LaRouche: Obama Is Trying to Cover Up His Smashing Defeat by Congress’s Approval of HCR-105. Why Is He Hiding?

Published July 28, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123
LaRouche: Obama Is Trying to Cover Up His Smashing Defeat by Congress’s Approval of HCR-105. Why Is He Hiding?

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche today ridiculed Barack Obama for “just sitting back there like a dumb louse and taking the blows that are administered to him without response,” after the stunning defeat he suffered at the hands of a bi-partisan coalition of Congressmen who overwhelmingly approved House Concurrent Resolution 105 on July 25. That Resolution unambiguously reasserts the constitutional principle that it is the Congress which must authorize and declare war, not the President — a principle which Obama, under instructions of the British Empire, has repeatedly violated, with disastrous consequences for the United States and the world. HCR 105 was approved by a resounding vote of 370 – 40; or to use language the President might better understand, it was a “slam dunk.”

“Why has there been almost no media coverage of this?” LaRouche demanded. “Why is Obama hiding? Why is he just taking the blows, and not even attempting to defend his honor in terms of what he’s doing? Obama has been exposed as a faker.”

LaRouche reiterated his demand that Obama be immediately impeached, to pull the United States and the world back from the brink of thermonuclear war, and to get on with the task of replacing the British Empire with a new international financial system which will foster the development of the productive powers of labor — not Wall Street fraud and looting. This policy is represented by LaRouche’s Four Laws.

Senior intelligence sources in Washington, D.C. have confirmed Mr. LaRouche’s evaluation of the magnitude and portent of Obama’s defeat, reporting that there is now a complete repudiation of Obama’s foreign and national security policies by Republicans and Democrats alike. This has been building for some time, but it finally exploded around the HCR 105 vote, as it well could on any issue involving the national interest, as distinct from partisan politics. “There is zero trust in the President,” the source stated.

In discussions with associates today, LaRouche elaborated on the direction the United States must immediately take in the post-Obama era.

“We’ve got a situation in which the fraud of government, in terms of the international fraud in government, has reached the point where there is no way you can cover it up anymore. Therefore, what we are headed for is a clean policy of how we define our financial systems. Therefore, we have to have a complete change in these policies. We’re just going to have to cancel a lot of junk, which is pure junk. That’s what our mission should be.

“We shouldn’t be thinking about fixing little things; we should be thinking about a full sweep of an honest system of financial management among nations. Because the idea of building a sound basis for accounting, in that sense, is the essential thing we must aim for among nations, in order to bring the nations of the world to a successful agreement on reforms. Therefore, this should be the issue. It’s not simple a “fix-it” thing. The point is we need to have a system of government which is shared among governments, who clean up their act and therefore create an arrangement, which is a reliable system for financial management among nations.

“And we should do it! The world does not have to be run the way it has been run heretofore. The world can be run on a fair basis for the improvement of the productive powers of labor in every nation. And that’s what we have to shoot for.

“We have to get involved in dealing with various nations on this question. And say: How can we define our principles of our system, so that it actually works for us.

“For example, we have to go into very high energy flux density, in terms of power. Without very high energy flux density, it is not possible for mankind to meet mankind’s requirements right now. Therefore you have to have a science-driver program which defines exactly how we set these values.

“The leading economies in the world are based on high energy flux density. Thermonuclear fusion! You need a standard of measure of economic value which corresponds to mankind’s needs.

“We need a system of economy which not only is decent, shall we say, but one which measures things in terms which the human species as a whole can relish. We need more power. We need more power in terms of the solar system. And mankind cannot meet the challenges of this responsibility without this.

“You need to measure things in terms of units of thermonuclear fusion, otherwise you are not serious. China is going to thermonuclear fusion! India is going into thermonuclear fusion. Other nations are going into it in a big way. So therefore we have to have a system of measurement for the economic management process which fits the requirements of mankind’s progress. Without thermonuclear fusion, you can’t do it.”


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