behind Putin’s Cynicism and Hypocrisy, Tom Malinowski, Wall Street Journal

Russia — Russian President Putin Builds Ties in Moldova, Kazakhstan and Baltics, Michael Birnbaum, Washington Post

Germany — Merkel in the Middle, Paul Hockenos. Foreign Policy


European Politics — Fight Club: When the EU’s Campaign Season Ends, The Real Political Battles Will Begin, R. Daniel Kelemen and Anand Menon, Foreign Affairs

May 16

Ukraine — Decentralization: Ukraine’s Rub, Richard Youngs, Carnegie Europe

Russia — The Crisis in Ukraine is Crippling Russia’s Foreign Trade, Mark Adomanis, Forbes

Security — Is it Fair to Say There’s No Euro-Atlantic Security Approach?, Heather Conley, Europe’s World

TTIP — Ensuring Transparency in EU-US Trade Talks: EU Publishes Negotiating Positions in Five More Areas, Delegation of the European Union to the United States

European Union — Europe Goes to the Polls, The Economist

European Union — Five Big Policy Issues for Europe’s Next Five Years, Stephen Fidler, Wall Street Journal

Development — Recalibrating Transatlantic Aid in an Era of Emerging Donors, Patrick W. Quirk, GMF

May 15

Privacy/Data — Right to be Forgotten vs. Free Speech, Craig Timberg and Sarah Halzack, Washington Post
Syria — U.N. Mediator on Syria Quits; French Envoy Says Chemicals Were Used, Somini Sengupta and Michael R. Gordon, New York Times
Ukraine — The Unraveling of Ukraine, Eugene Rumer and Andrew S. Weiss, Politico

Ukraine — Ukraine Crisis Fires Efficiency Up the EU’s Energy Agenda, EurActiv

Russia — Shakeup Highlights Putin’s Internal Challenges, Andrew Monaghan, Chatham House

Russia — Why Aren’t Sanctions Stopping Putin?, Meghan O’Sullivan,

Security — French Warships should go to Europe, not to Russia, Claudia Major and Christian Möller, SWP

UK – Anti-immigration party is shaking up the political order in Britain, Griff White, Washington Post
European Public Opinion – A Fragile Rebound for EU Image on Eve of European Parliament Elections, Pew Research Center
European Public Opinion — Southern Europe is Suspicious: The Evolution of Trust in the EU, Jetemy Bowles, Bruegel
TTIP — Towards Effective Regulatory Cooperation under TTIP: A Comparative Overview of the EU and US Legislative and Regulatory Systems, Richard Parker and Alberto Alemanno, CEPS


May 14

Ukraine — EU Security Amid Crisis in Ukraine, Speech by Radoslaw Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, May 12, 2014

Ukraine — A Test Like None Before for European Foreign Policy, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

Russia — Russia’s New Doctrine: How the Kremlin Has Learned to Fight Tomorrow’s War Today, Michael John Williams, CEPA’s-new-doctrine-how-kremlin-has-learned-fight-tomorrow’s-war-today

Russia — Cold War or Cool Calculation?, Ian Bremmer, Project Syndicate–rather-than-more-sticks-for-russia

U.S. Foreign Policy — The weakened West: What Would America Fight For?, The Economist

U.S. Foreign Policy — Barack Obama’s Legacy Problem: A Nation in Retreat?, Dov S. Zakheim, The National Interest

Privacy — In Google Case, EU Court Says People Are Entitled to Control Their Own Online Histories, Craig Timberg and Michael Birnbaum, Washington Post


May 13

Russia — Are the U.S. Sanctions against Russia Really “Smart”?, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Russia — In the Kremlin’s Grip: Fears Grow Over Bulgaria’s Russian Dependence, Gerald Traufetter, Spiegel

Ukraine — Fascism Returns to Ukraine, Timothy Snyder, New Republic

Ukraine — Europe’s Brush with Its Past, John Yemma, Christian Science Monitor

Defense — Europeans Dither on Defense While Putin Laughs, John Vinocur, Wall Street Journal

U.S., Europe and Asia — Competition for Resources and Consequences for the Environment, Tim Boersma and Jaime de Bourbon Parme, Center for Transatlantic Relations

U.S., Europe and Asia — The New Silk Road, Mircea Geoana, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Middle East — Middle East Peace Talks at the End of the Road? Muriel Asseburg, SWP

May 12

Iran — As Nuclear Talks Intensify, Iran’s Approach to Enrichment May Be A Show-Stopper, Robert Einhorn, Brookings

Ukraine — EU foreign ministers to raise pressure on Russia over Ukraine, EurActiv

Ukraine — The Coming Rise of the Ukrainian Far-Right, Alina Polyakova, Foreign Affairs

Russia — Putin Has a Vision and a Strategy – The West Seems to Have Neither, Andras Simonyi and Henrik Breitenbauch, Huffington Post

Russia — Russia Revisits Its History to Nail Down Its Future, Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

Energy — Addressing Europe’s Energy Dependence on Russia, Thomas O’Donnell, IP Journal

U.S., Europe and Asia — How NATO Can Pivot Towards Asia, Karl-Heinz Kamp, Center for Transatlantic Relations

U.S., Europe and Asia — Human Rights and the Rule of Law, Abiodun Williams, Center for Transatlantic Relations

CETA/TTIP — ‘Thorny’ CETA issues to be tackled in coming weeks: EU trade chief, Embassy

Transatlantic Business — Alstom Highlights Perception of Transatlantic Investment, Guillaume Xavier-Bender, GMF

May 9

Ukraine — Europe’s Decisive Role to Play in Ukraine, Cornelius Adebahr, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Ukraine — Toward a Diplomatic Solution in Ukraine, David Wise, AICGS

Ukraine — Geneva Agreement and the OSCE: Two Non-Solutions to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Vladimir Socor, Jamestown Foundation[tt_news]=42323&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=b178af0d18ab407b95ffce7d47760ec7#.U2y4Syj77cs

Russia — Vladimir Putin’s New Order with the West, Lilia Shevtsova, Washington Post

U.S., Europe and Asia — The Impact of the Pivot on the Alliance, Robert E. Hunter, Center for Transatlantic Relations

U.S., Europe and Asia — European Crisis Management in Asia: The Case of Aceh, Pieter Feith, Center for Transatlantic Relations

U.S. Foreign Policy — Obama’s Foreign-Policy “Failures”: A Word for the Defense, John Cassidy, The New Yorker

U.S. Foreign Policy — America’s Enduring Leadership, Bruce Jones, Project Syndicate

May 8

Ukraine — Could the Ukraine Crisis Spark a World War?, Graham Allison, The National Interest

Ukraine — Putin’s Ukrainian U-Turn, The Economist

Ukraine — Improving Energy Efficiency: A Key Task for the Ukrainian Economy, Damian Wnukowski, PISM

U.S., Europe and Asia — Asia’s Rise and the Transatlantic Economic Response, Jeffrey J. Schott and Cathleen Cimino, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Germany — Cold Turkey: How Germany Could End Russian Gas Dependency, Frank Dohmen and Alexander Jung, Spiegel

United States — Elite Perceptions of the United States in Europe and Asia, Xenia Dormandy and Joshua Webb, Chatham House

Turkey — Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkey’s President-in-Wainting?, Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

Security — EU and NATO Engagement with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Afghanistan as a Pilot, Marcel de Haas, Europe’s World

May 7

Ukraine — Countering Russian Intervention and Supporting a Democratic State, Victoria Nuland, Statement Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, May 6, 2014

U.S., Europe and Asia — Asia’s Pivot to the Atlantic: Implications for the U.S. and Europe, Daniel S. Hamilton, Center for Transatlantic Relations

NATO — China’s Mediterranean Presence Is an Opportunity for NATO, Christina Lin, GMF

EU Foreign Policy — Pioneers of a European Diplomatic System: EU Delegations in Moscow and Washington, Heidi Maurer and Kristi Raik, Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Germany — Why Germans Love Russia, Clemens Wergin, New York Times

Germany — What Is Wrong with German Foreign Policy?, Charles Grant, Centre for European Reform

Trade — Remarks by Amb. Michael Froman at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, May 5, 2014

Trade — Remarks by Karel de Gucht at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, May 5, 2014

Global Warming — U.S. Climate Report Says Global Warming Impact Already Severe, Darryl Fears, Washington Post

May 6

Ukraine — “Europe Whole and Free”: Ukraine Should Impel a Return to First Principles, Robert E. Hunter, European Institute

Ukraine –The U.S. Doesn’t Need to Prove Itself in Ukraine, Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

Ukraine –Putin’s Invasion of Eastern Ukraine: Is It Next Week or Never?, James Rupert, Atlantic Council

Russia –The Czar of Brinkmanship: A Classic Cold War Strategy Makes a Comeback in the Kremlin, Cynthia A. Roberts, Foreign Affairs

U.S., Europe and Asia — The Pivot and Underlying U.S. Interests in Asia, Patrick M. Cronin and Alexander Sullivan, Center for Transatlantic Relations

U.S., Europe and Asia — European Approaches to Asia, Rem Korteweg, Center for Transatlantic Relations

U.S.-Germany — Trans-Atlantic Supplicant: Merkel Chooses Unity over NSA Truth, Spiegel

International System — Liberal Order in a Post-Western World, Trine Flockhart, Charles A. Kupchan, Christina Lin, et. al., GMF

May 5

Afghanistan — Nurturing Space for Political Development, Mark Byrd, Chatham House

U.S., Europe and Asia — A Transatlantic Pivot to Asia – Agenda for Action, Center for Transatlantic Relations

U.S., Europe and Asia — The “Pivot to Asia”: Myths and Realities, Julianne Smith, Center for Transatlantic Relations

U.S., Europe and Asia — A New Diplomacy for the Pivot, Christopher R. Hill and Michael Schaefer, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Big Data — Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values, Executive Office of the President, The White House

Turkey — Erdogan’s Armenian Outreach, Henri J. Barkey, The American Interest

Freedom of the Press — Freedom of the Press 2014, Freedom House

Freedom of the Press — Press Freedom Index Reveals a Divided Europe, EurActiv

May 2

Ukraine — The Strategic Importance of Slavyansk, Igor Sutyagin, Michael Clarke, and Jonathan Eyal, RUSI

Russia — NATO Official: Russia Now an Adversary, Washington Post

NATO — NATO Expansion: The Source of Russia’s Anger?, Edward P. Joseph, The National Interest

U.S.-Germany — Merkel in Washington: A Reset Rendezvous, Jackson Janes, AICGS

Europe — A Window of Opportunity to Upgrade EU Foreign Policy, Stefan Lehne, Carnegie Europe

Europe — Struggling with an Opportunity: The First 10 Years with the EU for Central Europe and the Baltics, Kalman Mizsei and Adam Kullmann, CEPS

Higher Education — Why Europe Still Matters in Study Abroad, Michael Woolf, Chronicle of Higher Education

Migration — Migration in the South Atlantic Basin: Patterns, Governance, and Development, Philip Martin and Susan Martin, GMF

May 1

Ukraine — Pro-Russian Separatists in Eastern Ukraine Seek Legitimacy Through Referendum, Philip Shishkin, Wall Street Journal

