Sen. Jeff Sessions Blasts House’s Weak Immigration Plan

Published July 27, 2014 by charlenecleoeiben54123

Sen. Jeff Sessions Blasts House’s Weak Immigration Plan

ZSessionsOn Wednesday, Alabama Tea Party Senator Jeff Sessions blasted the House’s new immigration plan proposed on Wednesday, noting that the House working group’s plan did not discuss President Obama’s commitment to lawlessness as an important factor when dealing with the illegal immigration crisis.
Sen. Sessions, the Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee and a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, responded to the House’s working group immigration report released on Wednesday that had been spearheaded by Texas Republican Rep. Kay Granger.
A statement released by Sessions boldly laid the blame for the current influx of tens-of-thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States at the feet of President Obama and wondered why the report did not even mention Obama’s promises of executive orders as a factor when discussing immigration options. 
“The border crisis is the direct and predictable result of the President’s sustained policies undermining America’s immigration laws. The President’s continued determination to carry out this nullification remains the singular obstacle in the way of restoring lawfulness. It is therefore odd that the House working group did not mention President Obama even once in their released findings. Indeed, they made no mention of the President’s threat of sweeping new executive actions,” the report began. 
President Obama has been vocal about the need for amnesty-oriented immigration reform and has claimed that if Republicans refuse to pass such reforms, he will gladly rule on the issue via executive edict- a threat of dubious legality that violates the separation of powers within the federal government.
Further, Republicans are in a tough spot as passing immigration reform would require enforcement mandates for securing the border. As the president has increasingly disregarded the enforcement of laws he does not favor, Republicans simply hold no trust that Obama would enforce border security should they pass immigration reform with enforcement mandates. 
“Any attempt at improving the border situation would be rendered utterly void if the President follows through on his dramatic nullification acts. How can Congress ignore this brewing constitutional crisis? In fact, granting the President new funds without tackling these orders would be an institutional surrender to the planned illegality,” Sessions continued.
“The document also appears to cement the idea that anyone who shows up unlawfully at our border is presumptively entitled to an asylum hearing in the United States. This cannot be so. We cannot allow unjustified claims of asylum to overwhelm our system. Also, because the working group does not explicitly demand a narrowing of the conditions for asylum, the end result of their plan may paradoxically be that more illegal immigrants are eventually granted asylum—enticing even greater numbers to arrive on the promise of speedy grants of lawful status.
The border security measures also raise concerns. The document calls for President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security to develop a ‘strategy’ and ‘plan’ to secure the border, which is less than what is actually required to do under current law. Meanwhile, it omits any discussion of restoring collapsed interior enforcement. If portions of this plan are as similar to the Gang of Eight bill as they appear to be, it could open the door to substantial legislative mischief in the Senate. With only days before Congress’ planned adjournment, a better strategy would be to focus on blocking the President’s threat of new executive actions—and insist that he enforce current laws—while these complex proposals are studied and revisited.
Finally, it is curious that the proposal makes no mention of the needs of Americans. Yes, this is a humanitarian crisis. But it is also a legal crisis. And so too is it a crisis for the American people who have begged and pleaded for a lawful system of immigration that serves their interests, protects their jobs, and increases their wages. Republicans should not be timid or apologetic, but present a bold defense of the American people. The House GOP has so far been the last bulwark protecting working Americans; it would be tragic for that defense to buckle in the closing days of this Congress.” 

Sessions has served as a strong proponent of Tea Party principles in the Democrat-controlled Senate. While several top Republicans have buckled to claim that passing amnesty-oriented immigration reform will somehow endear the GOP to voters and to their Democrat colleagues, many conservative Republicans have stayed the course to push for a solution that does not codify selective law enforcement as a viable option.

Can Congress pass immigration reform and trust that President Obama will enforce the law? Take the Official Tea Party Poll. Click HERE!


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