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WAR: “Obama lit the match in Ferguson”

(by Wayne Allyn Root, WND) — There is something very wrong. I can feel it. Can’t you?

The unrest and rioting is getting worse in Ferguson. Get used to it. More unrest is on the way … soon to a street near you. Obama never lets a good crisis go to waste. For Obama, this is the perfect crisis.

August 9. That was the day that a young black male was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri. That was 10 days ago. The situation has smoldered for 10 long days. Monday night two people were shot, 31 arrested.

This situation could have been defused 10 days ago with an appearance by the president. Barack Obama isn’t just any president; he’s the first black president. The young man killed by police was a black male. The smoldering town is predominantly black. The angry crowds are black Americans. A few words from Obama while standing on the ground in Ferguson could have put this smoldering fire out days ago.

Obama could have stopped this fire from getting out of control at any time of his choosing. So where was Obama? Why doesn’t he want to put the fire out?

My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” is all about the accelerating decline and destruction of America under Barack Obama. Nothing Obama does is by mistake. Everything has a purpose. Everything fits an agenda to “fundamentally change America.” Obama never lets a crisis go to waste. He uses every crisis to distract the people. Don’t look now, but Ferguson is the perfect crisis, at the perfect time. This one came on a silver platter!

What is Obama distracting us from? Pick a story, any story. America is crumbling on all fronts. Jobs. The economy. Immigration. Obamacare. Israel. Putin. ISIS. It’s all going bad. Fast.

The economy is in crisis (there’s that word again). The decline for middle-class Americans gets worse by the day. The only jobs being reported by government and their media lapdogs are crummy part-time jobs that keep the employee dependent on government. Obamacare is a disaster. Health insurance premiums are up 88 percent in California. They are up more since Obamacare took effect than in the eight prior years COMBINED. Obamacare is bankrupting the middle class ad therefore destroying the economy.

The Southern border of the United States is under attack. Obama refuses to put up a wall. He refuses to deport the thousands showing up every day. He’s assigning them lawyers. He is relocating thousands of illegal-alien gang-bangers at the border into middle class neighborhoods and schools near you. These aren’t sweet kids. They are hardened criminals and drug dealers with tattoos from head to toe. At the same time Obama chose to release tens of thousands of violent illegal alien felons from America’s prisons.

And worldwide, the meltdown is even worse. The world under Obama is on fire. Pick a zone, any zone. Israel, Syria, Iran, ISIS in Iraq, Ukraine. Disaster is unfolding across the globe. America, American interests, American exceptionalism, Christianity itself … they are all under attack. Obama is the first president in history to put a hold on arms shipments to Israel in the middle of a life-or-death conflict. Our enemies are emboldened.

So how do you hide and distract the masses from this unfolding multi-pronged disaster? How do you try to change landslide losses in the upcoming midterm elections? You change the game. You create strife and division. Racial division. It’s the perfect cover.

Watch tonight’s news. Count the minutes on all these stories versus Ferguson. It’s Obama’s dream come true! The perfect distraction. Heck, not only is Ferguson eating up all the air in the room, but Brian Williams and the NBC national news was coming from Ferguson last night. Can you imagine if unrest, rioting and looting spreads to cities across America? It will dominate the news for weeks, pushing all Obama’s disasters off the air.

Obama has stirred the pot for six years now. Black against white. Rich against poor. Men against women. Republicans against Democrats. Private sector against public servants. Taxpayers against the tax takers. Obama needs “division.” Race warfare. Class warfare. Anger. Resentment. Civil war. America is bursting at the seams. It’s all part of the agenda. It’s all part of the Cloward-Piven plan we learned as classmates at Columbia University, Class of ’83. Obama desperately needs to distract the people to carry out his plan to destroy this country. He is following the plan to a T.

Enter Ferguson, Missouri. The first black president has had 10 days to defuse unrest among black protesters in Ferguson. He could have ended this any time in the last 10 days.

Obama has had 10 days to point out that thousands of blacks are killed by other blacks every year – with no protests, no unrest, no crowds. Ten days to point out that in one weekend in Chicago there are often 25 blacks killed by other blacks and dozens shot and injured – without a word of protest.

Ten days to point out that there are no facts in about this case. That no one knows if this kid (Michael Brown) was in fact innocent, or if he was charging a police officer, high on drugs, after a strong-arm robbery, and after already punching the cop and trying to grab his gun. Obama could have pointed out that this is no cut-and-dried case of police brutality or racism. There isn’t a shred of evidence to indicate race had anything to do with this shooting.

But that’s not part of the plan. Ferguson just happened to come along at the perfect time. It’s exactly what Obama needed. Ferguson is the perfect match to light the fire. Here is the perfect opportunity to divide the nation, to incite unrest and violence across America.

If the American people are fighting each other, they won’t see what is really happening to the country. And think of the bonuses here. Obama could use spreading unrest to declare martial law. This crisis could accelerate Obama’s plans times a thousand. Cloward and Piven are smiling. Saul Alinsky is nodding. Karl Marx is applauding.

Ferguson is just the start. Obama has lit the match. America is on fire.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/obama-lit-the-match-in-ferguson/#z0RpbS0tQFGbGmDj.99


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