Ukraine — Ukraine’s Turmoil: Chaos Out of Order, The Economist

Ukraine-Russia – President Obama to Visit Europe Amid Russia Crisis, Biden Says, Atlantic Council

Ukraine-Russia – NATO Expansion: The Source of Russia’s Anger?, Edward P. Joseph, The National Interest

U.S.-Eastern Europe – Obama, Media Need to Focus Americans on Ukraine, Madeleine Albright, Stephen Hadley

U.S.-Germany — NSA What? Spying Scandal Unlikely to Dominate Merkel’s U.S. Visit, Nikolaus Blome, Gregor Peter Schmitz and Holger Stark, Spiegel

Europe — How the EU’s ‘Big Bang’ Enlargement Changed Foreign Policy, Steven Blockmans, EU Observer

Europe — Europe’s Trapped Politics, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Project Syndicate

Energy — Energizing TTIP: A Step Towards Better EU Energy Security, Maya Rostowska, PISM

NATO — Nordic NATO: Why It’s Time for Finland and Sweden to Join the Alliance, Jan Joel Andersson, Foreign Affairs

April 30

Europe Whole and Free — Remarks by US Secretary of State John Kerry

Europe Whole and Free — Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Eastern Edge, remarks to Atlantic Council

US and Europe — Senator John McCain, Senator Chris Murphy, remarks to Atlantic Council

United States — Americans Want to Pull Back From World Stage, Poll Finds, Janet Hook, Wall Street Journal

Ukraine — Crisis in Ukraine: Known Unknowns, Andrew E. Michta, The American Interest

Russia — Russian Billions Scattered Abroad Show Trail to Putin Circle, Henry Meyer and Irina Reznik, Bloomberg

Russia — Russia to ‘reconsider’ Western energy projects, Euractiv

Russia — Challenging Putin’s Values, Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times

U.S.-Germany — U.S. and German Policies toward Russia: Common Approaches or Bone of Contention?, Hannes Adomeit, AICGS

U.S.-Germany — Transatlantic Stock Taking, Ekkehard Brose, SWP

Eurozone — Europe’s Next Moral Hazard, Hans-Werner Sinn, Project Syndicate

Responsibility to Protect — On Power and Norms. Libya, Syria and the Responsibility to Protect, Nathalie Tocci, Transatlantic Academy


April 29

Ukraine — The Real Winner in the Ukraine Crisis, Volha Charnysh, The National Interest

Ukraine — Western Policy Needs to Exploit Russia’s Weaknesses on Ukraine, John Lough, Chatham House

Ukraine — Europe’s Act in Ukraine’s Tragedy, Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate

Ukraine — Nuanced Views in Eastern Ukraine, Steven Pifer and Hannah Thoburn, Brookings

Russia — What Does the Latest Round of U.S. Russia Sanctions Mean?, Julia Ioffe, New Republic

Russia — U.S. vs. Russia: Searching for Kennan, Nina Krushcheva, Reuters

Germany — Germany Turns Against the West on Russia, John Vinocur, Wall Street Journal

Geopolitics — The Illusion of Geopolitics: The Enduring Power of the Liberal Order, G. John Ikenberry, Foreign Affairs


April 30

Europe Whole and Free — Remarks by US Secretary of State John Kerry
Europe Whole and Free — Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Eastern Edge, remarks to Atlantic Council
US and Europe — Senator John McCain, Senator Chris Murphy, remarks to Atlantic Council
United States — Americans Want to Pull Back From World Stage, Poll Finds, Janet Hook, Wall Street Journal
Ukraine — Crisis in Ukraine: Known Unknowns, Andrew E. Michta, The American Interest
Russia — Russian Billions Scattered Abroad Show Trail to Putin Circle, Henry Meyer and Irina Reznik, Bloomberg
Russia — Russia to ‘reconsider’ Western energy projects, Euractiv
Russia — Challenging Putin’s Values, Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times
U.S.-Germany — U.S. and German Policies toward Russia: Common Approaches or Bone of Contention?, Hannes Adomeit, AICGS
U.S.-Germany — Transatlantic Stock Taking, Ekkehard Brose, SWP
Eurozone — Europe’s Next Moral Hazard, Hans-Werner Sinn, Project Syndicate
Responsibility to Protect — On Power and Norms. Libya, Syria and the Responsibility to Protect, Nathalie Tocci, Transatlantic Academy

April 28

Ukraine — U.S. Weighs Harder Line on Russia Than European Allies, Peter Baker and C.J. Chivers, New York Times

Ukraine — Ukraine Talks Off to a Modest Start in Geneva, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Russia — Obama Unveils Timing of New Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine, Colleen McCain Nelson, Wall Street Journal

Russia — Solving the Russia Problem, Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Moscow Center

Russia — Russia’s Latest Land Grab: How Putin Won Crimea and Lost Ukraine, Jeffrey Mankoff, CSIS

Energy — Europe’s Dependence on Russian Energy: Deeper Than You Think, Kathryn Sparks, Atlantic Council

NSA — Reforming the NSA: How to Spy After Snowden, Daniel Byman and Benjamin Wittes, Foreign Affairs

Germany — Germany’s Government: Easy Politics, Bad Policies, The Economist

April 25

Ukraine — Ukraine Says It Will ‘Blockade’ Pro-Russian Militants, Andrew Higgins, C.J. Chivers and Alan Cowell, New York Times

Russia — Constitutional Conquest: How Russia Putin Could Achieve of his Designs on Ukraine — Without Sending a Single Tank Across the Border, Edward P. Joseph, Foreign Policy

Transdniestria: Beyond the River, The Economist

Central and Eastern Europe Fit for the Next Decade in the EU, Marion Mühlberger and Kevin Körner, Deutsche Bank Research

Geopolitics -The Return of Geopolitics: The Revenge of the Revisionist Powers, Walter Russell Mead, Foreign Affairs

U.S. Foreign Policy: In Troubling Disarray, Richard N. Haass, The American Interest

Hungary — Victor Orban and Europe’s New Populism, Bartlomiej Nowak, RealClearWorld

April 24

Syria — Diplomatic Efforts on Syria Have Failed, U.N. Chiefs Say, Nick-Cumming-Bruce, New York Times

Ukraine — Russia Warns Ukraine of Potential Military Response, Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

Ukraine — Are Ukrainians Europeans?, Elizabeth Pond, IP Journal
Ukraine Energy — Gazprom Demands $11.4 Billion From Ukraine Before EU Gas Talks, Elena Mazneva, Bloomberg

Russia — Putin Is Using WWII for Propaganda Because It’s the Best Memory that Russia Has, Tikhon Dzyadko, New Republic

Russia — Putin Learning What U.S. Didn’t, Nicholas Wapshott, Reuters

NATO — When Symmetric and Asymmetric Threats Converge: A New (and Grim) Prospect for NATO, Kacper Rekawek, PISM
Missile Defense — Will Putin push Obama to Reset his Missile Defense Plans for Eastern Europe? Gordon Lubold, Foreign Policy

Digital Economy — Global Flows in a Digital Age, James Manyika et al, McKinsey Global Institute

Energy — Welcome to the Revolution: Why Shale is the Next Shale, Edward L. Morse, Foreign Affairs

Eurozone — Weapon of Last Resort: ECB Considers Possible Deflation Measures, Christian Reiermann and Anne Seith, Spiegel
Corruption — 1st EU Integrity System Report Highlights Risk of Corruption in European Institutions, Transparency International


April 23

Ukraine — U.S. Sending Troops to Eastern Europe, Philip Ewing, Politico

Ukraine — No Drama in Obama’s Ukraine Policy, Michael O’Hanlon, Reuters

Russia — While We Praise Ukrainian Restraint, Putin Builds His Neo-Soviet Empire, Adam Michnik, New Republic

Russia — Germany’s Dangerous Blindness Over Russia, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Russia — The Propaganda War: Opposition Sings Kremlin Tune on Ukraine, Christian Neef and Matthias Schepp, Spiegel

Russia — The End of the New World Order, Christopher R. Hill, Project Syndicate–hill-calls-on-the-west-to-prepare-for-a-long-struggle-with-a-revanchist-russia

NATO — Despite Crimea, Finland and Sweden Stay Ware of NATO, Suvi Turtiainen, ECFR

Europe — EU Elections May Strengthen Putin in Europe, Eszter Zalan, EU Observer

April 22

Syria — Chemical Weapons Progress in Syria Clouded by New Allegations, John Hudson, Foreign Policy

Ukraine — Biden offers Ukraine U.S. help on energy, aid allocation Jeff Mason, Reuters
Ukraine — Which Former Soviet State Could be the Next Ukraine?, Linda Kinstler, New Republic

Ukraine — The Guns of April?, Andrew J. Stravers, The National Interest

Russia — Russia Displays a New Military Prowess in Ukraine’s East, Michael R. Gordon, New York Times

Russia — Can Vladimir Putin Upend Democracy in Europe?, Paul Hockenos, Boston Review

Russia — Putin’s Perilous Course, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate–sachs-says-that-a-russian-invasion-of-eastern-ukraine-would-have-a-devastating-impact-on-russia-s-economy

Kosovo — Europe’s Diplomatic Triumph in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, Wall Street Journal

April 21

Ukraine — Ukrainian Extremists Will Only Triumph if Russia Invades, Timothy Snyder, New Republic

Ukraine — Creating a “Failed State”: Scenarios for Russia’s Destabilization of Eastern Ukraine, Ievgen Vorobiov, PISM

Russia — How Russia Is Dividing the EU Over Ukraine, John Bruton, Irish Times

Russia — Putin Playing the Long Game Over Russian Kin in Ukraine, Christian Lowe, Reuters

Russia — How America Lost Vladimir Putin, David Rohde and Arshad Mohammed, The Atlantic


Russia — What Putin Is Costing Russia, Ilan Berman, Wall Street Journal


April 18

Ukraine — Has the Ukraine Crisis Been Defused?, David Ignatius, Washington Post

Ukraine — Away From Show of Diplomacy in Geneva, Putin Puts On a Show of His Own, David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times

Ukraine — Russia’s Neighbors Are Worried, Ian Bond et. all, The National Interest

Russia — Putin’s Plan, Stefan Meister, European Council on Foreign Relations

NATO — NATO’s Framework Nations: Capabilities for an Unpredictable World, Franklin D. Kramer, Atlantic Council

EU — Why A British Exit Is Not Inevitable, Charles Grant, Center for European Reform

April 17

Ukraine — U.S., EU, Russia Meet Over Ukraine Crisis, Laurence Norman, Wall Street Journal

Ukraine — Russia and Ukraine: Insatiable, The Economist

Russia — Playing Putin’s Game: Strategy After Crimea, Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

Russia — Russia’s New Challenge to Europe, Ulrich Speck, Carnegie Europe

NATO — NATO Increases Its Operations In Response to Russia Moves on Ukraine, Naftali Bendavid, Wall Street Journal

Poland — Poland Wants Larger US, NATO Troop Presence, Marcus Weisgerber, Foreign Policy

Banking Union — Europe reaches end of crisis-driven reform trail to banking union, John O’Donnell, Thomson Reuters

