Boehner’s Immigration Bill Blasted: Dies a Quick Death?

Published August 1, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Boehner’s Immigration Bill Blasted: Dies a Quick Death?


House Speaker John Boehner’s bill to give Obama $659 million in response to the illegal invasion of our southern border has died a quick death. Conservatives in Congress, including Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Alabama and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), firmly opposed the bill, calling it ”a surrender to a lawless president.”

On Tuesday, Sessions called for Congress to use the power of the purse to stop Obama’s executive action on amnesty. He contended that any border package that did not include language to address Obama abuse of executive action would be surrender and submission to his lawlessness. 

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) rallied conservatives to support the Cruz/Blackburn bill that would also bring an end to DACA, otherwise known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Blackburn has described DACA as being illegally and unconstitutionally implemented without Congress by the stroke of Obama’s pen.

Tea Party activists around the country have been putting pressure on their elected officials in D.C. to vote no on the Boehner bill and support the Cruz/Blackburn bill. The failure of Speaker Boehner to secure enough support for his immigration bill, thereby rendering the bill dead, for now, can be seen as the power of the grassroots, pro-freedom, pro-Constitution movement in action.

Niger Innis, Executive Director of, said the grassroots Tea Party is ready and willing to fight against this push for amnesty. He said, “This is a great victory for the Tea Party movement and for the nation. We need to stop every effort to extend amnesty every time we have the opportunity to.”

Update at 2:55 pm ET

TPNN has learned that House leadership is putting pressure on Republican members to come together and vote for Boehner’s immigration bill. Speaker Boehner and Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise  are not promising to completely table the bill, stating that there could be additional votes later today. A meeting will be held at 3 pm in an effort to bring Boehner’s immigration bill, described as a surrender to lawlessness by conservatives in Congress, back to life.

Upon learning of Boehner’s push to get GOP members of the House to ignore the voice of the American people and vote in favor of his bill, Innis added, “No one can stop the American people when their voices are truly heard. But, we cannot rest comfortably on this victory. We must translate the energy we used to create a standing army of Tea Party activists all across the country whose voices will be heard now 2014, and 2016. This is a street by street, city by city, state by state fight to restore our republic.” He posed a question to activists with a simple, “Are you ready?”

Based upon the massive amount of phone calls, emails, and tweets from the grassroots Tea Party to their elected officials voicing their opposition to Boehner’s bill, it would be safe to conclude that the answer is yes. Concerned citizens can find out how to contact their elected officials, Innis said, using a service that can be found HERE  provided by 

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