BREAKING: Israel Promises No More Cease Fires… They’re Going to Destroy Hamas

Published August 13, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

BREAKING: Israel Promises No More Cease Fires… They’re Going to Destroy Hamas

by Voice of Reason



Personally, I have NO PROBLEM with Israel turning Palestine into a giant GLASS PARKING LOT! Furthermore, I am repulsed by the statements of Valerie Jarrett, who I’d expect nothing less from, and Geraldo, who I held in much higher esteem. Let me boil this down for imbeciles that don’t get it. What happened when Germany bombed England in World War II? What happened when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor? 


Even more recently, when the World Trade Center was taken down by Islamic Terrorists and killed 3000 Americans, what did we do? We engaged in a 10-Year $1 TRILLION dollar war (one which Barack single handedly grasped defeat from the jaws of victory no less). 


Now, Hamas is launching THOUSANDS of missiles into Israel into civilian areas, and the world expects Israel to exercise restraint? If 6,000 missiles got lobbed into NYC next year, how do you think the launching country would prevail? We’d wipe them off the map. Meanwhile, Israel is dropping leaflets with the times they will be bombing so innocents can evacuate… has that EVER been done before? The fact people are publicly blaming Israel is ABSURD and antisemetic to say the least. I hope they turn Palestine into a glass parking lot. Use one of these:


Nuclear Explosion


Don’t piss and moan to me about schools and hospitals that are gettig bombed either. How many schools and hospitals do you think we hit in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? My guess is we took out a few in the 250,000 innocent civilians WE killed.




[Audio/Video below cannot be seen in Newsletter – have to go to Blog]

It looks like Israel is about to do what they should’ve done years ago: Take out Hamas for good.6

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just gave a internationally-televised speech discussing what’s next for Israel in this conflict, and afterwards.

He said that one thing is clear: There won’t be any more cease-fires. And given that Hamas has violated each one almost immediately, no one can blame Israel for this move.

Netanyahu said that Israel won’t stop fighting until all Hamas terror tunnels are completely destroyed, no matter how long it takes.

He also called on the world to stand and support Israel against Hamas, saying, “Will you stand with Israel? Or will you just stand idle in the face of these murderous terrorist organizations?”

He took note of the fact that Hamas’s number one enemy today is Israel, but the ultimate goal is worldwide jihad. Today Hamas attacks Israel… but tomorrow it could very well be America.9

Not to neglect the innocent deaths that have been caused during this conflict, he expressed deep remorse for all Palestinian civilian casualties. But he also reminded the world that Israel has no option than to defend itself, and can’t be deterred from destroying Hamas.

In a stunning move that could only be made by a state that is truly moral, that after the tunnels are destroyed and Hamas’s capabilities are taken out, Israel will help rebuild Gaza.

This is exactly why we should support Israel. Not only are they a peaceful people who are going out of their way to avoid civilian casualties while acting in self-defense, but they’re not acting like victors over a conquered territory. Instead, they’re hoping to rebuild the lives of Gazans… without the radical Islamists trying to destroy Israel and the West.

Read the article here at Conservative Tribune Here:




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