Border Patrol Agent: We Were ORDERED to Release Criminals

Published August 7, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Border Patrol Agent: We Were ORDERED to Release Criminals

August 2, 2014

United States Border Patrol agents have been increasingly quitting their jobs, many in protest over the insane policies being pushed by the Obama administration, policies which put the agents in danger.

They are being overworked with little help, and have a multitude of rules they must follow which place them at a disadvantage.   As if that isn’t enough, Border Patrol agents are increasingly coming under attack, many times by the criminal cartels and corrupt Mexican military working together.

Despite the cries of “the children” from the media and Democrats, a significant portion of the illegal flow across the border are actually young men with gang ties and criminal records.  Policy dictates that they must be released, even though many are rapists and murderers.

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According to the Daily Mail, documentary filmmaker Chris Burgard has spent quite a bit of time on the border, and has documented many horrific things, such as corpses of illegal immigrants left behind by their ‘coyotes’ that were supposed to lead them to safety.

Another thing noticed by Burgard is the increase in illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern and African countries, as well as China.  In fact, so many Chinese are coming across the border illegally now, that the Border Patrol has begun posting signs in Mandarin, as well as Spanish and English.

But the biggest issue that is causing Border Patrol agents the most trouble is the cartel and criminal element that is crossing the border now.  Many of the so-called “children” that we are supposed to feel heartbroken for are not toddlers, but males aged 15-25, who claim to be under 18.  A majority of them are gang affiliated, and have committed crimes in their home countries.

‘Before the tidal wave of women and children hit the border,’ Burgard told MailOnline, ‘cartels say they were getting about 50 per cent of their personnel across. Since Border Patrol has been hit with this wave of human shields, cartels are now claiming to get up to 90 per cent of their people across.’

He also shared an interview he had shot with a 27-year veteran of the Border Patrol, who recently quit due to the current conditions he was having to work under.

‘I retired early because I was told I had to release a group of criminals because they may be DREAM Act people,’ the agent says, his face shielded because he feared reprisals.

‘I just could not see releasing these people who were convicted of crimes back into American society. I voiced my opinion. I was told basically to just shut up and do what I was told.’

This is absolutely insane.  It is one thing to feel compassion and want to do everything possible to help the real children who are coming across the border, and very few would argue against that.  It is completely another thing to leave common sense by the wayside, and force our Border Patrol to step aside and allow known criminal gang and cartel members to enter the country and go free.

We should be able to at least agree that criminal gang and cartel members should be immediately sent back across the border, if not locked up for their misdeeds, and not released into the interior of the country, where they can continue their criminal ways.

This is national suicide.  Obama is inviting the criminal element into our country, all in a politically motivated effort to change the electorate of states like Texas, and to continue the process of overloading the welfare system.

This must be stopped.  We must deploy National Guard troops and even regular US military on our border immediately, to create a deterrent to the criminal cartels that are moving back and forth across our border with impunity.

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter if you agree that it is insane to allow criminals and gang members to enter our country illegally, and to allow them to stay.


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