UK — Why a British Exit is not Inevitable, Charles Grant, Centre for European Reform

Syria — Behind Assad’s victory boasts, a recalibration of success in Syria, Nicholas Blanford, Christian Science Monitor

U.S. Foreign Policy — The Tragic Decline of American Foreign Policy, Ian Bremmer, The National Interest

Germany — The Snowden Dilemma: Merkel Caught Between Washington and her Domestic Public, Bettina Vestring, IP Journal

April 16

Russia — Putin Needs Victory, Anders Aslund, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Russia — The Cost of Putin’s Adventurism in Ukraine, David Ignatius, Washington Post

Russia — The Source of Russian Conduct, Richard N. Haass, Project Syndicate–haass-thinks-the-west-should-revive-the-containment-strategy-that-guided-its-policies-during-the-cold-war

EU and Russia —  The EU and Russia: Uncommon spaces, by Ian Bond, Centre for European Reform

Energy — Fueling a New Order? The New Geopolitical and Security Consequences of Energy, Bruce Jones, David Steven and Emily O’Brien, Brookings

NATO — Conventional Deterrence is the New Black, Henrik O. Breitenbauch, War on the Rocks

TTIP — The Future of TTIP: The Benefits and How to Achieve Them, Karel de Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade

Europe — Moldova in the Middle: The Newest Front in the Battle Between Russia and the West, Mitchell A. Orenstein and Kalman Mizsei, Foreign Affairs

Europe — EU Countries to Boost Defense Budgets in Light of Ukraine, Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

April 15

Ukraine — Ukraine Military Dispositions: The Military Ticks Up While the Clock Ticks Down, Igor Sutyagin and Michael Clarke, RUSI

Ukraine — How to Save Ukraine: Why Russia Is Not the Real Problem, Keith Darden, Foreign Affairs

Russia — Will Putin Fall Victim to One of History’s Classic Blunders?, David C. Gompert and Hans Binnendijk, Foreign Policy

Russia — ‘A Partner for Russia’: Europe’s Far Right Flirts with Moscow, Charles Hawley, Spiegel

Transatlantic Security — A Strategy for Eurasia, Andrew A. Michta, The American Interest

Germany — The German Leadership Question, Otmar Issing, Project Syndicate–not-by-bailing-out-governments-and-banks

Germany — The Ukraine Crisis Threatens Germany Especially, Ulrich Speck, Carnegie Europe

Europe –The EU and International Conflicts, Richard Youngs, Carnegie Europe

Europe — The Eurosceptic Surge and How to Respond to It, Jose Ignacio Torreblanca and Mark Leonard, ECFR

Europe — Learning from Past Experiences: Ways to Improve EU Aid on Reforms in the Eastern Partnership, Elzbieta Kaca, Anita Sobjak, and Konrad Zasztowt, PISM

Climate Change — Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

April 14

Central and Eastern Europe — U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing, prepared statements by Victoria Nuland, Derek Chollet, Julianne Smith, Ian Brzezinski, Edward Chow
Ukraine — Ukraine Acting President: Not Opposed to Referendum on Regional Autonomy, James Marson, Wall Street Journal

Ukraine — The Die Is Cast: Russia’s Intentions in Ukraine, Anna Borshchevskaya, CEPA

Ukraine — Is Transnistria the Next Crimea?, Anita Sobjak, PISM

Russia — Russian Fiction the Sequel: 10 More False Claims about Ukraine, U.S. Department of State

Russia — Waking Up to the Russian Threat, Sohrab Ahmari, Wall Street Journal

Europe — Waiting for the Great Gas Cutoff, John Roberts, Atlantic Council

Europe — Reality Check: Central Europe’s Vulnerabilities Toward Russia, Jana Kobzova, Carnegie Europe

Transatlantic Relations — The EU-US Love-Hate Relationship, Nicholas Wapshott, Reuters

April 11

Ukraine — Ukraine in Crisis: Challenges of Developing a New Political Culture, Steffen Halling and Susan Stewart, SWP

Russia — West Struggles as Russia Moves to Dominate Old USSR, Peter Apps, Reuters

Russia — Playing to Putin’s End Game: It Is Best to Watch what Putin Does, Not Listen to What He Says, Nicholas Burns, Boston Globe

Russia — The West’s Financial Arsenal, Harold James, Project Syndicate

Energy — How to Reduce Dependence on Russian Gas, Stephen Tindale, Centre for European Reform

Energy — New Energy, New Geopolitics: Balancing Stability and Leverage, Sarah O. Ladislaw, Maren Leed, and Molly A. Walton, CSIS

Europe — Europe’s Neighborhood Policy Is In Trouble, But Not Beyond Saving, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

Defense — Pentagon’s Reliance on Europe Is ‘Wishful Thinking’, Michael Shurkin and Chris Pernin, DefenseOne

April 10

Russia — Russia Plotting for Influence, Not Invasion, Analysts Say, Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

Russia — Russia, Europe, and the New International Order, Josef Janning, ECFR

Germany — How Western Is Germany? Russia Crisis Spurs Identity Conflict, Christiane Hoffmann, Spiegel

Germany — Germany’s New Ostpolitik, Jakob Mischke and Andreas Umland, Foreign Affairs

TTIP — Support in Principle for U.S.-EU Trade Pact: But Some Americans and Germans Wary of TTIP Details, Pew Research Center

Trade – On Trade, Obama Faces a Tough Political Dance, Kate Ackley, Roll Call

April 9 

Ukraine — U.S. and EU Prepare to Strike Russian Banks, Energy Firms, Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

Ukraine — Ukraine’s May Election and the Politics of East and West, Oleksandr Andreyev and Andrew Wilson, ECFR

Russia — You Can’t Beat Putin, Because He’s Already Won, Daniel Altman, Foreign Policy

Russia — Putin Steals the CIA’s Playbook on Anti-Soviet Covert Operations, David Ignatius, Washington Post

Russia — Playing Hockey with Putin, Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times

Russia — A Russian Requiem, Sir Andrew Wood, Chatham House

Europe — EU Court Slams Data Retention Directive, EurActiv

April 8

Russia — Has Our Window of Opportunity Just Closed?, Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post

Russia — Russia and Ukraine: Military-Strategic Options, and Possible Risks, for Moscow, Johan Norberg and Frederik Westerlund, IISS

Russia — Ukraine: Invasion is Russia’s Fallback Option, John Herbst, National Interest

U.S.-Russia — U.S.-Russia Diplomatic Feelers Over Ukraine: Based on Wrong Assumptions, Jonathan Eyal, RUSI

Energy — U.S. Gas Tantalizes Europe, but It’s Not a Quick Fix, Clifford Krauss, New York Times

Germany — The Dangers of German Strategic Haplessness, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

European economy — Cementing Europe’s Recovery, Mohamed A. El-Erian, Project Syndicate–el-erian-lists-the-short-term-steps-needed-to-strengthen-the-european-economy-s-fragile-recovery

April 7

Ukraine — Putin Marches Into Eastern Ukraine, Europe Ponders, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Ukraine — Searching for Deterrence: Ukraine Crisis Exposes Gaps Between Berlin and NATO, Spiegel

Russia — Can Putin’s Strategy Be Countered?, Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

Russia — Checking Putin’s Eurasian Ambitions, Svante E. Cornell, Wall Street Journal

Russia — The Case for Gradualism Against Russia, Riccardo Alcaro, The National Interest

Hungary — What Viktor Orban’s Victory Means for Hungary and the West, Charles Gati, Washington Post

April 4

Ukraine — NATO, the EU, Ukraine, Russia and Crimea: The “Reset” that was Never “Reset”, Hall Gardner, NATO Watch

Ukraine — Ukraine and the West: The West Never Intended to Humiliate Russia, John Kornblum, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Ukraine — Ukraine Crisis: The U.S. Pushes Back, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Russia — Has Our Window of Opportunity Just Closed?, Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post

Russia — Putin’s Patriotism is Phony, His Desperation Is Real, Andrew Nagorski, Daily Beast

NATO — Obama’s Quiet Offensive, Samuel Charap and Lee Feinstein, Project Syndicate

Trade — Rep. Paulsen, Others to Launch TTIP Caucus; Reports Says U.S., EU Investment Drives Trade, Len Bracken, Bloomberg BNA

Trade — The U.S. Is Still Indispensable When it Comes to Free Trade, David Ignatius, Washington Post

April 3

U.S. Trade Policy – USTR Michael Froman Testimony before the House Committee on Ways and Means
Energy — Secretary of State Kerry pledges U.S. help in weaning Ukraine, and Europe, off Russian energy, Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
Ukraine — Russia’s Plan to Partition Ukraine: How Should the West React?, David Frum, The Atlantic
Russia — Russia’s Big Bet on Putinomics, Robert J. Samuelson, Washington Post
Russia — Germany’s Policy Towards Russia: New Wine in an Old Wineskin, Ryszarda Formuszewicz, PISM

Nuclear Arms — How U.S.-Russia Relations Complicate Obama’s Nuclear Arms Legacy, Steven Pifer, Brookings

Global Economy — The Global Economy in 2030: Trends and Strategies for Europe, Daniel Gros and Cinzia Alcidi, CEPS

April 2

Energy – EU, U.S. to Intensify Cooperation on Energy Security Concerns, Vanessa Mock, Wall Street Journal
NATO – NATO allies pledge to beef up eastern defenses, John-Thor Dahlburg and Vladimir Isachenkov, Sacremento Bee
NATO/Russia — Top US Commander – Russia Not Budging, Gordon Lubold, Foreign Policy
Ukraine — Support for Ukraine Unbraiding: How Merkel Went From Hot to Cold on Tymoshenko, Bettina Vestring, IP Journal
Russia — 10 Tough Questions Obama Needs to Answer on Ukraine, Jeffrey Tayler, The Atlantic

Russia — Putin’s World, Ivan Krastev, Project Syndicate

Turkey — Erdogan Jumps Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire, Henri J. Barker, The American Interest

April 1

CIA — CIA Misled on Interrogation Program, Senate Report Says, Greg Miller, Adam Goldman and Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post

Ukraine — Obama Must Show He’ll Use Military Means to Deter Russia in Ukraine, Leslie H. Gelb, Daily Beast

Ukraine — Why the Ukraine Crisis Won’t Save NATO, Rajan Menon, The National Interest

Russia — Sanctions Score: How the West Can Still Beat Putin, Tom Keatinge, Foreign Affairs

Russia — Europe Cannot Cling to Russian Profits with Security at Stake, Ilya Zaslavskiy, Chatham House

Russia — Putin’s New War on ‘Traitors’, Joshua Yaffa, New Yorker

Europe — Will Vladimir Putin Bolster the Eurozone?, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Project Syndicate

Europe — Europe’s Social Problem and Its Implications for Economic Growth, Zsolt Darvas and Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel

March 31

U.S.-Russia — U.S., Russia diplomats agree to work with Ukraine to solve crisis, Paul Richter, Los Angeles Times,0,7364210.story#ixzz2xXprnGuI

U.S.-Russia — Can the U.S. and Russia Ever Learn to Live Together?, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Russia — Russia Is Remaking Itself as the Leader of the Anti-Western World, Masha Gessen, Washington Post

