(American News) Well, every day we seem to be hearing of another scandal, and when it is not Obama or Hillary taking the reins, it’s Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Now, it appears that Reid wants to change even more rules—as if his involvement with bribes and undercover deals haven’t been enough of a burden on the American people.

Now, it appears that Reid has been linked to a new bribery case, in which two state attorney generals have been arrested.

According to the Washington Times, Utah prosecutors have recently filed criminal charges against two former state attorneys. The filing makes unmistakable references to a pay-to-play influence scheme involving Reid.

The reports reveal that Utah County D.A. Sim Gill has charged John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff with numerous felony state crimes—including bribery and a “pattern of unlawful activity.” The vague charges were enough to take the men into custody.

“This is a sad day for Utah,” Governor Gary R. Herbert told reporters, claiming that no matter what happens between the two men in court, it has become “a black eye for our state.”

Both Shurtleff and Swallow have maintained their innoncence, and now attention is shifting to Reid.

According to the reports, the documents detail attempts by Jeremy Johnson, a Utah businessman, to secure meetings with Mr. Reid.

What do you think? Should Reid lose his position?

Source: American News