Rick Perry: It’s Time to Protect Christians and Completely Destroy the “Islamic S

Published August 10, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Rick Perry: It’s Time to Protect Christians and Completely Destroy the “Islamic State”

August 9, 2014

Texas Governor Rick Perry and President Barack Obama don’t agree on much. They certainly disagree about the best way to protect Americans from the flood of illegal immigration coming across the Texas border with Mexico, for example.

Obama would probably also disagree with Perry’s recent description of Obama’s disastrous foreign policy in the middle east and elsewhere, including Libya, Egypt, Iran, Syria, and Ukraine.

But they do agree on one thing: American airstrikes against the radical terrorists of the “Islamic State” in Iraq are the right thing to do.

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Red State reports that Perry said among the reasons to protect the Kurdistan region of Iraq from the ISIS terrorists is the large number of Iraqi Christians there.

Click here to read one young Iraqi Christian woman’s plea for help from America.

Perry advocates a “strong response” to the brutality of the Islamic State barbarians, who persecute not only Christians, but also Shiite Muslims, women, and any who disagree with their radical tenants. “It is very appropriate for us to be the hunter and them to be the hunted,” the Texas governor said.

U.S. Special operations teams are already on the ground in Iraq, but Perry says he is not advocating for anything beyond the use of “aviation assets” against the Islamic terrorists, at least at the current time.

The Texas Republican says America’s goal should be clear, however: “remove the threat of ISIS.”

The Obama administration’s foreign policies have, indeed, led to decreased stability and increased chaos around the globe, and his withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 precipitated the current threat faced by Iraq and, indeed, the entire region.

Dealing with the Islamic State will certainly require more than airstrikes and more, in fact, than unilateral American action. But the strikes are a step in the right direction to reverse this administration’s ruinous foreign policy.

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