FEDs Issue Media Gag Order – Sarita, Texas; La Raza Invasion Continues

Published August 1, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

FEDs Issue Media Gag Order – Sarita, Texas; La Raza Invasion Continues



FEDs have issued a gag order to all major media outlets making it a criminal offense to report anything that pertains to the La Raza invasion in Sarita, Texas.

On Thursday night, close to 100 La Raza militants captured the small town of Sarita Texas, forcing its former residents out to the edge of town. La Raza has since claimed Sarita as their own, and are using the city’s resources to funnel more members into the country. The militants are reported to be heavily armed and extremely dangerous.

Local authorities have asked the residents surrounding areas to say indoors until the matter is resolved. Oath Keepers are confirmed to be on the way, and will set up a perimeter around Sarita while awaiting assistance from the National Guard.

Despite having received a federal gag order demanding that we not report on the situation in Sarita, National Report feels it is our duty as journalists to bring this crucial information to the public, no matter the consequence.

Jane M. Agni of the National Report is currently on location with a small team of journalists. They are hunkered down in the outskirts of Sarita and will be live Tweeting the event on their respective Twitter pages. Please follow National Report and Jane M. Agni for hourly updates as the event unfolds.

UPDATE 7-13-14 – Day Three Of The Sarita Texas Invasion: La Raza Militia Leader Speaks


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