During an appearance with former first lady Laura Bush, Michelle Obama addressed a crowd gathered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Attendees reportedly included primarily the spouse of high-ranking African officials and was organized part of this week’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. Obama expressed the importance of women becoming active in the public realm.



“We can’t waste the spotlight,” she told the prominent women in the crowd. “It is temporary and life is short.”

She even borrowed one of her husband’s campaign themes.

“Change is needed,” she asserted.

She then took the women’s empowerment rhetoric to a new level, however, by embracing not only her gender’s equality but its superiority.

“And women are smarter than men,” she declared.

Though her comment was met by some audience laughter, moderator Cokie Roberts chimed in with her support.

“There is that,” she said. “That just goes without saying.”

Obama concluded that men are helpless to prevent the encroaching misandry due to a growing female population worldwide.

“And the men can’t complain because they’re outnumbered today,” she said.