Ukraine — 10 Ways the Ukraine Crisis May Change the World, Paul Taylor, Reuters

Ukraine — The U.S. and EU Must Take New Steps to Quickly Help the Ukraine, Taras Kuzio, Atlantic Council

Ukraine — A Front-Runner Emerges in Kiev, Jeanne Whalen, Wall Street Journal

Europe’s Far Right — Putin’s Western Allies: Why Europe’s Far Right Is on the Kremlin’s Side, Mitchell A. Orenstein, Foreign Affairs

March 28 

Ukraine — U.S. Intel Sources: Russian Invasion of Eastern Ukraine Increasingly Likely, Shane Harris, Yochi Dreazen, Foreign Policy

Ukraine — After Crimea: The U.S. Can Take Practical Steps to Limit Russia’s Options for Destabilizing Eastern Europe, Peter B. Doran and Luke Coffey, National Review

Ukraine — Forget the Drama: A Solution for Crimea, Anatole Kaletsky, Reuters

Russia — Putin’s Reality Check for Europe, Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate

Russia — Putin’s Crimean Conquest Pushes Russia to an Anti-Modernization Course, Maria Lipman, Carnegie Moscow

Russia — Obama’s European History Lesson, John Cassidy, New Yorker

Europe — How to Fix the Euro: Strengthening Economic Governance in Europe, Stephen Pickford et al., Chatham House

U.S. Foreign Policy — Obama’s 21st Century Power Politics, Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post

March 27

U.S.-Europe — Remarks by the President in Address to European Youth, Barack Obama

U.S-Europe — Pivot to Europe, John R. Deni, National Interest

EU-U.S. Summit — Joint Statement, Council of the European Union

NATO — Military Cuts Render NATO Less Formidable as Deterrent to Russia, Helene Cooper and Steven Erlanger, New York Times

Frozen Conflicts — Crimea and the Lessons of Frozen Conflicts, Svante E. Cornell, The American Interest

Ukraine — The Challenges for Ukraine’s Presidential Election, Janek Lasocki, European Council on Foreign Relations

Ukraine — Eastern Promises: The IMF-Ukraine Bailout, Ricardo Giucci and Georg Zachmann, Bruegel

Russia — U.S. Quietly Imposes New Russia Sanctions, Jamila Trindle, Foreign Policy

Russia — No More Resets, Angela Stent, Project Syndicate

Russia — The West and Russia: Why Obama’s Legacy Hinges on Europe, Sebastian Fischer, Spiegel

Energy — Russian Energy Supplies to Europe: The Crimea Crisis: Mutual Dependency, Lasting Collateral Damage and Strategic Alternatives for the European Union, Kirsten Westphal, SWP

Trade — German Skepticism on TTIP: The Need for a Polish Correction, Sebastian Plociennik, PISM

March 26

Nuclear Security — U.S. and Russia agree on nuclear terrorism threat – up to a point, Frederik Dahl, Reuters

Nuclear Security – Outcomes from the Nuclear Security Summit, Sharon Squassoni, CSIS

Turkey — Erdogan’s Looming Downfall: Turkey at the Crossroads, Svante E. Cornell, Middle East Quarterly

Ukraine — Escalation in Ukraine: Conflicting Interpretations Hamper International Diplomacy, Sabine Fischer, SWP

NATO — The Case for Strengthening NATOs Eastern Defense, Edward Lucas and A. Wess Mitchell, CEPA

 Russia — Putin and the Laws of Gravity, Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times

Russia — Russia Will Pay Dearly for Putin’s Anschluss, Anders Aslund, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Transatlantic Relations — Put Energy at Top of Obama’s Europe Agenda, Paul Bledsoe and Lee Feinstein, National Interest

TTIP — How President Putin Has Given a Boost to U.S.-EU Trade Talks, Edward Alden, Council on Foreign Relations

TTIP — Transatlantic Trade, Butterflies and Earthquakes, Marco Antonielli, Bruegel

March 24

Nuclear Security – Japan Lets U.S. Assume Control of a Nuclear Cache, Michael D. Shear and David E. Sanger, New York Times

Syria – Syria’s UN Aid Jam, Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Ukraine — The Cost of Escalating Sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and Crimea, Georg Zachmann, Bruegel

Ukraine — Merkel Shows Her Mettle: Reacting to Crimean Annexation, Merkel Sets a Hard Line Precedent, Elizabeth Pond, IP Journal

Russia — Putin’s Challenge to German Europe, Ulrich Speck, RealClearWorld

Russia — Will Putin Save NATO?, Robert E. Hunter, LobeLog

Russia — Confronting Putin’s Russia, Michael A. McFaul, New York Times

Energy — How Europe Can Replace Russian Gas, Michele Peruzzi, Erik Dale and Georg Zachmann, Bruegel

Energy — Why Cheap Energy Won’t Spark a U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance, Nikos Tsafos, Foreign Affairs

European Economy — European Industrial Outlook: Recovery Still Slow and Hesitant, Krzystof Bledowski, MAPI

European Economy — Europe Slips in Rankings for Ease of Doing Business, Krzystof Bledowski, MAPI

March 21

Ukraine — Letter: Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine, The White House

 Ukraine — Executive Order: Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine, The White House

 Ukraine — Treasury Sanctions Russian Officials, Members of the Russian Leadership’s Inner Circle, and an Entity for Involvement in the Situation in Ukraine, U.S. Treasury

 Ukraine — EU Leaders Agree New Russia Sanctions, Valentina Pop, EU Observer

 Ukraine — EU Signs Landmark Association Agreement with Ukraine, Adrian Croft, Reuters

 Ukraine — NATO Policy towards Russia after the Crimea Annexation: More Deterrence and Farewell to Partnership, Jacek Durkalec, PISM

 Ukraine — A Need to Contain Russia, Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

 Ukraine — The Next, Key Step on Ukraine, Timothy Garton Ash, Los Angeles Times,0,2390003.story#axzz2wadMMPRB

 Trade — TTIP and Public Diplomacy: Why Public Engagement is Crucial for Success, Spencer P. Boyer, Center for Transatlantic Relations

 Trade — Trade in the Wider Atlantic and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, Peter Sparding, GMF

March 20

U.S. Allies – With Russia, as With China, Unnerved U.S. Allies Seek Reassurances, Mark Landler, New York Times

Russia – Biden and Lithuanian President on Russia, NY Times video

Russia – Making Putin Pay, Marco Rubio

Russia – Obama Doesn’t Grasp Russia’s Expansionist Ambitions, Washington Post Editorial Board

Ukraine – What is at Stake in Ukraine, Daniela Schwarzer and Constanze Stelzenmueller, German Marshall Fund

Ukraine — Crisis in Ukraine: What Role Does Energy Play?, Edward C. Chow and Sarah O. Ladislaw, CSIS

Ukraine — Crimea, Russia and the Ukraine: The “Finlandization” Phase of 21st Century Security?, Harald Malmgren, SLD

Ukraine — Welcome to the Twilight Zone, Crimea, Thomas de Waal, Carnegie Moscow

Transatlantic Relations — Obama’s Brussels Agenda: Verify but Trust, Ian Lesser, GMF

World in Transition — Brussels Forum Views, German Marshall Fund

European Union – The Role of the European Union in the World, Eneko Landaburu, Egmont Institute

Migration Policy – From Lampedusa to the Post-Stockholm Programme: Difficult European solidarity in the field of migration, Corinne Balleix, Egmont Institute

European Defense – The Summit of Our Ambition? European Defence between Brussels and Wales, Sven Biscop, Egmont Institute

March 19

Ukraine — Where’s NATO’s Strong Response to Russia’s Invasion of Crimea?, Kurt Volker, Foreign Policy

Ukraine — Le débâcle ukrainienne et son impact, Olivier Guitta and Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post

Ukraine — History Repeats Itself in Ukraine: Crisis Holds Hard Lessons for NATO Leadership, Sally Painter, Truman Project

Ukraine — European Rifts Emerge Over Sanctions for Russia, Stacy Meichtry, Wall Street Journal

Russia — How Moscow Is Moving to Destabilize Eastern Ukraine, Uwe Klussmann and Matthias Schepp, Spiegel

New Atlantic – The Case for a New Atlantic Community, Jose Maria Aznar, Wall Street Journal

U.S. Foreign Policy — Against Disengagement, Brian Katulis, Democracy Journal

EU — On Eve of Elections, Calls for Further EU Institutional Reforms Continue, Jacqueline Grapin, European Institute

Libya — Libya After Qaddafi: Lessons and Implications for the Future, Christopher S. Chivvis and Jeffrey Martini, RAND

Language study — What is a foreign language worth?, The Economist

March 18

Ukraine — Diplomatic Fallout: The European Union’s Bait-and-Switch in Ukraine, Judah Grunstein, World Politics Review

Ukraine — Can Obama’s Resolve Match Putin’s Westward Push? Michael Gerson, Washington Post

Ukraine — Ukraine Versus the Vultures, Ngaire Woods and Taylor St. John, Project Syndicate–john-warn-that-the-country-s-investment-treaties-could-undermine-debt-restructuring-efforts

Russia — Preparing for Putin’s Next Move, Financial Times

Russia — EU and Russia Sanctions: Putin Untouched, The Economist

Russia — Regardless of US and EU Sanctions, Russia Is Already Paying A Huge Price for Invading Crimea, Mark Adomanis, Forbes

Eastern Europe — From Sochi to Euromaidan: Where is Turkey along Europe’s Eastern Fault Lines?, Diba Nigar Göksel, GMF

Eurozone — High Court Upholds Eurozone Bailout Scheme, Danhong Zhang, Deutsche Welle

March 17

Ukraine– White House releases expanded Executive Order on “Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine.”

Ukraine — White House releases a letter from President Obama to Congress on sanctions on Russian officials.

Ukraine — U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Russian Officials, Peter Baker, New York Times

Ukraine — EU Foreign Ministers Levy Sanctions Against 21 Russian and Ukrainians After Crimea Referendum, Deutsche Welle

Ukraine — Crimea’s Choice, Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Moscow

Ukraine — If Crimea Secedes: Consequences for Ukraine, Russia, and Europe, Piotr Koscinski and Konrad Zasztowt, PISM

Ukraine — Russia’s Real Aims in Crimea, Wojciech Kononczuk, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Ukraine — Ukraine Crisis Puts a Strain on the Transatlantic Relationship, Antonia Colibasanu, RealClearWorld

Ukraine — Parallels to 1914? What History Teaches Us About the Ukraine Crisis, Christopher Clark, Spiegel

Transatlantic Relations — Jumpstarting the U.S.-EU Relations: Mr. Obama Goes to Brussels, Robert A. Pollard, CSIS

U.S. Foreign Policy — Global Crises Put Obama’s Strategy of Caution to the Test, David E. Sanger, New York Times

March 14

Ukraine — Europe’s Long Peace, Shattered, Elizabeth Pond, IP Journal

Ukraine — China’s Ambivalence: The PRC’S Position on the Events in Ukraine, Justyna Szczudlik-Tatar, PISM

Ukraine — Russia, Ukraine and Crimea: Asymmetric Wars, Economist

Ukraine — Farewell, Crimea: Why Ukrainians Don’t Mind Losing the Territory to Russia, Taras Kuzio, Foreign Affairs

Belarus — Consequences for Belarus of Russian Policy towards Ukraine, Anna Maria Dyner, PISM

Energy — All Hall Shale: As Putin’s Army Masses in the East, Europe Starts to Rethink Its Opposition to Fracking, Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy

NATO — The New Secretary General Should Be From Central Europe, Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post

Turkey — The End of Erdogan, Henri J. Barkey, The American Interest

March 13

Ukraine — Aid Package For Ukraine Moves Slowly Through Congress, David Welna, National Public Radio

Ukraine — It Takes Three to Tango, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, The American Interest

Ukraine — Crimea: The Revenge of Geography?, Robert Kaplan, RealClearWorld

Ukraine — Ukraine’s Threat From Within, Robert English, Los Angeles Times,0,7664312.story#axzz2vqTRijde

Russia — Putin’s Dangerous Game, Strobe Talbott, YaleGlobal Online

March 12

Special edition of the transatlantic must-reads: Newly released The Transatlantic Economy 2014.

