Obama’s Mother “Stanley” Anne Born In 1985, Twenty-Four Years AFTER the birth of Obama! How can this be?!

Published July 28, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Obama’s Mother “Stanley” Anne Born In 1985, Twenty-Four Years AFTER the birth of Obama! How can this be?!

Sunday, July 27, 2014 12:29

(Before It’s News)

By Nancy Ruth Owens, The Obama Birth Certificate Forger



Of course “Stanley” wasn’t born twenty-five years of so after Obama. HOWEVER, the “Stanley” NAME and fake identity most certainly was. My name is Nancy Ruth Owens and I am Obama’s half-sister. I studied Journalism from 1983 to 1985 at what was then known as Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth, Florida and was later accepted to the University of Florida for the studies of Advertising. 

During this time at PBCC I took a Business course from a Professor David Nixon (no kin to Richard Nixon that I am aware of) who divulged the lax birth certificate and ID requirements of Hawaii. Soon afterwards, I shared this information with Medellin Cartel member Griselda Blanco who had actually sent my brother, whom I call Allen, to assassinate me to avoid complications in the now very well established south Florida cocaine trade.

The fact that I was studying Journalism was, as far as the cartel was concerned, an outright act of treason and they made few mistakes. Allen walked through the front door of what I refer to as Pablo Escobar’s Montura Ranch Home located on the south side of Lake Okeechobee and the site of many, many murders. Griselda ordered that I be killed. Allen looked at me and said, “I can’t.” She looked at him and asked, “Why not?” I looked at him and then at her and, with something of a smirk said, “Because, he’s my brother.” We had run across each other before in earlier years when the crack cocaine was invented at this same location. But, did not divulge our kinship.

Long story short, my brother and I had a short family reunion in which my mother, a long-time friend of Cuba’s Delgado clan, was called out to confirm the info. Allen and I both pointed out the similarities of our facial features and, for the first time, really studied each other as individuals. Allen expressed a desire to go to college but lamented the fact that he was a foreigner. I told him not to worry because Reagan had allotted a trust fund to enable foreigners a two-year college education. Allen stated that this was not enough for what he wanted to do. He later disclosed that he wanted to be the President of the USA.  

It was decided that we needed to forge a new identity for Allen as an American citizen. I forged the short form making the “Stanley” error. Since I had made this error, it was decided that we would have someone else do the long form. This was, to the best of my recollection, Maya Delgado. In return, she was to also receive a forged identity out of Hawaii. 

During this time together, we made a bet as to who would make it to the Presidential seat first I took the bet because I just simply could not imagine this forged birth certificate making it past CIA/FBI inspection. I say that he may be a King on the American throne as Pablo Escobar planned. But, not a President by any stretch of the imagination.

Hard to imagine, I know. But, so is the fact that the kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh, a white victim of Pablo Escobar’s white genocide program, can be traced right back to the White House itself and that certain politicians have kept this a deep dark secret from the American public in exchange for the Hispanic’s cocaine gold. Adam Walsh was never molested.

My mother, Gladys M. Owens, filled out the paperwork for the Pell Grant at our eastside home which is when the mailman came along delivering our mail and witnessing the events of this application.

I had become a PhotoJournalist for the college newspaper the “Beachcomber” and I took the black and white photos of Allen at this time, all for a fee of $100. This event was under duress and I claim copyright for these black and white photos. My brother and I did have sexual contact at this time which earned us the nicknames of ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Brown Rabbit’ by Pablo.

At some point Griselda and I traveled to Hawaii to study the birther rolls. During the time in the library or building that I was in, it occurred to me that I needed to steal the role containing the name of the child that I had settled on. I also knew that this would not work so I suggested that a better alternative was to eliminate the Hawaiian child and his family if need be. And, it needed to be. So, it was done.

A judge or a lawyer (Scalia looks very familiar to me) came to our hometown shortly thereafter and Allen went off to Chicago. Within a short period of time Griselda (assassinated over a year ago) received a phone call at the Montura home and stated that Allen was on the streets. I told him we would do what we needed to to get him back home. But, secretly, I was hoping that he stayed gone. He called back later and said that he had made his connection.

It is highly likely that “Obama” received homeschooling from this judge. It is also possible that the man who claims to be the young man in these photos is actually an imposter. I would not put it past the still very active Medellin Cartel, with its White House associates, to continue with their Manchurian Candidate, Allen Owens or no Allen Owens. It should be pointed out that, until 2008 when Allen’s photos shot across the internet, that I had not seen him since 1985. 

Allen did return to Montura in 1985 and after going to Chicago seeking financial help from Pablo and it was at this time that his black mother and stepfather were murdered. Allen was hung from a tree as well and the last thing I remember is Pablo looking at me in a condescending way saying, “He’s your brother,” at which point I climbed the tree, called to Ernesto “Popeye” Delgado for a knife and cut the rope around his neck. I do not remember anything beyond this point at this time other than cradling him after he hit the ground. It is quite possible this is when he received the wound on his head.

Pablo was not a very generous man to whites or blacks and he also had no problem leaving his Hispanic soldiers in their prison cells. Many are still there today and you can learn about a few of them like Rivi Ayala by watching Billy Corben’s “Cocaine Cowboys” series.




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