Allah is DEFINITELY NOT the same god as the God of Israel, who is also the Christian God, the Father

Published August 10, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Allah is DEFINITELY NOT the same god as the God of Israel, who is also the Christian God, the Father

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Submitted by Dr RJP (United States), Oct 2, 2006 at 16:44

I know the God of Israel, and Allah is not that God. This is NOT an insult to Muslims, but to say that Allah is the same God as the God of Israel IS AN INSULT TO JEWS AND CHRISTIANS!

Besides the fact that most scholars identify Allah as a Moon God, there is no way on Earth (or in Heaven) that the God of Israel is the same god as Allah…even though Muslims consider Abraham to be their patriarch just as Jews do. It is with how Muslims view Abraham that Judaism and Islam are forever irreconcilable for reasons mentioned below.

iF Muslims are worshipping Allah as described in the Koran — the whole Koran — as opposed to the God of Israel as described in the Torah — then they are, MOST DEFINITELY NOT worshipping the same God.

How can anyone conclude that Muslims are actually worshipping the God of israel given how Muslims have treated Jews for the past 1,400 years, treatment condoned by Suras in the Koran calling for Muslims to subjugate Jews, enslave Jews, kill Jews, or, at the very least, avoid them like the Plague? How can anyone say, with a straight face, that Allah is really Hashem, the One True God who took the Hebrews out of Egypt to become a mighty nation?

The God of Israel proclaimed that Ishmail, the son that Abraham conceived with his housekeeper, Hagar,
would be “a wild man whose hand would be against all others.” The God of Israel did, indeed, promise to make a mighty nation from Ishmael’s seed — which He has done — but the promise of being God’s People and the recipients of the land of Canaan — was made only to Isaac, the son that Abraham conceived with his wife, Sarah. Isaac is the true heir to God’s Covenant. Muslims claim that Ishmail is the one.

They cannot be both right, and if you read the Torah, there is one and only one conclusion: the descendants of Isaac are the Chosen One and the Land of Canaan is the Promised Land.

In other words, the “Arabs” are the occupiers of Jewish land and not the reverse. The God gave this land to the Jews. Muslims claim that Allah gave this land to Muslims.

Again, they cannot be boih right.

To put it very simply: NO WAY! NO HOW!

What happened was that Muslims took all of the stories from Judaism and turned them on their heads, like claiming that Ishmail was the one who was sacrificed instead of Isaac, and that the descendents of Ishmail are the Chosen People.

Again, I reiterate: by me saying that Allah and the God of israel are not the same, I am NOT making an insult to Muslims, but for Muslims to say that their god, Allah, is the same one as the God of Israel IS A MAJOR INSULT TO JEWS (and Christians) AND IS BLASPHEMOUS, pure and simple.

Do not worry, though. Jews (or Christians) will not react to this insult by going on a rampage, burning mosques, attacking Muslims, or committing any acts of violence. Jdaism, and by extension, Christianity, are the religions of peace.

With all due respect to Muslims (and I really do respect Muslims, at least those who see Jews as their friends and kindred spirits), your god, Allah, is NOT my God, and never will be my God. If you are worhsipping my God, then you would know that He is quite different from Allah.

PLEASE keep in mind that all of its ideas about “peace, liberty, social justice, moral values, and especially the treatment of nonbelivers” came straight from the Jewish Bible, the Torah. more than two millenia before the Koran was ever written. In regards to these principles, there is nothing uniquely Islamic about them.

What is really uniquely Islamic is the idea of a “Holy War” to subjugate the world to the will of Allah. There are no parallels in Judaism.

The God of Israel calls upon Jews to be “a light unto the nations.” This is not a call to torch all other nations, but to teach them.

The God of Israel would NEVER call for stealing the possessions, the property, the wealth, the freedoms, and the lives of nonbelievers. ON THE CONTRARY, the God of Israel calls upon Jews to treat nonbelievers as if they were one of them. The God of Israel calls upon Jews to deal kindly with nonbelievers.

“Love thy neighbor,” is a Jewish idea, and I am still waiting for Israel’s neighbors to treat it with love and kindness.

Judaism teaches respect for all religions, and admonishes Jews not begrudge others for their religion, or to keep them from exercizing their religion.

Muslims preach just the opposite: Jews cannot openly worship in Jerusalem, the holiest site of their religion. In Muslim countries around the world, Jews are banned from practicing their faith. In Saudi Arabia, Jews are banned from even owning a Torah!

When Jordan occupied Jerusalem (the capital of ancient Israel) between 1948 and 1967, Jews were banned from visiting Jerusalem, the holiest site in their religion.

Would the God of Israel ban Jews from visiting His holy city and His holy house?

Imagine if Jews banned Muslims from visiting Mecca!!

The blooodlust called for by Allah in the Koran with promises of heavenly riches and sexual debauchery is totally foreign to the peace and love called for by the God of Israel (and God, the Father). Also, the Jewish Heaven is quite different from the Islamic one.

If Muslims are actually worshipping the God of Israel instead of the one called Allah in the Koran, then they would not refer to Jews as the “People of the Book,” as if they were foreigners and totally unlike Muslims.

If Muslims are actually worshipping the God of Israel, then the Torah would be their holy book, and NOT the Koran.Likewise, they would not be exhorting Muslims to avoid Jews, or to make Jews pay a tax, or to prevent Jews from worshipping their God, or hating them, or destroying their property, or taking their lives. Yet, that is exactly what is happening in Muslim countries (or Muslim entities like the Palestinian Authority) on the planet.

Speaking of Palestinians, if the God of Israel and Allah were the same, would He allow them to destroy His Childrens’ holy places like Rachel and Joseph’s tomb, or to destroy his people’s houses of worship and to burn His books? Would He condone the teaching of the most vile subject matter about Jews to their children? Would the God of Israel reward homicide bomnbers from blowing up Jewish women and children?

If Muslims worshipped the God of Israel, then they would understand and validate the eternal covenant between God and the Jews, and they would recognize where and what was the Temple of Solomon, and the fact that the Al-Aksa mosque was built squarely on top of God’s House on Earth. They would also understand that the Land of Israel was given to the Jews, and the Jews alone, by the God of israel as part of His eternal covenant.

But, NO. Muslims have totally rewitten Jewish history to fit their own. They have concocted this despicable lie that God went back on His promise to the Jewish people, and therefore, Muslims should treat eah and every Jew with contempt, AS WELL AS, the holy places of their God.

Oops…that would be their God, too, and their holy places too, right?


OUR GOD does not go back on HIs promises.

If Muslims worshipped the God of Israel, then they would have heeded His call to not have any other gods before Him. For that matter, every other commandment would have been followed, such as “Thou shalt not lie,” “Thou shalt not steal,” “Thou shalt not commit murder,” and “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” to name a few.

The Islamic empire was not known to follow any of these with regards to Jews and other nonbelievers.

NO, sorry. Anyone who equates Allah with the God of Israel knows absolutely nothing about the God of Israel, the Torah, or Judaism for that matter.

Maybe in the very beginnings of islam when it was a theological spinoff of Judaism and Christianity. But, the nature of Islam changed radically from the early days. Our GOD is a God who never changes His mind to suit a situation, and who does not say one thing and do another.

Which part of “I will bless those who bless you (the Jews) and curse those who curse you (the Jews) ,” do Muslims not understand, vis-a-vis their relationship with Jews?

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