VIDEO: Religious Minority Member of Iraqi Parliament collapses in tears after calling upon world to save her people from jihad, Iraq’s religious minorities are being slaughtered as ISIS just captured the last town giving them shelter

Published August 6, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

VIDEO: Religious Minority Member of Iraqi Parliament collapses in tears after calling upon world to save her people from jihad, Iraq’s religious minorities are being slaughtered as ISIS just captured the last town giving them shelter



Reports from the region describe an unfolding tragedy with young women being abducted, religious monuments destroyed, and the Islamic State’s flag now hanging over government buildings…. more here.

While the Obama administration and the international community work themselves into a frenzy over Israel’s self-defense against the same jihad that the rest of the world faces, the Islamic State continues its relentless ethnic cleansing of religious minorities under the enforcement of the Sharia.

Obama should have been aiding and arming the Kurds who have taken in the religious minorities fleeing the genocidal Muslim armies of the Islamic State.

Even the French government offered asylum to Iraqi Christians forced to flee by the devout Muslim group in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Obama? Nothing.

Neither President Obama nor any of his jihad-aligned cabinet has said anything about  “the epic humanitarian and human-rights catastrophe.”

NRO:  The Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, is continuing its two-month-old rampage across northern Iraq’s large, multi-cultural Nineveh province, intensifying religious cleansing and further consolidating its power. Nineveh’s Assyrian Christians report that Sunnis from throughout Iraq – including some from Kurdistan — have joined the some 10,000 jihadists to fight under the black banner of the Islamic State.While much attention is being given to the destruction of Nineveh’s ancient monuments, the suffering of the province’s religious minorities at the hands of the jihadists is being given short shrift by both the media and our political leaders. Individual lives and entire civilizations are being destroyed, not in conflict – there hasn’t been much — but through the deliberate convert-or-die policies……

Yazidis belong to an ethno-religious group which predates Islam and has roots in Zoroastrianism, a monotheistic religion that developed in ancient Persia around 1,500 BC.

Yahoo: The ancient religious group, concentrated in Iraq, have been targeted for extermination by the so-called ‘Islamic State’ that seized a number of towns along the Iraq-Syrian border this week.

The arrival of the self-styled “Islamic State” (IS) in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar over the weekend sent the native religious minority fleeing. Yazidis, labeled by IS (formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIS) “devil worshippers,” have a long history of persecution.

Forty Yazidi children were reported killed and reports of forced conversions and murders have now emerged. A Yazidi parliamentarian fleeing northern Iraq told the Washington Post, “In our history, we have suffered 72 massacres. We are worried Sinjar could be a 73rd.”


Photo: Yazidi women who fled the violence in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar sit Tuesday at a school where they are taking shelter, in the city of Dohuk in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

The United Nations’ envoy to Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov, has warned that a “humanitarian tragedy is unfolding in Sinjar,” as some 200,000 people, including many Yazidis, have fled to the mountains, where the humanitarian situation is “dire.”

The New York Times reported that one Yazidi worker said he escaped through the hospital window while being shot at when Islamic militants burst in, demanding to know his religion. Hundreds of civilian Yazidi families were reported rounded up and the men were executed and their widows made “jihad wives.”

Yazidi Prince Tahseen Said has issued a desperate appeal for help to President Obama, among other world leaders, but no response has been received.


Obama will do nothing, just as he has done nothing in the jihad against Christians in Egypt under Morsi, the Christians in Nigeria, the CAR, Syria, etc.

Yazidi Member of Iraqi Parliament collapses in tears after calling upon World to Rescue the Yazidis

The genocide of religious minorities under Islamic rule in Iraq continues.

“Iraqi Yazidis stranded on isolated mountaintop begin to die of thirst,” By Loveday Morris August 5, 2014

BAGHDAD — Stranded on a barren mountaintop, thousands of minority Iraqis are faced with a bleak choice: descend and risk slaughter at the hands of the encircled Sunni extremists or sit tight and risk dying of thirst.

Humanitarian agencies said Tuesday that between 10,000 and 40,000 civilians remain trapped on Mount Sinjar since being driven out of surrounding villages and the town of Sinjar two days earlier. But the mountain that had looked like a refuge is becoming a graveyard for their children.

Unable to dig deep into the rocky mountainside, displaced families said they have buried young and elderly victims of the harsh conditions in shallow graves, their bodies covered with stones. Iraqi government planes attempted to airdrop bottled water to the mountain on Monday night but reached few of those marooned.
“There are children dying on the mountain, on the roads,” said Marzio Babille, the Iraq representative for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). “There is no water, there is no vegetation, they are completely cut off and surrounded by Islamic State. It’s a disaster, a total disaster.”

Most of those who fled Sinjar are from the minority Yazidi sect, which melds parts of ancient Zoroastrianism with Christianity and Islam. They are considered by the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State to be devil worshippers and apostates.

A Yazidi woman cries in Dohuk in Kurdistan, where she and others are taking shelter. Tens of thousands of Iraq’s Yazidi minority sect have fled the town of Sinjar to escape violence at the hands of Sunni extremists. (Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images)

The dramatic advance of the extremist Sunni fighters has torn the ethnic and religious fabric of the country, with Christians and Shiites also uprooted from cities and towns.

The Islamic State’s takeover of Sinjar, the first major setback for Kurdish forces protecting the country’s north, sent about 200,000 people fleeing, according to the United Nations. Some 147,000 have arrived in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region, flooding refugee camps.

Most of those stranded on Mount Sinjar had run out of battery life on their cellphones by Tuesday, but the few that still could communicate gave grim updates.

On Tuesday, 10 children and one elderly woman died, while on Monday, seven children had perished, said 23-year-old Shihab Balki, who was trapped with his mother, sister and four brothers. “I saw their bodies with my own eyes.”

He later texted the news of another casualty: a young man who had died of thirst, leaving his wife and five children behind. UNICEF said that 40 children had died after being displaced from their homes in the area in the 48 hours ending Monday night, including an unknown number on the mountain. The agency did not have figures for Tuesday.

In Baghdad, parliamentarians complained bitterly about the plight of the displaced, their discussions temporarily overshadowing wrangling over the nomination of a prime ministe


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