U.S. Surveillance — Feinstein: CIA searched Intelligence Committee computers, Greg Miller, Ed O’Keefe and Adam Goldman, Washington Post

U.S. Surveillance — The Spies Who Didn’t Love Her, Maureen Dowd, New York Times

U.S. Surveillance — How a Court Secretly Evolved, Extending U.S. Spies’ Reach, Charlie Savage and Laura Poitrasmarch, New York Times
Ukraine — In Ukraine,  Defending Freedom Still Matters, Kurt Volker, Time
Ukraine — Challenges Ahead in Crimea, Steven Pifer, Brookings

Ukraine — A Better Energy Weapon to Stop Putin, Meghan L. O’Sullivan, Bloomberg

Ukraine — The Georgian Defense, Michael Cecire, Foreign Policy

Russia — Putin’s Imperial Road to Economic Ruin, Sergei Guriev, Project Syndicate

Trade — U.S. Objectives, U.S. Benefits in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: A Detailed View, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Defense — Europe Needs A Reset on Defense: Nations Must Rethink Military Cuts After Russian Actions, Financial Times

Defense — Mind the Gap: Putin’s Actions and the Future of War, Janine Davidson, Council on Foreign Relations

March 11

Special edition of the transatlantic must-reads: Newly released White Paper on a New Atlantic Community and more on our Atlantic Basin Initiative here.

Ukraine — Putin’s Targets: Will Eastern Ukraine and Northern Kazachstan Be Next?, Peter Eltsov and Klaus Larres, New Republic

Ukraine — EU Diplomats Preparing Next Level Sanctions on Russia, Euractiv

Ukraine — Crimea and the Cost of Playing for Time, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Ukraine — Ukraine Is a Test Case for American Power, Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Energy — South Stream pipeline project frozen over Crimea crisis, Euractiv

Russia — Beyond Ukraine: Russia’s Imperial Mess, Spiegel

U.S. foreign policy — The Leaderless Doctrine, David Brooks, New York Times

U.S. foreign policy — American Leadership in a World in Flux, Bruce Jones, Brookings\

Trade — 2014 Trade Policy Agenda and 2013 Annual Report, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Trade — TTIP Yields Significant Export Gains in Key U.S. Industrial Sectors, Atlantic Council

March 10

Ukraine — Why Crimea Might Be Worse Off Under Russian Rule, Tomila Lankina, Washington Post

Ukraine — Get Ready for a Russo-German Europe: The Two Powers That Will Decide Ukraine’s Fate, and the Region’s, Mitchell A. Orenstein, Foreign Affairs

Ukraine — Recommit to Transatlantic Ideals: Thinking Beyond Deployments, Sanctions, and Visa Bans in Ukraine, Amb. Marc Grossman, GMF

Ukraine — Three Scenarios for Ukraine, Nicu Popescu, EUISS

Visegrad — Visegrad 4 want US gas to cut dependence on Russia, Euractiv

Russia — Transatlantic Economic Sanctions Against Russia, Jeffrey J. Schott, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Russia — The U.S.-Russia Problem: A Four-Step Recovery Program, Andrew A. Michta, The American Interest

Defense — 2014 QDR Maintains Focus on Climate Change and Operational Energy, Edward Delman, CNAS

Europe — The Eurozone’s Ruinous Embrace of ‘Competitive Devaluation’, Simon Tilford, CER

Trade — Rule-Making in Super-RTAs – Implications for China and India, Supama Kamakar, Bruegel


March 7

Ukraine-Russia; U.S. foreign policy; Transatlantic Relations; Europe

Ukraine-Russia — Kremlin Rolls the Dice in Ukraine, Donald N. Jensen, Institute for Modern Russia

Ukraine-Russia — U.S. Hopes Boom in Natural Gas Can Curb Putin, Coral Davenport and Steven Erlanger, New York Times

Ukraine-Russia — How NATO Can Help Rebuild Ukraine’s Defenses, James Hasik, Atlantic Council

Ukraine-Russia — Putin Revives Old and New Europe, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Ukraine-Russia — Russian Actions in Crimea: Consequences from the Security and International Law Perspective, Lukasz Kulesa, Maria Radziejowska, Marcin Terlikowski, PISM

Ukraine-Russia — Disrupting Putin’s Game Plan, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Bogdan Klich, Project Syndiate

U.S. foreign policy — Ukraine and Obama’s ‘Credibility’, Dana H. Allin and Steven Simon, Survival

Transatlantic Relations — Test of Partnership: Transatlantic Cooperation in Cyber Security, Internet Governance, and Data Protection, Annegret Bendiek, GMF

Europe — The Spitzenkandidats: EU Parliament Elections Become Explosive, Christoph Pauly and Christoph Schult, Spiegel


March 6

Ukraine-Russia — EU and UN Hold Emergency Talks Over Russia in Crimea — live updates, The Guardian

Ukraine-Russia — How the Ukraine Crisis Ends, Henry A. Kissinger, Washington Post

Ukraine-Russia — A New Pact for Ukraine: How To Make EU Aid Work, Elzbieta Kaca, PISM

Ukraine-Russia — Why Putin Is Likely to Lose His War over Crimea, Anders Aslund, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Ukraine-Russia — To Blunt Russia, Time For American Natural Gas Diplomacy, Paul Bledsoe and Lee Feinstein, Reuters

Ukraine-Russia — Yanukovych at the ICC? A Fork In the Road, Maria Radziejowska, PISM

Ukraine-Syria — What Ukraine Means For Syria, Edward P. Joseph, Atlantic Council

Balkans — The Situation in the Western Balkans, Testimony before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Kurt Volker, McCain Institute for International Leadership

Trade — A Compromise to Advance the Trade Agenda: Purge Negotiations of Investor-State Dispute Settlement, Daniel J. Ikenson, Cato Institute

Defense — Quadrennial Defense Review 2014, U.S. Department of Defense


March 5

Ukraine-Russia — U.S. and Russia Set for Talks on Ukraine tension, John Irish and Timothy Heritage, Reuters

Ukraine-Russia — The Ukraine Crisis Calls For Less Bluster, More Common Sense, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Washington Post

Ukraine-Rusia — At Stake in Ukraine: The Future of World Order, Stewart M. Patrick, Council on Foreign Relations

Ukraine-Russia — EU vs. Moscow: Russia Tries to Woo Back Moldova, Christian Neef, Spiegel

Ukraine-Russia — The EU After Ukraine: European Foreign Policy in the New Europe, Kathleen R. McNamara, Foreign Affairs

Ukraine-Russia — Russia’s War on Ukraine and the Coming Transatlantic Reset, Roland Freudenstein, Carnegie Europe

Ukraine-Russia — Past Mistakes and the Ukraine Crisis, Robert E. Hunter, LobeLog

Europe — Preventing Further Eurosion: The Importance of the 2014 European Parliament Elections, Olaf Cramme, Arian Meyer, and Jo Ritzen, IP Journal


March 4

Ukraine — Kerry, Arriving in Kiev, Offers $1 Billion in Loan Guarantees in Ukraine, Michael R. Gordon, New York Times

Ukraine — Behind the West’s Miscalculations in Ukraine, Adam Entous and Laurence Norman, Wall Street Journal

Ukraine-Russia — U.S. Increasingly Isolated on Russia Sanctions, Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Ukraine — Putin’s Kampf, Charles Tannock, Project Syndicate

Ukraine — Putin Planning ‘Soviet Union’ Lite, Ulrich Speck, CNN

Ukraine — Crisis in Crimea: Four Scenarios, Peter B. Doran and Marta Sikorski, CEPA

Ukraine — Crimean Crisis: All Eyes on Merkel, Philipp Wittrock and Gregor Peter Schmitz, Spiegel

Ukraine — Europe’s Five Deadly Sins on Ukraine, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

Russia — Resetting the Reset, Michael Haltzel, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Russia — Putin’s Takeover of Crimea Is Part of a Larger Strategy, Stephen J. Hadley and Damon Wilson, Washington Post

TTIP — Digital Trade and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, Cameron F. Kerry, Brookings

Europe — The Global Race for Talent: Europe’s Migration Challenge, Rainer Münz, Bruegel


March 3

Ukraine-Russia — World Leaders Warn Kremlin as Ukraine Standoff Continues, Steven Erlanger, New York Times

Ukraine-Russia — Edward Putin and Vladimir Snowden, Andras Simonyi, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Ukraine-Russia — Ukraine Crisis May Thwart Obama Plans From Iran to China, Terry Atlas, Bloomberg

Ukraine-Russia — China Diverges From Russia Slightly on Ukraine Action,
Lukas I. Alpert, Wall Street Journal

Ukraine-Russia — Putin Strengthens His True Enemies, Benjamin Bidder, Spiegel

Ukraine-Russia — Putin’s Reckless Ukraine Gambit, Eugene Rumer and Andrew S. Weiss, Politico

Ukraine-Russia — Four Steps NATO can Take to Support Ukraine, Ian Brzezinski, Atlantic Council

Ukraine-Russia — An American Strategy for Crimea, A. Wess Mitchell, PISM

Ukraine-Russia — Putin Cooks up Obama’s ‘Chicken Kiev’ Moment, Edward Luce, Financial Times

Ukraine-Russia — The US and EU have Options to Outmanoeuvre Russia, Nicholas Burns, Financial Times

Russia — Putin and the End of Illusion, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Europe — The Future of Freedom in the Post-Soviet World, Salome Samadashvili, EU Observer

European Security –Ukraine Crisis Highlights a Critical Gap in European Security, Roderic Lyne, Chatham House

Georgia — After Ukraine, NATO Must Give Georgia Its MAP, Edward Joseph and Mamuka Tsereteli, Center for Transatlantic


February 28

Ukraine; Georgia; Human Rights; U.S. Foreign Policy; Trade; Soft Power

Ukraine — Ukraine Accuses Russia of ‘Armed Invasion’ After Airport Seizure — Live Updates, The Guardian

Ukraine — Europe’s Grown-Up Moment, Andras Simonyi, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Ukraine — Keep a Lid on Crimea, Dmitri Trenin and Andrew S. Weiss, Carnegie Moscow

