Posters in Rome: “Do not buy from Jews!”

Published August 10, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Posters in Rome: “Do not buy from Jews!”

rome anti-semitism


The only thing missing is Mussolini. This is an epidemic fueled wholy by Islamic Jew hatred.

“The European countries must protect the Jews within their territory. Otherwise, terror will eventually reach you,” a Member of Knesset told European diplomats a couple of weeks ago.  The Danish, Swedish and Dutch ambassadors to Israel, as well as officials from the embassies of Britain, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Germany, took part in an urgent meeting last month of the Knesset’s Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee on the situation of the Jews in Europe.

So what’s being done?

Posters in Rome: “Do not buy from Jews!” (updated)


Early Saturday morning, areas of Rome were plastered with posters saying “Do not buy from Jews!” with a list of 50 Jewish-owned stores to be boycotted.

Using the Gaza war as their excuse for hate, a group called “Vita Est Militia” signed the posters.
rome anti-semitism

rome 2

The poster says explicitly “non comprare dagli ebrei!” which means “Do not buy from Jews!”

Here is a translation of part of it (h/t JM):

Boycott Israel!
Contribute to ending the massacre of the Palestinian people!

The boycott of every kind of Jewish merchant and product is fundamental to ending the massacre in Palestine. Every industry, factory, and shop owned by Jews dedicates a percentage of its turnover to Israel, in order to supply it with weapons and in order to continue killing people that have the right to live in their own homeland! To buy from these DISGRACES is to contribute to the killing of thousands of women, children and senior citizens, that have to struggle to stay on a land, a land stolen with violence that is transforming every street into a trench, raping women, burning babies and destroying homes. To avoid the continuation of this:


Ironically, this explicitly antisemitic poster is illustrated with a cartoon by antisemitic artist Latuff that claims that any criticism of Israel is silenced by calling it antisemitism.
rome 3

A couple of weeks ago, there was a spate of antisemitic graffiti in Rome that included swastikas and this one that translates to “dirty Jews:”

rome 4

The mayor of Rome and many other top officials condemned the acts.

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