Border Patrol Agent and Vice-President of the National Border Patrol Council Shawn Moran revealed on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom Friday that illegal immigrants are coming to the United States “to do horrible things.”  Host Bill Hemmer asked Moran what the Border Patrol is up against.

Moran: We’re up against close to 50 years of a lack of border enforcement by the U.S. government. We have two political parties that are unwilling to take real enforcement action and we’ve had two administrations in a row that have gutted enforcement actions by the U.S. Border Patrol, by I.C.E. agents, and that do not allow us to actually go out there and do our job. We are handcuffed at every single turn.

Hemmer commented about how the thousands of children coming to the border are diverting Border Patrol Agents’ attention away from the duties of protecting the border which “allows the thugs and the criminal element to do whatever they want.”



The recent murder of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega by two illegal immigrants, who had been deported multiple times, is an example of the lax border enforcement.

Moran: These are not people just coming here to work, as the so-called line is fed to us.  These people are coming here to do horrible things.  And I think the murder of Agent Vega shows what these people are capable of.