Georgia — Georgia’s Path to NATO, Damon Wilson, Atlantic Council

Human Rights — Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, U.S. Department of State

U.S. Foreign Policy — The Ambivalent Superpower, Robert Kagan, Politico

Trade — No Big Deal, Paul Krugman, New York Times

Soft Power — Drama Power on the Rise? U.S. Soft Power May Increase as a Function of Washington Dysfunction, Mika Aaltola, Finnish Institute of International Affairs


February 27

Ukraine; Afghanistan; Cybersecurity; Global Threats; U.S. Defense Spending; Trade

Ukraine — Crimean Parliament Seizure Inflames Russian-Ukrainian Tensions – Live Updates, The Guardian

Ukraine — A Tour of the Biggest Stumbling Blocks Ahead, Steven Pifer, The National Interest

Ukraine — Ukraine and the Perils of Division, Serge Schmemann, New York Times

Afghanistan — NATO puts pressure on Afghanistan to sign troop agreement, David S. Cloud, Los Angeles Times,0,6307655.story?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=%2ASituation%20Report&utm_campaign=SITREP%20FEB%2027%202014#axzz2uWp2pyDj

Afghanistan — Hard Talk Aside, Little Desire by the West to Leave Afghanistan, Helene Cooper, New York Times

Cybersecurity — NATO debates policy for cyber defense of public and private sectors, Christopher Castelli, Inside Cybersecurity

Global Threats — Current and Future Worldwide Threats, Senate Armed Services Committee, Senators Carl Levin, Senator James Imhofe, James Clapper and Michael T. Flynn

U.S. Defense Spending — Here’s What the Pentagon will Cut If Sequestration Happens Again in 2016, Stephanie Gaskell, Defense One

Trade — TTIP ‘Challenged’ by Environmental Critics, EU Says, EurActiv


February 26

Ukraine; Russia; Foreign policy; Trade; U.S. economy

Ukraine — In Ukraine the EU Is Last Man Standing, Thomas de Waal, Carnegie Moscow

Ukraine — From Barricades to the Ballot Box: A Long Road for the Maidan?, Edward Lucas, CEPA

Ukraine — Kyiv–in memoriam; Brussels–think big; Moscow–big rethink, Michael Emerson, CEPS

Ukraine — Reviving Ukraine’s Economy, Anders Aslund, Project Syndicate–slund-identifies-the-three-main-economic-problems-that-the-new-government-will-have-to-address

Russia — Russia and Ukraine: The Empire Will Strike Back, Jonathan Eyal, RUSI

Foreign policy — The State of the International Order, Bruce Jones and Thomas Wright, Brookings

Trade — The Trans-Pacific Partnership: No End In Sight, The Economist

U.S. economy — The Pacific Century Myth? James Clad and Robert A. Manning, The Diplomat


February 25

Ukraine; Russia; U.S. Military; Europe; Global Trade; Iran

Ukraine — The End of Yanukovych is Only the Beginning, Marcin Zaborowski, PISM

Ukraine — Forget Kiev. The Real Fight Will Be for Crimea, Andrei Malgin, Moscow Times

Ukraine — Has the West Already Lost Ukraine?, Slawomir Sierakowski, New York Times

Russia — Ukrainian Revolution Can Be a Blessing in Disguise for Russia, but Dangers Remain, Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Europe

U.S. Military — Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level, Thom Shanker and Helene Cooper, New York Times

Europe — Restoring Financial Stability in the Eurozone: Lessons From the U.S. Financial Crisis, Benn Steil and Dinah Walker, Council on Foreign Relations

Global Trade Governance — Changing Trade Patterns, Unchanging European and Global Governance, Jim O’Neill and Alessio Terzi, Bruegel

Iran — Drugs: The Overlooked Issue in Nuclear Talks with Iran, Shaged Ghoreishi, The Atlantic


February 24

Ukraine — Ukraine Opens Criminal Case Into ‘Mass Murder’ of Civilians, Lukas I. Alpert and Andrey Ostroukh, Wall Street Journal

Ukraine — Ukraine: Dream of Change, Roman Sohn, EU Observer

Ukraine — What the West Must Do For Ukraine, Urich Speck, New York Times

Ukraine — Now the Hard Part for Ukraine, the EU, and Russia, Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Russia — Putin Faces Tough Choices Over Ukraine, Timothy Heritage, Reuters

Russia — Olympic Spirit? Russia’s Overshadowed Games, Peter Ahrens, Spiegel

Afghanistan — US examines Afghanistan Option That would Leave 3,000 Troops in Kabul, Washington Post

Switzerland — Three Lessons from Switzerland’s Immigration Referendum, Timo Lochocki, GMF


February 21

Ukraine – Accord Is Signed in Ukraine but Doubts Are Strong, Andrew E. Kramer and Andrew Higgins, New York Times

Ukraine — Clashes in Ukraine: Live Blog, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Ukraine — Chess in a Mindfield: The Global Implications of the Ukraine Conflict, Uwe Klussmann, Spiegel

U.S. foreign policy — Why Hillary Should Run, Michael O’Hanlon, Brookings

U.S.-Turkey — False Friends: Why the United States Is Getting Tough with Turkey, Michael J. Koplow, Foreign Affairs

Defense — When Missile Defense Is About More Than Missiles, Andrew A. Michta, The American Interest

Trade — American Trade Policy: How to Make the World $600 Billion Poorer, Economist

Europe — Eurosceptics in the European Parliament: Isolated and Divided but Driving National Debates, Daniela Kietz and Nicolai von Ondarza, SWP


February 20

Ukraine — Ukraine truce shattered, death toll tops 50, Reuters

Ukraine — Ukraine’s Crisis: Europe’s New Battlefield, Economist

Ukraine — How Ukraine Can Be Saved, Romano Prodi, New York Times

Ukraine — How Could the EU do More for Ukraine, Michael Emerson, The Conversation

North America Summit — US, Canada, Mexico stress trade at North America summit, Laurent Thomet, AFP

Europe — These (Franco-German) Boots Are Made For Walkin’, Niklas Helwig, Finnish Institute of International Affairs

European Economy — The Long Haul: Managing Exit From Financial Assistance, Guntram B. Wolff, Zsolt Darvas and André Sapir, Bruegel

Technology — As Objects Go Online: The Promise (and Pitfalls) of the Internet of Things, Neil Gershenfeld and JP Vasseur, Foreign Affairs


February 19

Trade — North America’s New Trade Deals: From NAFTA to TPP and TTIP, Kinga Brudzinska and Maya Rostowska, PISM

Russia — Russia’s Last Act?, Jan Winiecki, Project Syndicate

Energy — America’s Energy Edge: The Geopolitics of the Shale Revolution, Robert D. Blackwill and Meghan L. O’Sullivan, Foreign Affairs

Europe — Is The EU Ready For A Common Foreign Policy?, Audronius Azubalis, EU Observer

Europe — Eastern Europe Goes South: Disappearing Democracy in the EU’s Newest Members, Jan-Werner Müller, Foreign Affairs

Iran — Icebergs Ahead: Iran Nuclear Talks, Thomas Omestad, Foreign Policy

NATO — Germany and Others Are Doubtful About NATO, Tom Sauer, Europe’s World

Ukraine — Deadly Protests in Kiev: European Leaders Call For Ukraine Sanctions, Benjamin Bidder, Spiegel


February 18

Russia — From Moscow to Sochi, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate–sachs-praises-russia-s-post-soviet-economic-progress-and-says-that-rapid-long-term-growth-is-within-

Italy — Is Italy Ready for Radical Reform?, The Washington Post

Immigration — The Swiss Virus: Europe Gripped by Immigration Worries, Spiegel

Europe — Reding Predicts Eurozone To Become a Federal State, Andrew Rettman, EU Observer


February 17

Russia — Putin Is Playing a Game of His Own, Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal

Europe — Monnet’s Brandy and Europe’s Fate, Strobe Talbott, Brookings

NAFTA — How to Strengthen NAFTA’s Next 20 Years, Brookings

Italy — Matteo Renzi, young man in a hurry to rescue Italy from crisis, Guy Dinmore and Giulia Segreti, Financial Times

Trade — Obama’s Pacific Wager, James Traub, Foreign Policy

Switzerland — Switzerland’s Referendum on Europe’s Freedom of Movement will Have Big Consequences, Economist

Iran — Avoiding Stalemate in the Iran Nuclear Negotiations, Robert Einhorn, Brookings


February 14

Russia — The Kremlin’s Euromaidan Endgame, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Europe — France and Germany must both change economic strategy, André Sapir, Bruegel

TTIP — Alice in Trade-Land: The Politics of TTIP, Jim Kolbe, German Marshall Fund

Cyber security — New U.S. Cyber Security Standards: Will They Do Enough?, Mark Clayton, Christian Science Monitor

Bosnia — Five Reasons to Act Urgently on Bosnia, Edward P. Joseph, Balkans Insight

Iran — Iran’s Black Gold, Keith Johnson & Jamila Trindle, Foreign Policy


February 13

Ukraine — The Macroeconomic Situation in Ukraine: Little Room for Improvement, Patryk Toporowski, PISM

Ukraine — Do We Really Want Ukrainians Repeating ‘F*** the EU?’, Guy Verhofstadft, The Huffington Post

Italy — Italian government in crisis as PM Letta fights calls to go

Volkswagen in Tennessee — Volkswagen’s Tennessee Gambit: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Union?, Edward Alden, CFR

NAFTA — NAFTA at Twenty: Accomplishments, Challenges and the Way Forward, Carla A Hill, Inter-American Dialogue

NATO — NATO’s New Frontier, Anders Rogh Rasmussen, Project Syndicate

EU-Russia — Eastern Partnership vs. Eurasian Union, Marcel de Haas, Europe’s World

TTIP — Congressional Research Service releases new report on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Negotiations

Transatlantic Relations — In Search of Transatlantic Realism, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe


February 12

Russia — Putin’s Legacy, Andrew Wood, Chatham House

Ukraine — Ukraine’s New Pro-Democracy Movement, Natalia Shapovalova, FRIDE

U.S.-France — Obama’s Dalliance with France, Dana Milbank, Washington Post

Germany — Germany and the Spider-Man Doctrine: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Gary Schmitt and Patrick Keller, AICGS

Transatlantic Relations — Transatlantic Collaboration and Latin America: New Opportunities and Incentives?, William McIlhenny, GMF

Data protection — U.S., Europe Unlikely to Agree on Data Protection in Near Future, Annegret Bendiek, EurActiv

Turkey — With Internet Bill, Turkey Drifts Away from Democracy, Liridona Malota, Freedom House


February 11

Iraq — The Iraq War Never Ended — Jacopo Ottaviani, Foreign Policy

Energy — Energy Rush: Shale Production and U.S. National Security, Elizabeth Rosenberg, CNAS

France and U.S. — The French Connection, James Stavridis and Leo Michel, Foreign Policy

Macedonia and NATO — Letter from 40 Members of Congress to John Kerry

EU and Cuba — EU eyes warmer Cuba ties with push for new accord, Euractiv

Russia — Putin Playing His Own Long Game at Sochi, Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Moscow Center

