NSA Devil Worshipers Involved In The NWO Takeovers, MKULTRA & Missing Crown of Liechtenstein

Published August 20, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

NSA Devil Worshipers Involved In The NWO Takeovers, MKULTRA & Missing Crown of Liechtenstein Posted on November 14, 2010 Yesterday I finished assembling some videos presenting key points about people, organizations, and things like MKULTRA mind control that are tied to the takeovers we face today. The first video is about the large scale 1960s infiltration of our National Security Agency by Devil Worshipers known to be working long range takeover of the United States (and world). See NSA Devil Worshipers Tagged Posts. One of the several reasons why I’m posting materials on the NSA Devil Worshipers is because I’m trying to expose an NSA Devil Worshiper who operated in Round Lake and elsewhere in Lake County, IL. She also operated in Kenosha and Racine counties in Wisconsin, McHenry County, IL and a few other states that I know a little about from her own mouth over 30 years ago. That NSA Devil Worshiper, The Witch, was using the stolen Ducal Crown of Liechtenstein on her God damn witch’s altar. See this page for a list of my posts about The Witch, aka The Snake Lady. Also see Why Devil Worshipers Have The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein. See 1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & My Sighting of Liechtenstein Missing Crown for more details of my sighting of The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein. The videos on this page also concern these NSA Devil Worshipers doing secret mind control experimentation on citizens (especially children), and their work to develop MKULTRA mind control to be delivered via microwave frequencies piggybacked over TV & radio signals. Brainwave Frequency Following Response can be applied via open air broadcast, no antenna needed. See 23 U.S. Patented Mind Control Related Devices (1956 – 2003) and see Videos About Mind Control Weapons, Technology & Devices. The first video mentions the long range takeover plans by devil worshipers under NSA (National Security Agency) Michael Aquino’s guidance, and infiltration of the NSA by those devil worshiper groups. The report is from an old news expose. The video also details Aquino’s role in the development of MKULTRA mind control being piggybacked by satellite over TV & radio signals. This is a big issue and you’ll see related material later. I made the video from clips taken from more than one expose. Aquino- NSA Devil Worshiper on long range takeover with satellite mind control: NSA mind control of Americans masterminded by Michael Aquino: So that is one group involved with the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein, the MKULTRA experiments that have been, and are still being, done to us, and the long range takeovers. There are more videos and the full length versions of the videos on my You Tube channel. temple of set (image above): Aquino’s Temple of Set website. Aquino founded The Temple Of Set, but he left it in 2010. Aquino is currently known to be hanging out at the 600 Club, an online community for devil worshipers. 9,000 Nazi scientists were secretly brought here by the Joint Chiefs of Staff after World War II to conduct MKULTRA and other experimentation on us. The video below tells the story. Short Intro to History of MKULTRA in America conducted by 9000 Nazis: This entry was originally posted in Communists, Messages to We The People, Press Releases, Round Lake IL, Swords of Truth, Takeover Plan Issues and tagged Communist infiltrators, Communists, Helen Miller, Lake County IL, Missing Crown of Liechtenstein, MKULTRA, NSA Devil Worshipers, The Witch, traitors Information on this site is freely given, hopefully you found it useful. However, web servers cost money. Please help out by making a donation, even just a little one. Thank You.


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