mean while obama uses our tax dollars to fund these terrorist Obama Issues Press Release in the Hope of Providing Him Pathetic Cover for Expected Additional Beheadings

Published August 21, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Obama Issues Press Release in the Hope of Providing Him Pathetic Cover for Expected Additional Beheadings

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Another presidential first: Obama released an embarrassing report of a failed mission to provide cover and excuse for the expected beheadings of additional journalists.

There are 20 more journalists kidnapped by jihadists in addition to Steve Sokoloff. Obama released this pathetic failure (giving the enemy another boost) in anticipation of additional beheadings.

Mind you, Obama was informed of journalist James Foley’s scheduled execution a week ago – but preferred to play golf. Obama was aware of James Foley’s location before his death, claims the murdered journalist’s former boss, who says he hired an international security firm to locate the kidnapped reporter.

GlobalPost CEO, Philip Balboni, said today that his organization knew of Foley’s whereabouts in Syria and said it was safe to assume the US government knew of it too.

The media executive also said Secretary of State John Kerry had been personally involved at some level of the search or negotiations for Foley’s return, but refused to go into details.

In a press conference, Balboni revealed he had personally spent ‘millions’ trying to retrieve Foley, 40, but the journalist was ultimately shown ‘no mercy’ by his captors who beheaded him and posted the grisly video online on Tuesday.

Speaking from Boston, Balboni also revealed that Foley’s family had been emailed by ISIS last Wednesday and informed that the terror group intended to execute the reporter in retaliation for US bombing in support of Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq.

“NEAR MISS: US tried, failed to rescue American hostages held by ISIS in Syria” FOX, August 20, 2014

PRESIDENT OBAMA sent US special forces to Syria earlier this summer to rescue a number of Americans held by ISIS, believed to include journalist James Foley, but did not find the hostages, the Obama administration says.
US military ramps up airstrikes in Iraq, weighs additional troops after execution video
2011 letter shows how James Foley’s faith gave him strength | Parents recall ‘hero’ son
Former US ambassador to Iraq: ISIS taunting US | Britain vows to stop ISIS recruiting
ISIS threatens to behead second American journalist | Twitter trying to block Foley killing images


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