Switzerland — A Land of Money and Fear: The Swiss Vote Against ‘Mass Migration’, Spiegel

U.S. — The Myth of Isolationist America, Joseph S. Nye, Project Syndicate–nye-refutes-the-increasingly-widespread-view-that-the-us-is-turning-inward

Turkey — Erdogan Loses It: How the Islamists Forfeited Turkey, Halil Karaveli, Foreign Affairs


February 10

U.S. and Ukraine – The Cat, the Rooster, and the Young Mouse….and Vladimir Putin, Victoria Nuland, and Europe, Andras Simonyi and Erik Brattberg, Huffington Post

Ukraine — To Save Ukraine, Pressure the Oligarchs, Adrian Karatnycky, Atlantic Council

Energy — Implications of the U.S. Shale Revolutions for the Countries of the EU Neighborhood, Sijbren de Jong and Willem Auping, European Global Strategy

Defense — Poland and Ballistic Missile Defense: The Limits of Atlanticism, Lukasz Kulesa, IFRI

Eastern Partnership — The EU, Russia and the Eastern Partnership: What Dynamics under the New German Government?, Dominik Tolksdorf, IFRI

Transatlantic Relations — Nowhere to Go? Surveillance, Privacy Rules and Trade Talks, Roderick Abbott, ECIPE

Europe — EU-Swiss Relations in Turmoil after Immigration Vote, EurActiv

U.S. Foreign Policy — The Price of Pulling Back From the World, Stephen Sestanovich, New York Times


February 7

Ukraine — In Recording of U.S. Diplomat, Blunt Talk on Ukraine, Anne Gearan, Washington Post

U.S. Diplomacy — Obama’s ambassador nominees are a disservice to diplomacy, Henri J. Barkey, Washington Post

Global economy — The Worldwide Wobble, The Economist

Trade — Europeans Undermining Trade Negotiations, Simon Johnson, New York Times

Illicit Drugs and International Security, Benoit Gomes, Chatham House

Cyber Security — NATO Must Get More Serious on Cyber Security, Julianne Smith, Chatham House

EU — Time to Reset the European Neighborhood Policy, Stefan Lehne, Carnegie Europe

Poland and Europe — Is this the Future of Europe? Opportunities and Risks for Poland in a Union of Insiders and Outsiders, PISM

Bosnia-Bosnia’s Day of Reckoning Demands Bold Action, Edward Joseph, Balkan Insight


February 6

Ukraine — Preparing for a Post-Yanukovich Ukraine, Michael Emerson, CEPS

Germany — Ukraine Crisis Shows Greater Assertiveness of German Foreign Policy, George Friedman and Marc Lanthemann, EurActiv

Russia — Countering Putin’s Push, Andrew A. Michta, The American Interest

U.S. economy — The Future of American Growth, Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate–the-us-will-be-much-richer-than-it-is-today

Defense — 2013’s Top Defense-Spenders, Giri Rajendran, IISS

TTIP — Toward a Transatlantic Energy Alliance? Liberalization of Energy Trade in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, David Koranyi, Huffington Post

NSA — After Snowden, a lesser internet?, David Ignatius, Washington Post

February 5

Ukraine — Getting it Right on Ukraine: Realpolitik vs. Wishful Thinking, Edward Lucas, Center for European Policy Analysis

Defense — French hard power: Living on the strategic edge, Dorothée Fouchaux, American Enterprise Institute

EU foreign policy — A Few Fundamentals of EU Foreign Policy, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

EU foreign policy — European Foreign Policy Scorecard, European Council on Foreign Relations

Trade — Free Trade Disagreement, Thomas B. Edsall, New York TImes

Turkey — Will the readmission agreement bring the EU and Turkey together or pull them apart?, Kema Kirisci, CEPS

Russia — Russia’s Armed Forces on Modernization Course, Margarete Klein and Kristian Pester, SWP

Russia– Inside the Iron Closet: What It’s Like to Be Gay in Putin’s Russia, Jeff Sharlet, GQ


February 4

NATO — Palestinian Leaders Seeks NATO Force in Future State

Hungary — Hungary Has No Business in That Russian Orbit and Neither Does the Ukraine, Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post

Ukraine — Winning Back Ukraine, Michael Leigh, German Marshall Fund

Russia — Russia After Sochi, Stephen Sestanovich, Council on Foreign Relations

Germany — Overseas Role: Germany Must Back Words with Deeds, Christiane Hoffmann, Spiegel

United States — The End of American Exceptionalism, Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

Trade — U.S. Benefits from Trade Deals — Never Mind the Protectionists’ Hype, Charles Lane, Washington Post–never-mind-the-protectionists-hype/2014/02/03/8d374f20-8ceb-11e3-833c-33098f9e5267_story.html


February 3

Ukraine — Who’s Behind Abductions and Tortures in Ukraine?, Jewgen Worobiow, PISM

Russia — Putinism’s Contradictions: Vertical or Horizontal Power?, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Europe — Portugal and Ireland: Exiting Bailouts, but Different Challenges, John Bruton, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Energy — Europe’s Energy Competitiveness, Georg Zachmann and Valeria Cipollone, Bruegel

NATO — NATO at a crossroads, Madeleine Albright and Hans Binnendijk, The Times

Defense — Germany weighs pros and cons of more robust defense policy, EurActiv

Inequality — How We Eat at the Global Table, EurActiv


January 31

Rising Powers — Mutual Assured Dependence, Alejandro Litovsky and Michael Schaefer, Project Syndicate

Rising Powers — 1914 Revisited?, Joseph S. Nye, Project Syndicate–nye-asks-whether-war-between-china-and-the-us-is-as-inevitable-as-many-believe-world-war-i-to-have-been

Ukraine — Time for a Deal in Ukraine, The Editorial Board, New York Times

Ukraine — The EU on Ukraine: Opportunities for Liberalization of the Visa Regime, Kinga Dudzinska and Piotr Kazmierkiewicz, PISM

Russia — Terrorism and Sport: Dangers for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Kacper Rekawek, PISM

European defense — European Defence Monitoring (EDM), Christian Mölling, Marie-Louise Chagnaud, Torben Schütz, Alicia von Voss, SWP

Transatlantic Relations — The Western Alliance in the Digital Age, Wolfgang Ischinger and Tobias Bunde, Project Syndicate


January 30

EU-Ukraine: EU-Ukraine Alliance Will Benefit Russia, Too, Oleh Havrylyshyn and Svitlana Kobzar, RAND

Trade — Obama’s Free-Trade Conundrum, David E. Bonior, New York Times

Trade — The all-too-real costs of free trade to average Americans, Clyde Prestowitz, Los Angeles Times,0,1832709.story#axzz2rsstlfNN

NATO — Ten Ideas for Smarter NATO Missile Defense, Patrick O’Reilly, Atlantic Council

Nuclear Timeline, Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

U.S. Foreign Policy — Obama’s State of the Union Speech and the Seductiveness of Limited Intervention, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings



January 29

NATO — NATO Needs a Southern Strategy, F. Stephen Larrabee and Peter A. Wilson, National Interest

Ukraine — What the West Must Do for Ukraine, John E. Herbst, William Green Miller, Steven K. Pifer and William B. Taylor Jr. New York Times

Russia — Ukrainian Tremors: Putin’s Karma, Andrew Wood, The American Interest

Russia — Russia’s Eastern Direction – Distinguishing the Real from the Virtual, Bobo Lo, Ifri Paris

EU-Russia — Partnership on Ice?, Ian Bond, Centre for European Reform

State of the Union — Barack Obama

U.S. Foreign Policy — Foreign Staid – State and USAID are in need of an overhaul, but you won’t hear it from Obama, Dan Serwer, Foreign Policy

Germany — Foreign Policy Rethink: Germany Weighs Stronger Military Role, Ralf Neukirch and Gordon Repinski, Spiegel

Europe — EU Should Risk More to End Eastern Europe’s Limbo, Thomas de Waal, Bloomberg


January 28

Ukraine — Ukraine PM Tenders Resignation, Parliament Revokes Anti-Protest Laws, Richard Balmforth and Pavel Polityuk, Reuters

Ukraine — Ukraine: The Perpetual Buffer State, George Friedman, RealClearWorld

TTIP — Expert Group to Advise European Commission on EU-US Trade Talks, European Commission

State of the Union — Everything You Need to Know About the State of the Union Address, David A. Graham, The Atlantic

NSA — Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps, James Glanz, Jeff Larson and Andrew W. Lehren, New York Times

Europe — Schäuble Advocates Separate Eurozone Parliament, EurActiv

U.S. Economy — America’s False Dawn, Stephen S. Roach, Project Syndicate–roach-says-that-anyone-trumpeting-a-faster-us-recovery-is-playing-the-wrong-tune

U.S.-Romania — The Pentagon’s Route out of Afghanistan Passes Through a Former CIA Black Site, Dan Lamothe, Foreign Policy



January 27

Ukraine — EU Chairman Blames Yanukovych for ‘Destabilizing’ Ukraine, Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

Ukraine — Ukraine Scenarios and Central Europe, Edward Lucas, Central European Policy Institute

NSA — Edward Snowden tells German TV that NSA is involved in industrial espionage, The Guardian

NSA — Candidates of both parties run vs. NSA, Manu Raju, Politico

Trade — A New Path on Trade Deals, Los Angeles Times,0,6826166.story#axzz2ramrGK7K

U.S. — Is Barack Obama an Imperial President?, Linda Feldmann, Christian Science Monitor

U.S. — 2014 Elections Likely to Keep Capital’s Split, Carl Hulse, New York Times



January 24

Ukraine — Ukraine’s Big Three, Annabelle Chapman, Foreign Affairs

NSA — End the Phone Data Sweeps, New York Times

NSA — U.S. Hints at Edward Snowden plea bargain to allow return from Russia, Paul Lewis, Spencer Ackerman and Dan Roberts, The Guardian

TTIP — Where do we stand on the hottest topics in the current debate?, Speech by Karel De Gucht, EU Trade Commissioner

U.S. economy — An Emerging Market Problem, David Ignatius, Washington Post

Turkey — The U.S. needs to tell Turkey to change course, Morton Abramowitz, Eric Edelman and Blaise Misztal, Washington Post

Security-Preparing for War in a Robotic Age, Robert O. Work and Shawn Brimley, Center for New American Security



January 23

Transatlantic Must-Reads, January 23
Ukraine; NSA; U.S.; Trade

Ukraine — Ukraine Protests: Crisis Talks After Day of Bloodshed, BBC News

NSA — Watchdog Report Says NSA Program is Illegal and Should End, Charlie Savage, New York Times

U.S. — America Is Not in Decline, Its Foreign Policy Is… But It Can (Still) Surprise the World, Andras Simonyi and Erik Brattberg, Huffington Post

U.S. — Syria Still Haunting Obama’s Strategy in the Middle East, Robert E. Hunter, Lobe Log

Trade — Corporation Carte Blance: Will US-EU Trade Become Too Free?, Michaela Schiessl, Spiegel

Trade — An Enduring Legacy – The Democratic Party and Free and Open Trade, Simon Rosenberg, Huffington Post—the_b_4637142.html



January 22

Ukraine – The West must break Ukraine free from Mr. Putin’s grasp, The Washington Post

Syria — Bosnia’s Lessons for Syria, Philippe Leroux-Martin, New York Times

NSA — Europe Must Balance the Digital Hegemon, Annegret Bendiek, SWP

TTIP — Sovereignty Fears Lead to EU-US Trade Rethink, Oliver Wright, The Independent

Europe — EU expected to trim ambitions on environment, Pilita Clark, Financial Times

U.S. — Can Anyone Stop Hillary? Absolutely, James A. Barnes, The Atlantic



January 21

NSA — A New Day at the NSA, Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times,0,6874114.column#axzz2r2B29SgA

NSA — Statement by European Commission Spokeswoman on U.S. President Obama’s remarks on the review of U.S. Intelligence Programmes, European Commission

NSA –Top German Prosecutor Considers NSA Investigation, Spiegel

Europe — The EU, Russia and a Less Common Neighborhood, Susan Stewart, SWP

Cyber Security — EU Cyber Security Policy in the Age of Snowden, EuroWire, Bertelsmann Foundation

Germany — Germany’s Energy Transition: Sunny, Windy, Costly, The Economist

January 17

NSA — Obama to Call for Overhaul of NSA Phone Data Collection Program, Mark Landler and Peter Baker, New York Times

NSA — Why NSA Overreach is Bad for Business Too, Cameron F. Kerry, Politico

Transatlantic Relations — Inseparable, but Not Equal: Assessing U.S.-EU Relations in the Wake of the NSA Surveillance Affair, Johannes Thimm, SWP

Transatlantic Relations — Britain Outside Europe? The Canadian View, Charles C. Pentland, IP Journal

Europe — Consent of a majority of the rest of the EU will be needed if there is to be a new UK-EU relationship, Tim Oliver and John Bruton, LSE

Trade — Free-trade deals such as TPP help the United States, Washington Post

Trade — The U.S. and Environmental Protection in the TPP, USTR


January 16

Ukraine — Implications of the Crisis in Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, Statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Russia — U.S.-Russia Relations in 2013: A Year of Living Ambiguously, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Europe — A Harder Look at Welfare Rules as Europeans Flood Countries in Search of Jobs, Stephen Castle, New York Times

Europe — Green Fade-Out: Europe to Ditch Climate Protection Goals, Gregor Peter Schmitz, Spiegel

U.S. — Obama’s Path From Critic to Overseer of Spying, Peter Baker, New York Times

U.S. — Should the U.S. be Spying on its Allies in the Region?, Gabriel Marcella and William McIlhenny, Americas Quarterly

Turkey — Turkey’s Corruption Probe Crisis: A Blow to the Rule of Law, William Chislett, Real Institute Elcano

Trade — The anti-democratic implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Gordon Lafer, Project Syndicate


January 15

Trade — Leading From the Front on Free Trade, Robert B. Zoellick, Wall Street Journal

Trade — TTIP Negotiations: A Summary of Round 3, Kara Sutton, Bertelsmann Foundation

Europe — Why Europe Can’t Leave Asia to the U.S., Hans Kundnani and Richard Gowan, European Council on Foreign Relations

Germany — ‘The Americans Lied’: Transatlantic ‘No-Spy’ Deal of the Rocks, Veit Medick and Annett Meiritz, Spiege

U.S. — Obama to Place Some Restraints on Surveillance, Peter Baker and Charlie Savage, New York Times

U.S. — The GOP Isn’t The Only Party With an Iraq War Problem, Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

Turkey — Turkey Inside-Out: Old Realities, New Risks, and Strategic Implications, Ian Lesser, GMFUS


January 14

Hungary — Hungary PM to meet Russia’s Putin, nuclear deal likely, Reuters

Trade — Addressing Currency Manipulations Through Trade Agreements, C. Fred Bergsten, Peterson Institute for International Economics

U.S. — What Gates Reveals About Obama, Chicago Tribune,0,7811149.story

U.S. — Is the Country’s Infrastructure Ready for the Energy Evolution?, Adie Tomer, Brookings

Europe — Euro zone output rebounds in Nov, adds to signs of economic recovery, Martin Santa, Reuters

Europe — Europeans Struggle to Set Derivatives Rules, Danny Hakim, New York Times

Balkans — Balkan Energy: A Year in Review, Margarita Assenova, Jamestown Foundation[tt_news]=41814&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=4d54312f417f30f8adf62b161f70fef7#.UtUxg_apZFQ


January 13

Ukraine — Stalemate on the Maidan, Janek Lasocki, European Council on Foreign Relations

Ukraine — U.S. Drafts Ukraine Sanctions, As EU Mulls New Talks, Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

U.S. — Iran to Implement Nuclear Deal as Obama Repeats Congress Sanctions Plea, Paul Lewis, The Guardian

Europe: Deflation in Europe–On the Road to Double-Dipped Recession or Deflation?, Guillermo Calvo, The Economist

Turkey — In Scandal, Turkey’s Leaders May Be Losing Their Tight Grip on News Media, Tim Arango, New York Times<>

NSA — We Need A New Jurisprudence of Anonymity, Jed Rubenfeld, Washington Post

TTIP — French Senators Strongly Attack EU-US Trade Deal, Euractiv

TTIP — Will TTIP Harm The Global Trading System?, Katynka Barisch and Michael Heise, Yale Global Online

Eastern Europe — The EU, Russia and a Less Common Neighbourhood, Susan Stewart, SWP

Russia — Russia’s Eastern Direction–Distinguishing the Real from the Virtual, Bobo Lo, IFRI


January 10

NSA — Obama Seeks Balance in Plan for Spy Programs, Peter Baker and Charlie Savage, New York Times

NSA — Congressmen Reveal Secret Report’s Findings to Discredit Snowden, Foreign Policy

Global economy — International Impacts of the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing Program, Arvind Subramanian, Peterson Institute for International Economics

France — Can Francois do a Gerhard?, The Economist

Europe — Europe’s Supernova Moment, Jochen Bittner, New York Times


January 9

U.S. — Robert Gates: The Iraq War Undermined U.S. Efforts in Afghanistan, Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

U.S. — The End of Moderates, and What it Means, Sean Sullivan, Washington Post

Germany — U.S. Treasury Secretary Urges Germany to Do More on Banks and Economy, Melissa Eddy, New York Times

Turkey — Turkey’s Democratic Mirage, Steven A. Cook, Foreign Affairs

Turkey — A Brother’s Vengeance: The Preacher Who Could Topple Erdogan, Maximilian Popp, Der Spiegel

Russia — Russia’s Growing Middle East Influence, Anna Borshchevskaya, CNN

Europe — The New EU Climate and Energy Package: Passing the Test? Andrei Marcu and Christian Egenhofer, CEPS

Europe — The Year the EU Sets Its Future Course, Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe

Europe — How Europe’s Far-Right Will – And Won’t – Flourish in 2014, Matthew Goodwin, New Statesman

Europe — The EU’s Role in Shaping Asia’s Security, Yeo Lay Hwee and Gudrun Wacker, Europe’s World

Transatlantic Relations — Online Privacy Could Spark U.S.-EU Trade Rift, Sam Schechner, Wall Street Journal


January 8

Russia — Why Putin’s Defense of “Traditional Values” is Really a War on Freedom, James Kirchik, Foreign Policy

Russia — The Kremlin’s Euromaidan Calculus, Donald N. Jensen, Institute of Modern Russia

Russia — Russia’s ‘Spare Individuals’, Maxim Trudolyubov, New York Times

Hungary — Hungary Before the Election: Interview with Charles Gati, Hungarian Spectrum

Greece — Economic Health: Has Greece Turned a Corner?, Christoph Pauly, Gregor Peter Schmitz and Christoph Schult, Spiegel

Great Britain — Scotland Secession Could Lead to The Re-Balkanization of Europe, George Robertson, Chicago Tribune,0,4934998.story

Europe — EU Study Predicts Clean Energy, Climate Failure by 2050, Euractiv

Europe — EU Migration: The Gates Are Open, The Economist

Europe — The Plight of the Roma: Europe’s Unwanted People, Spiegel

U.S. — 2013: Obama Rising, Robert E. Hunter, Lobe Log

U.S. — Robert Gates Offers Harsh Critique of Obama’s Leadership, Bob Woodward, Washington Post

U.S. — ‘Rising Rest’ Affect U.S. Development Aid, Patrick Quirk, Transatlantic Academy

U.S. — Three Foreign Policy Opportunities in 2014, Richard Fontaine, Center for a New American Security

NSA — Edward Snowden, in Shades of Grey, Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times,0,3522923.column#axzz2poEy9yRx

January 7

Russia — Putin is Basking in an ‘Astonishing Leadership Vacuum,’ Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Garry Kasparov, TIME

Russia — Why 2013 Was Big for Russia, Margot Light, RealClearWorld

Great Britain — What Does Britain Want From an EU Renegotiation, and What Terms Would It Get If It Left?, John Bruton, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Europe — European Commission Braces for Bitter Battle Over New Chief, Ian Traynor, The Guardian

Europe — Crisis Management: Europe Eyes Anglo-Saxon Model with Envy, Henrik Müller, Spiegel

U.S. — Yellen Wins Backing of Senators to Lead Fed, Annie Lowrey, New York Times

U.S. — The President’s Hump Year, Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times,0,1450888.column#axzz2piHn46gw

U.S. — America’s Social Democratic Future, Lane Kenworthy, Foreign Affairs

U.S. — Tea Party: Is the Party Over?, Democracy

U.S. — How ‘polarized’ is the American electorate?, Greg Sargent, Washington Post

Czech Republic — Czech Parties Agree to Form Center-Left Coalition, Dan Bilefsky, New York Times

Germany — New Power, New Responsibility: Elements of German Foreign and Security Policy for a Changing World, SWP and German Marshall Fund

January 6

Russia — Washington and Moscow: Brothers in Arms?, Dov S. Zakheim, National Interest

Russia — A Good Week for Some Political Prisoners in Russia… a Bad One for Russian Democracy, Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post

Russia — Putin’s Rearguard Battle, Shlomo Ben-Ami, Project Syndicate

Ukraine — Why Did Ukraine’s Eurolution Fail? Vijai Makeshwari, The Daily Beast

Turkey — Erdogan’s Economic Model Comes Under Pressure, Financial Times

Turkey — Icarus and Erdogan’s Corruption Scandal, Henri J. Barkey, Foreign Policy

Global economy — The Great Malaise Drags On, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Project Syndicate–stiglitz-predicts-continued-slow-growth-and-misguided-economic-policy-in-2014

Global economy — Calm Seas in Europe in 2014?, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Peterson Institute

NSA — The Al Qaeda Switchboard, Lawrence Wright, The New Yorker

NSA — For Surveillance Program, A Lifeline – and Limbo, Jonathan Allen and Josh Gerstein, Politico

NSA — Senator Paul wants light punishment of Snowden for NSA leaks, Reuters

U.S. — What’s Ahead in Politics in 2014, Molly Ball, The Atlantic

U.S. — The Budget Deficit as Seen From 2009, Bruce Bartlett, New York Times

TTIP — EU Chief Negotiator says EU-US Trade Deal Not About Deregulation, European Commission


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